Hi guys! This week on BillionsChuck devised a new strategy for his case against Boyd, Wendy assessed a candidate for a tech billionaire, Axe thought about making a major charitable pledge, Lara faced a rival and then Chuck and Axe had their first meeting since the end of last season (I knew this was coming yet I squealed with great delight).

“Sometimes you just gotta trust people to be who they are”



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Chuck will always be Chuck
With nothing substantial to go on with to take down Spartan-Ives, he switched his game plan. He claimed to understand a man like Boyd and he believed that if he relinquished some power and made it look like Boyd was winning, then he would stumble and Chuck will suddenly have something to go on. So he asked for a meeting with Boyd, even had Boyd pick the location, and they make a small deal about sacrificing some middle management in exchange for an internal investigation. Boyd agreed and went right back to rigging treasuries, thinking the heat was off. Of course it wasn’t and now Tom McKinnon can get Chuck what he needs to take Boyd down.



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Wendy will always be Wendy.

She took an unusual freelance job of psychologically evaluating Elena Gabriel (Melissa Navia) as a candidate for the first privately funded trip by Craig Heidecker (James Wolk) to Mars and had to make sure the pilot of the $1.2 billion vessel was “psychologically bulletproof”. Elena’s a genius, an only child who likes Wilco. Her conversations with Wendy were fascinating, from the source of her dominant handshake, to her desire to leave our doomed planet, she seemed very emotionally stable but Wendy didn’t think she had experienced enough adversity, so she said Elena should be rejected, and if she came back a couple times, then maybe she would be ready. Wendy also told Craig that this isn’t the stuff she wants to be doing as she wants to connect with people and help them work through their issues.

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Axe will always be Axe

He was advised by Mark Cuban about his NFL bid to stop messing with the US Attorney but he refused, instead, he tried to change his reputation and win hearts and minds another way. He met with philanthropist Sanford Besinger (Richard Thomas) to discuss the possibility of taking The Giving Oath (a pledge for billionaires to give huge amounts of their money to charity when they die). The appeal of giving away a large chunk of his fortune appeared to be entirely lost on Axe. Despite Besinger‘s insistence that giving it away feels better than holding onto it, Axe didn’t make any promises, but tipped off the press about their meeting. Sandy did not like being a pawn so he took great pleasure in calling Axe later to inform him the NFL had deemed him an unfit buyer.

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Wags will always be Wags.
His midlife crisis story-line was some welcome comic relief. I mean, he got a tattoo on his butt and could not remember how! I enjoyed this scene of him telling Axe so much I honestly watched over and over. But all his craziness lately led him to Wendy’s doorstep to ask for help and she asked if he (obviously Axe) sent him to which Wags said yes but it was not for Axe‘s sake as he really did need help. She told him he has always needed help and asked what was different now. This time he just turned around and showed her the tattoo (I mean what else was there to say) and she agreed to see him but as she was no longer available to him on standby, he had to call and make an appointment like a grownup.
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Lara will always be Lara.
Her best asset is her ability to intimidate, so of course when another company (Mercy Squad) tried to encroach on her new business (supplying the wealthy with intravenous drips as a form of luxury re-hydration therapy) she was gonna step to them. She handed an envelope stuffed with cash to a couple of lowlifes who saw to it that the man funding her competition got arrested for aggravated pimping. When Axe called to ask how she did it, Lara simply replied, “I told you I’m a businesswoman”.
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Chuck Rhoades Sr will always be Chuck Rhoades Sr.
He is never intentionally helpful. So it turned out Chuck’s dad had Bryan followed and he sent Chuck a USB with the video of Dake trying to blackmail Bryan. This could’ve been helpful information, except this episode Bryan was back to supporting Chuck. Bryan later went to Dake and told him he needed to earn his salary and prove Chuck did something wrong or go away.
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The meeting between Axe and Chuck was supposed to be a deposition and Chuck‘s lawyer, Ira, had advised that he stayed clear of it instead when Chuck said he was not going to say a word but his mere presence would have value as it would make Axe stumble. So the big meeting finally came and both lawyers tried to go on the record but Chuck went off-record to taunt Axe (he laughed about Axe having to rebuild the place) and Axe also went off-record to get a jab in (asking where Chuck had been sleeping now that his marriage is in shambles). Ira asked if Axe would open his books to show the concrete damages he had suffered but Axe said he would not. Ira went on to ask if the damages were mental or emotional damages to which Axe took a break. He seemed like he was ready to cry because Chuck obviously hurt his feelings but he was not going to admit to that. While on break in his office, he got the call from Sanford that the NFL had rejected his bid. Axe went back in to places put the blame on Chuck saying he cost him his NFL team which was damages. I wonder how he plans to prove this in a court.
Guess the rest of their showdown will have to wait another week. I also expected more from Taylor than we got. Here’s the trailer for the next episode; Currency



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