Hi guys! This week on Jane The Virgin, Jane helped with the kids’ preschool fundraiser after she messed things up and needed to get on the director’s good graces, Abbey suggested moving in with RafaelPetra and Chuck hit the rocks, Rogelio was sued after quitting the reality show and Bruce asked Jane and Alba for help in surprising Xo.


Recap of Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 13 (S03E13) - 14

Jane encountered mean girls, both young and old, at Mateo’s school one of which was Stacy (played by Yvonne Orji, who is amazing on HBO’s Insecure) who was judging Mateo which made Jane yell at her and the older mean lady (who turned out to be the director of the school). She tried to make up for this by becoming more active at the school’s fundraiser which held at The Marbella just as Petra advised. Jane, who isn’t especially skilled at party planning or selling raffle tickets, redeemed herself in the director’s eyes by literally getting her hands dirty when the waiters run out of clean glasses.


Recap of Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 13 (S03E13) - 37

Remember Jane got a publishing deal last episode? Well she met with the editor (who she wasn’t interested in at first because he’s male but Rafael convinced her to give him a try) and he told her that her book needed more obstacles, bam and boom which of course Jane struggled with because as dramatic as her life can be, it isn’t what she wanted to bring to this story. In the end, when Jane went in to break things off with him, because she did not think they’re a good fit, she mentioned Josephine’s love for Rake, but Jeremy had seen them as just a one-night stand than the love Jane meant it to be so he said it would be enough for her to beef up that love triangle.


Recap of Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 13 (S03E13) - 41

Even though she struggled at first because she felt writing about how she had once felt about Rafael would betray MichaelAlba gave her some really great advice and basically said that Jane’s love for Rafael helped deepen her love for Michael, so revisiting that relationship isn’t a betrayal of her late husband. Later on, Rafael admitted that a big reason he broke up with Abbey was because his feelings for her didn’t match his love for Jane. He specified that he wants that kind of love with someone other than Jane, but I’m interpreting that as the beginning of their romantic reunion. Yay!


Recap of Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 13 (S03E13) - 5

Abbey (Rafael‘s girlfriend we barely know) suggested that she move in with him. Even though we’ve seen glimpses of them happy together, moving in together did not seem like the logical next step for them. Rafael seemed a little hesitant, turned to Petra and Jane for advice and realized he did not have the same level of affection as Abbey so they broke up. Being a sore loser, she went rogue and delivered the notebook Petra hid to the police. What is Abbey‘s motivation and who is she? I bet Minka Kelly didn’t sign on to play the girlfriend we all forget, hopefully, we get to understand her character soon enough.


Recap of Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 13 (S03E13) - 45

Chuck genuinely wanted a relationship with Petra (at least one where they did not have to have lunch in another town to be together in public) but Chuck’s behaviour generally embarrassed Petra. Even though she also wanted something deeper, her guilt over pushing Scott‘s bones to The Fairwick‘s side haunted her. She finally agreed to have dinner with him at The Marbella but went back to her room to get her phone where she found Elvis snooping around, making her paranoid and cancelling on Chuck. She found Scott’s “burn book” in her vent and put it in a drawer rather than actually hide it (which made it easy for Abbey to grab it in an act of resentment after her breakup with Rafael).

I have a strong feeling that both Abbey and Chuck will continue to play significant roles in upcoming episodes so we wait…


Recap of Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 13 (S03E13) - 42

Rogelio had to turn to Donnie “The Jaguar” Shapiro (lawyer to the stars) to help him with the $10 million suit he was facing. Bruce took it upon himself to help Xo and Ro reconcile, his ability to bring them together convinced Rogelio that he wanted Bruce to be his new attorney in the lawsuit. But he interrupted Bruce‘s proposal to Xo who realized what was happening and said yes. Rogelio was clearly hurt by this but I hope that doesn’t mean he’ll start pining for Xo again now that he has lost Darci.


I’m really curious about the whereabouts of Luisa and Rose? What have they been up to? The next episode of Jane The Virgin; Chapter Fifty-Eight would return 20th March and below is the trailer…


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