Hey guys! Scandal continued this week with the story focused on Eli Pope, days leading up to the election, how/why he got involved in Vargas‘ assassination and how Olivia had to make a life-changing decision about the campaign. We also found out that Papa Pope really does have a heart as someone from his past resurfaced


Recap of Scandal (2012) Season 6 Episode 6 (S06E06) - 10

It was 53 days to the election and Papa Pope reconnected with an old paleontology friend Sandra. She was starting a new research project on fossils and asked him to be her partner. Turned out they were more than friends and were lovers back in the day. Shonda Rhimes went to a whole new level with Eli, showing a sweeter side for the first time with a love interest, even though it didn’t last as long as I’d have liked.


Recap of Scandal (2012) Season 6 Episode 6 (S06E06) - 23

But of course, all good things soon come to an end as Eli saw a hidden camera in the fossil laboratory he shared with Sandra and thought his old friend double-crossed him. He lured her with wine and Marvin Gaye, then got her into a closet where he pulled a gun on her and we soon discovered that Sandra was threatened and coerced to bring him in by some “people” who wanted Mellie in the White House. He did as he was told and had a random B613 agent tamper with voting booths in Mellie‘s favour. All seemed set except Olivia caught him and reversed the tampering, leaving Eli with the only option to kill Vargas and frame Cyrus for his murder.


Recap of Scandal (2012) Season 6 Episode 6 (S06E06) - 36

We finally saw what really happened to Frankie on election night. Papa Pope gave the random B613 agent a rifle and told him to wait in a parking garage some distance from the convention center where Frankie gave his victory speech while Papa Pope was below the stage floor, underneath Frankie‘s feet. He fired three shots at Frankie and random agent took a few shots also, then left the rifle as false evidence.



Recap of Scandal (2012) Season 6 Episode 6 (S06E06) - 44

Later, he returned to his new “friends” at the fossil laboratory and asked them to release Sandra since the job was done. Eli transitioned back into Command; the monster we all know. He made one final call to Jennifer, the tipster who worked on Vargas‘ campaign, (I always wondered how she could have any inside knowledge) and began the process of framing Cyrus. He was about to leave with his beloved Sandra  when his “friends” decided they would continue to use Sandra against him so they could further use his help. After Eli’s powerful speech of how the “white man” feels they can always control black people, he pulled out his gun and shot Sandra himself. But that was not enough to get him to stop working for them as it turned out the “friends” had Olivia under constant surveillance, meaning a live person who was close enough to kill her (does this mean we have a mole among Olivia‘s associates? My suspect has to be Charlie).


Recap of Scandal (2012) Season 6 Episode 6 (S06E06) - 50

So he killed Sandra for no reason since Olivia is still on the line. Of course, Olivia went to see her father and accused him of killing Vargas which Eli denied, instead, he used the visit to get it in Olivia‘s head and claimed Cyrus was responsible. Eli explained that he was not a predator, but the prey, just trying to keep his species alive. In the final scene of the night, he opened up a mummy-like wrapping with plastic bags of Sandra‘s body and cried over her and what he had done.

While it was hard to watch Eli Pope in a broken state, it was rewarding to see a more human side of him. I also wonder when next we would see Fitz, I can’t be the only one who misses him.


Below is the trailer for the next episode; A Traitor Among Us, which shows Olivia‘s next move after finding out her father killed Vargas




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