Hey guys! Our favourite virgin turned mom and then widow returned this week after a three-week break with an episode basically about insecurities. Jane ran against Petra for Room Mom, Alba tried to impress her crush but it didn’t go as planned and Rogelio tried to get information about Xo and Bruce‘s relationship.


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The battle for supreme mom didn’t last long as Jane and Petra realized their rivalry had nothing to do with being Room Mom but with feeling inadequate individually as moms. Jane saw Petra as a mom in control with perfect, well-behaved daughters while Petra saw Jane as someone more nurturing, intuitive and also the woman Rafael will always side with. It was kind of disappointing that the episode centered on an election but ended with neither of them winning the post.


Men in Suits - Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 14

Rogelio was insecure about his looks and the way people rated him. He was also insecure about his relationship with Xo and he asked Mateo (a 4 year-old who just might give the bromance Rogelio needed after Michael‘s death) if he thought his abuela is happy. Awful, I know but he meant well. Rogelio’s chat with Mateo worked in his favor as it what drove Xo to confront her insecurities about her relationship with Bruce.


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Xo truly questioned her relationship with Bruce (not like anyone should be surprised…it was too good to be true). A short discussion about ending the engagement came up and she just handed the ring back to him without a second thought. With Rogelio‘s admission to Jane that he may not need a baby now that Mateo has filled that void, a reunion with Xo seems inevitable. Maybe it was them who got married after the time jump!


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Alba’s insecurities were about her looks and her personality. She didn’t think Jorge, from the gift shop, would ever think of her in any other way than a co-worker so she listened to Xo and Jane’s advice and gave in to a makeover. It turned out she didn’t really need it because despite an awkward fall on her trip to pick up her check, he still asked her out. Maybe she didn’t need the makeover at all.


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Oh so it turned out Mateo‘s disruptive behavior (he even cut Jane‘s hair while checking for lice) and lack of focus wasn’t because of Jane and Rafael‘s shortcomings as parents, he simply had issues many kids his age have. Jane was sure Mateo was scarred by Michael‘s death, and Rafael thought his time in prison hurt him but according to Alex (Mateo‘s aide who might be a nice addition to the cast if he sticks around), his issues are not deeply rooted emotional ones. Also, Jane finally got through explaining Michael‘s death without crying which her therapist said was a sign she’s ready to date again but I don’t think I’m ready for her to start dating yet.


And the episode ended with Petra and Rafael hooking up, season 1 style (I feel kind of bad for Chuck) and I tell you, it was hot! I had hoped Rafael and Jane would get back together as I am a die-hard #TeamRafael and I was disappointed to see him all hot and heavy with someone other than Jane. The Rafael/Petra reunion was a nice touch and I can’t wait to see how far the writers would take the drama that would come with it.


Below is the trailer for the next episode; Chapter Fifty-Nine


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