Hi guys! This week, Scandal returned from break with an emotional episode that revealed Cyrus‘ innocence, Jake and Vanessa’s messy relationship posed a threat to the campaign, forcing Olivia to take action, a game-changing revelation about the conspiracy surrounding Francisco Vargas’ assassination was revealed, Mellie gave a “trophy-wife” pep talk and we met the woman pulling Papa Pope‘s strings. Shonda Rhimes loves to reveal something while simultaneously revealing nothing at all!


Recap of Scandal (2012) Season 6 Episode 5 (S06E05) - 6

Jake and his wife, Vanessa, are having marital problems as she is jealous of the bond between Jake and Olivia, and realized she had married a man who refused to tell her anything about his past. If Jake ever loved his wife, he doesn’t anymore so she found solace at the bottom of her wine glass. They were supposed to be interviewed on Sally Langston‘s political talk show, but Vanessa cancelled due to “flu” which was really her being drunk then she picked up a bartender and rammed her car into a tree and Olivia‘s crew hushed everything up.


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After she’s sobered up on Olivia‘s couch, Vanessa revealed (but not before calling Olivia her husband’s whore and being all dramatic about him cheating on both of them) that Jake got mystery texts on election night right before president-elect Frankie Vargas was shot. Remember my theory that Jake was somehow involved because he went missing for some hours? Now it has been revealed that he met with Papa Pope secretly in a hotel hallway, where Papa Pope gave him a sinister-looking file.


Recap of Scandal (2012) Season 6 Episode 5 (S06E05) - 39

Olivia and Mellie went over to Jake’s place to chat with Vanessa which led to the best part of the episode; an overdue Mellie Grant speech where she called Vanessa out for being asleep at the wheel. She was married to a man she did not know and maybe can’t stand, but she also didn’t know what she wanted on the back end, and when she does knew that, Vanessa could be a ROCKSTAR. When Vanessa asked if Mellie was happy, she’s practically hysterical when she says that she’s about to be president of the United States. It was classic Mellie!


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Pope and Associates discovered that Jake secretly drove to Virginia where he wired the cabin Jennifer (the Frankie Vargas campaign worker who called an FBI tip line to say that Cyrus killed Frankie) was hiding at to blow up, killing her (or so we thought). Then he went to a motel to clean up and had been there 11 times after so they made a plan to search it while Jake and his wife finally had their interview on Sally‘s show.


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Jake gave Olivia a letter which revealed that payments were made from a Swiss trust fund in Olivia‘s name to Tom Larson, making it look as if Olivia paid Tom Larson to frame Cyrus. When Olivia confronted her father, he looked worried and threw her out of his office. Later, a woman we have never seen before, walked into Papa Pope‘s office, clearly annoyed that she’s been summoned. He demanded answers about the secret Swiss trust fund in Olivia‘s name. Red Dress snapped that Olivia should be dead and she could report that Olivia and Papa Pope were going to be a problem. Papa Pope backed down, and she left. So I gotta know, who is this woman who’s more powerful than Command? It was thrilling to see Rowan so humble and overpowered.

“Olivia Pope has served her purpose. She’s expendable”


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Jake met Olivia in her garage and she said she was had planned to call him later on to explain that she wasn’t the one who framed Cyrus, but Jake just told her to get in this car. They drove into the night and he tossed her phone out the window without answering any questions she kept asking. I knew for sure he wasn’t going to harm her but then again its Jake, anything is possible. They arrived in the middle of nowhere and Jake admitted he had a confession. Olivia asked him to tell her in the car, but Jake made her get out and while they walked into the woods, he admitted to “killing” Jennifer, but the real confession was that he was back conspiring with Rowan. But the super crazy confession? Jennifer was actually alive and in an off-the-grid cabin in the woods. I guess the voicemail was a decoy. And Olivia couldn’t be more shocked.

“The first rule of self-defense is never get in the car”

So, who do you think is behind the assassination? Is the mystery woman connected to someone we already know on the show? Why was Jake keeping Jennifer safe? Hopefully, we get some answers on the next episode Extinction. The trailer for Scandal S06E06 below claims the assassin will be revealed and I can’t wait to see.


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