Hey guys! Showtime‘s underrated financial sector-set drama is back with its second season as Chuck might be in trouble and even faces scrutiny from the Attorney General, Axe is bent on getting revenge and considers options for retaliation and Wendy entertains an offer from a rival manager.

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Our dear hedge fund guys were itching to get back into Axe Capital (remember Bobby shut it down to tear the place apart on a fake tip that Chuck might have bugged the building last season), well, Axe Capital is back stronger, smarter, and with better security.


Recap of Billions Season 2 Episode 1 (S02E01) - 12

Meanwhile Wendy Rhoades gave a motivational speech to another group of hedge-fund sharks on performance at a company called Krakow Capital and later got an offer for a job but she said she is fine where she’s at, for now. Later in the episode, Axe, knowing he can’t win the war without Wendy, made an appointment with her under an assumed name and tried to woo her back. He needed her advice on what to do next as she is the only person he truly trusts (well maybe with the exception of Wags).


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Oh and poor Chuck had everything thrown against him this episode. First it was Oliver Drake from the Office of Professional Responsibility. Chuck tried to act out like the boss by showing Oliver to an office with his name on it (yup! He was tipped off that Oliver was coming) then Oliver found out about the $5 million bonus Axe gave Wendy last season, a transaction that took place right before Chuck dropped his case against Axe Capital which Oliver thought was a bribe. Later on, Chuck helped a man who pretty brutally fell off his bike and he got served with 127 lawsuits (apparently, Axe had his lawyer contact everyone who’s ever been wronged by Chuck for a united attack). And to top it all up,  Oliver told the Attorney General about the 5 million dollars and she called Chuck asking to meet on Thursday. I’m almost quite certain he would get fired, if he doesn’t go to jail first. It looks like Axe won the first battle of this season’s war but it certainly won’t be the last.


Below is the trailer for the second season of Billions



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