Hi guys! So I finally got to see Logan, a couple of days after the release, and it was worth every second in the 2 hours and 21 minutes. I had felt like the trailer gave the whole story and that there was nothing else to watch but boy was I wrong! Logan is definitely the best X-Men movie of all time (you would agree after seeing it too). It does not have the usual clash between the good and the bad or an epic battle for the fate of the world, it is smaller and hence feels more intimate. It is not just an origin film or another adventure in the life of Wolverine but the story of his death. Every blood splats, amputations, beheading and merciless killings shocked me no matter how many times it happened (and trust that it happened a lot). The movie used its R rating almost to the point of abusing it.


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Mutants are virtually extinct, except for Logan, Charles Xavier and Caliban (Stephen Merchant) who is a witty albino-tracking mutant. Hugh Jackman obviously gave his all for this, probably because it is his last run as Wolverine. Weakened and sick by the adamantium steel in his body, Logan is graying, tired and suicidal living as a limousine driver in Mexico in order to care for the professor (and save up for a boat so he and the professor can live out their days on sea).
Also, Sir Patrick Stewart delivered a solid performance as Professor Charles Xavier now in his 90s, reduced to an elderly and confused shadow of his former self, struggling with Alzheimer’s disease and unable to control his telepathic abilities. They were both sad to watch yet some moments, like Logan and his reading glasses, were sort of funny to me.


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Dafne Keen (Laura Kinney) who is just 11 years old is a crowd-pleaser and my favourite character in this movie. With skills and claws just like Logan’s, the small and aggressive youngster is hunted down by a group of merciless troublemakers, led by Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook). Even though often quiet and remote, she is every bit as wild, grouchy and hot-tempered as the old man, adding the right amount of youthful counterbalance. Logan and the professor unwillingly become a part of the plan to save Laura and the trio embark on a dangerous adventure, which forms the central point of the film. It’s interesting to see how the relationship between the three characters plays out and how despite initial resistance from Logan, the trio become an unexpected family.


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Logan is also without question the best superhero movie in years. So many amazing scenes but one which got me so excited I screamed (after constantly hating on other viewers at the cinema for clapping and screaming at the screen) was the amazing father-daughter moment in the end that gave us a feel of the Wolverine we’ve known and loved for 17 years. If you feel there is no need to hurry and see Logan because you have an idea of what might happen from the trailer, trust me you don’t. It has so many unexpected twists that you never could have seen coming and it took everything for me not to write some of it so I would leave you with this: He died. He died. He also died.

My rating would be an amazing 9.8/10.

Here’s the trailer for Logan; the awesome finale to Wolverine’s indomitable journey.


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