Hey guys! So after a season-long of theories and predictions, we were finally put out of our misery and told who was behind Wes‘ death. I sure did not see that coming…no one could have! The two-hour season 3 finale (actually two episodes jammed together; He Made a Terrible Mistake and Wes) of How to Get Away With Murder had so many revelations and answered far more questions than we had the entire season while still creating a new batch.

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The episode began with Connor overwhelmed with guilt that he might have killed Wes just as Annalise is suffered through the words from members of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting whose mistakes have cost them peace of mind. Apparently, Connor had checked his voicemail from his Humper buddy’s phone, followed Annalise‘s instructions and went to the house where he found Wes‘ body still warm in the basement, attempted CPR, and heard a rib crack, then realized the gas line had been cut and ran out of the house just as it exploded.

“All your sons are dead! they’re all dead and you cant use me to replace them”


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Laurel was put on the stand instead of Connor and she tearfully told Connor’s story as if it were her own which turned out to be a bad idea as DA Denver presented a signed statement claiming Laurel lied to authorities about being kidnapped years ago. Laurel insisted to the Keating clique that she had to lie in order to protect her dad. Connor could not handle keeping the truth to himself so he went to Denver’s office begging for the immunity deal they’d offered Wes. As he was waiting for the deal to be drawn up, the rest of the gang called him and tried to change his mind about the deal while Asher finally called the “mystery number” the team got from Atwood’s phone log. A burner buzzed in Denver‘s drawer, Connor picked and we confirmed it was the phone used to frame Annalise just as the DA walked back in.


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Connor went missing right after leaving everyone worried especially Oliver who went to the station with Micheala to file a missing person’s report but no one was helpful. Asher managed to get Denver‘s location and notified Bonnie via text as he was escorted out of the building by security. Bonnie then confronted Denver at the men’s room but he denied knowing about Connor‘s whereabouts.


Recap of How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 15 (S03E15) - 9

Meanwhile, Annalise (with her bruises healed and a new wig) decided to have a sit-down with Sylvia Mahoney and confronted her for having Wes killed out of spite for him being her husband’s bastard son. But Sylvia denied that and also denied being responsible for Annalise‘s stillborn son. Then she went on to reveal that Charles was actually Wes‘ father and that she believes Annalise was responsible for framing him for her husband’s death. Annalise then went to Denver and sold Wes out, paraphrasing the voicemail he could find if he were to really dig deep on her phone. “Wes killed my husband…and he killed his girlfriend,Rebecca. That’s why Wes killed himself, better to die than go to jail.”


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With this new “voicemail evidence”, Denver makes his case to the judge as to why he wants to drop the charges against Annalise. The official story was that Wes killed himself that night out of guilt for his crimes, and Nate stood by his side agreeing, his job presumably restored.


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Laurel decided to confront Charles using Michaela’s flirtation skills. Charles invited Michaela back to his place but Asher didn’t want her to go because you know he’s a rapist and a potential murderer after all (then they both had their lovey dovey moment when Michaela realized she might love Asher too. Oh Connor and Oliver might get married also and have lots of babies). Laurel, who was not taking no for an answer apparently had a pistol in her pocket and seemed like she was really going to use it, made her way to take down Charles on the street but she was stopped by Dominic (a family friend she said but was the man who killed Wes and was on the phone outside the house when it exploded in flames and Connor ran out). So, it turned out he was not on the phone with Denver but with Laurel‘s dad and it wasn’t Connor running away that prompted the call but Laurel’s arrival. Now we have to wait and find out about the motive of the killing.


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The newly jail-sprung Frank knelt before Annalise vowing to help her find the people who killed Wes. “I’ll do whatever you want,” he begged in what felt like a repeat of so many other scenes this season. The season ended with Annalise coming clean (sort of) at an AA meeting. “He felt like my son. He was my son, and now he’s gone,” she cried.

Wes’ puzzle remains and we have to watch Annalise and the others try to piece together a whole lot in Season 4.


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