Hi guys! On this episode of Scandal, Cyrus tried to prove his innocence, Olivia and the gladiators discovered shocking new evidence about the night Frankie was shot, Huck sort of fell in love and Mellie twerked!


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Following last week’s shocker that revealed Tom Larsen as Frankie Vargas’ killer, this week’s episode was set in jail with Cyrus Beene behind bars though he maintained his innocence. The rest of the White House (except for Abby) truly believe he and Tom are responsible for Frankie’s death, so much so that Fitz ordered the death penalty. Cyrus got beaten in prison, a guard ganged up against him which allowed some inmates punch him out leaving his lifeless body on the ground which sent him into a hazy dream about a better life where he was president. Michael lost it and left (well plans to leave) him which was going to happen sooner or later. The twist that Tom did not murder Frankie was great. He’s lucky he decided to come clean when he did, or he would have been killed. Now I hope someone (anyone) listens to and believe him.


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All of the stuff with Abby was hilarious! She thought she was the voice of reason and it came back to bite her in a big way. I can’t help but believe Angela knew what she was doing when she came clean to Fitz about Abby deciding for him on taking the death penalty off the table. You could tell that she was glad by the turn of events by her reaction when Fitz warned Abby to stay away from the case. Turns out, boning the President of the United States does get you somewhere. Hopefully, Abby will join forces with Olivia to get revenge on Angela (who personally I feel is never going to be able to fill Liv‘s shoes in Fitz‘s heart but it’s probably too soon to be talking about that).


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Like I said, Mellie was excited about becoming the 45th POTUS that she danced, celebrated and twerked with Olivia at the Pope and associates office. Too bad Marcus was not there to see this. I hope Mellie would have a job for him at the white house still, we need to see more of him (well them actually).


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Well guys, with our suspects made it obvious that they are innocent but we still need to get the truth about who shot Frankie in the head. My new suspect is Jake! Where has he been since episode 1? Remember when Abby asked after him on the night of the elections from his already-drunk wife Vanessa and she said she didn’t know only for him to reappear at the briefing room being the head of the NSA, claiming to know who the shooter is. Makes sense yeah?


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Finally, Huck might be in love! He installed a security system in Meg’s house (Jennifer’s friend) and refused to take payment but then she offered dinner and he took her up on it. Then they spend time together with him training her on how to defend herself. Huck, obviously starting to feel something for Meg, asked Charlie and Quinn how he can differentiate between a client and a friend then goes on to ask Meg herself who in turn kisses him up until Quinn called that she had something on Tom Larson.


Below is the trailer for the next episode They All Bow Down which will air on 9th March after a short break…


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