Hi guys! The third season of Empire returned this week from its three-month hiatus with major drama as an epic battle was ignited couple of minutes into the episode when Cookie vowed to dethrone Lucious after he announced his new project. Hakeem and Tiana fought Nessa for a spot in the music showcase, Jamal linked up with musician; Tory Ash in rehab and Andre continued with his plan to take over Empire.


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The opening scene was fire! Yeah guys, the stage at Leviticus was lit as Lucious made a surprise announcement of his new album, Inferno, with a performance led by Remy MaCookie felt he waited for Jamal to be safely tucked away in rehab to announce the album because Lucious was threatened by his “most musical son” and was also pissed that he didn’t tell her about Inferno at all. She told him to step down to focus on his project and make her sole CEO of Empire. Of course Lucious did not agree so Cookie pushed Lucious’ mom, Leah Walker out on stage and introduced her, leaving the reporters to question why Lucious had lied about his mom killing herself until his PR director told them the show was over for the night.


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The next day, during a meeting at Empire, they tried to decide which artist would perform first at Empire’s showcase. Hakeem voted Tiana, since she had an album coming out sooner and Cookie already approved her but Andre wanted it to be Nessa so Hakeem “ran to daddy” to make an executive decision. When Lucious found out who Cookie wanted, he picked the other which was Nessa. Tiana and Hakeem, however, crashed Nessa‘s performance (which was one of the dopest collaborations in Empire history in my opinion), so Tiana and Nessa got into a fight, weave was snatched and faces were slapped.


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The Lyons all showed up to visit Jamal in rehab, where we met his rehab friend; Tory Ash (played by Rumer Willis) who is singer, songwriter and former heroin addict with a massive attitude. Jamal said he wanted to get out of rehab early to go work on a song he’s got stuck in his head but no one seemed bothered as they started arguing about whether Cookie or Lucious was the one who screwed Jamal up. Later, Tory Ash convinced Jamal to sneak out of rehab to record a song.


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While all these happened, Andre stayed plotting Luscious’ death with Shine. They met at the parking lot where Andre got Shine a parking space with his name on it. Shine told Andre it might not be the best time to try to steal Empire from Lucious since Inferno was going to be so huge with which Andre replied that he was not going to steal Empire but just kill Lucious (thanks for clearing that up Andre…like there’s really a difference). I feel like Shine is just using Andre for what he can get and the whole plan would blow up in Andre’s face.


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The final thrilling drama for the episode started when Lucious announced the new head of A&R after firing the current one (Xavier who was all forms of shady). Becky, who had been pining for a promotion even helped Thirsty kidnap Bam Bam’s mother and used her as bait to get Bam Bam not to testify (he was a potential witness against LuciousFrank Gather’s case) was so sure the spot was hers. After proving she was more than qualified for the role, Cookie thought the promotion was for her. I mean, Lucious described the candidate as his muse, biggest critic who turned into his greatest ally, the woman who lit an inferno inside of him and the DNA of Empire. But in the end, the title went to his arranged-wife and Hakeem‘s baby mama Anika. Cookie stormed out without any fight and I knew she wasn’t going to let things slide so easy.

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Later on (best scene by the way), Cookie strolled into the studio all fired up while Lucious was working in the studio and trashed Lucious’ studio and office with a baseball bat, Beyoncé style (Cookie had her lemonade moment people!). She smashed his platinum and gold records on the wall to pieces and in an epic monologue, reminded us all (Lucious inclusive) all she endured for him; 17 years in prison, a miscarriage and dozens of entrepreneurial music ideas that birthed Empire. At a point, he approached her after she warned him to stay away so she smacked him to the ground. She smashed more TVs, glass walls and his grand piano then finally let the bat go. Lucious held her as she tried to slap him then they made out passionately and she snapped out of it and slowly crushed a framed photo of Lucious and Anika once more under her stiletto as she sashayed out.

 “Trying to erase me, Lucious? After all I’ve done for you… you built this company on my back, and you’re just gonna give it to that b***h?”

Cookie might have built the label on her back but Taraji P. Henson definitely carries the whole show on hers. Here’s the trailer for the next episode Play On…


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