Hey guys! This week Billions focused on Taylor and Bryan as they worked people near them and revealed more about their own characters in the process. Also, Chuck continued to fight his way back from the edge of destruction as he tried to build a case against a man who might not have done much wrong (Boyd) and Bobby “Axe” Axelrod admitted that his obsession with Wendy and Chuck was defining his days and nights.


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Chuck and Wendy are still in therapy and I must admit, they are quite honest and civilized about it. Chuck mentioned that their son Kevin was still suffering from his parents’ separation. He had asked his dad to make vows to him, including never leaving him and getting Mommy back. Wendy told Chuck that he’s a good father and even though it mattered to Chuck, he didn’t want to show it and look weak. Chuck would have to sell something important to him as they needed money to buy a new place (he later sold some very valuable books worth $40,000 which Axe bought in the end and then went on to buy several others because well, he’s rich), meaning the separation could become permanent but he suggested that it’s a little too soon for him to be getting his own place. Wendy and Chuck are clearly in two different places right now, and I don’t mean physically.


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Axe’s new nemesis Todd Krakow was tweeting about a poker game called the Alpha Cup, where millionaires played to give the prize money to their favorite charity. Krakow had been winning and Axe had lost three times to him but Axe had a new idea about how to take the cup this year, with his new secret weapon at work TaylorAxe invited Taylor to play on his team at the Alpha Cup, which infuriated Dollar Bill. Surprisingly, Taylor didn’t want to play. They reveal that they were once great at live poker, but began to regret playing when it came to real opponents in college, including classmates and professors.


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Bryan, Sacher and Chuck worked a flight attendant, McKayla, in which Sacher played the bad cop, Bryan swooped in as the good cop and Chuck just watched from outside. Bryan said he would protect her if she helped them and she quickly agreed. They had a wire strapped to her leg (with Bryan’s flirtatious assistance of course) and she got Boyd on camera sleeping with the wife of one of his co-worker, Tom, who after shown the video agreed to turn on his Boyd and said that he had been rigging treasury bids. Now Chuck has some damaging info on Boyd, can’t wait to see if Axe‘s fixer, Hall, can fix this.


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The moment I had been waiting for since Taylor and Gus first appeared on the show came, their therapy session with him, and I honestly expected more. Taylor got a hilarious pep talk from Dr. Gus.


Recap of Billions Season 2 Episode 3 (S02E03) - 30

Game day came, Taylor reluctantly showed up to compete, Krakow came with an ace up his sleeve; Wendy, who he hired her as his coach (finally) for the evening but it was more to get in Axe’s head (which worked). Before long Axe lost to Krakow on a bold move that didn’t pan out so he made another bet with him; $1 million to the man whose team lasts the longest in the tournament. Krakow, of course, believed he could beat anybody especially a newbie like Taylor so he took the deal. Krakow and Taylor get to the final table together and they won.


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It’s came down to Taylor and Krakow, and her thought he had won because he thought Taylor is no match for him. So, when he didn’t hit anything with a 4 and a 5 in his hand, he still went all in, thinking he could read Taylor. Wendy advised him against it, but he didn’t listen which was when she realized she was being played, like I said Krakow didn’t care about her advice; he only brought her on to mess with AxeTaylor called his bluff and won the team the Alpha Cup. Back at the office, everyone was fist-bumping Taylor and drinking beer out of the trophy, but still Taylor wasn’t happy so they confronted Axe because they believed they were used to break Krakow and show his weakness to Wendy.


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The episode ended with Lara (I don’t get why the writers have decided to underutilized Malin Åkermanan‘s amazing talent on the show) getting an idea after Wags told her he was able to party all night and work the next day because he got a guy who would give him an IV drip in the morning. Lara is actually no fun! Her scene with Wendy where she attacked Wendy about her separation and bragged about her great marriage was lazy. I feel like the writers forget about her then squeeze her into some scenes just so she stays relevant.

This season seems to be picking up on the intensity we enjoyed in season 1 as the games begin; Chuck vs Byod and Axe vs Krakow. Below is the trailer for the next episode; The Oath



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