Hey guys! This week’s episode of Scandal had me thrilled, estactic and then sad in the end. The last two minutes left my jaw flat on the floor with yet another OMG moment. Nice one Shonda! So after discovering new information about Frank‘s assassination, Olivia made an irrational decision and asked Huck to kill Rowan. The last episode Extinction showed us Rowan‘s soft spot and this week was about Huck‘s.


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The episode started off with some kinky romance fight between Huck and Meg which was interrupted by Quinn and Charlie with the news that Olivia was missing. When Huck found her, Olivia asked for a favour; to kill her father. Huck hesitated and asked her if she was certain and she claimed to be so he got to it. He tracked Papa Pope to a subway where they got 2 minutes 15 seconds to have a private chat. He told Huck, as quickly as he could, about how he had no choice but to kill Vargas, how they threatened to kill Olivia and even had someone close to her all the time (you know how that makes Huck feel). To prove this wild tale, Rowan described the man and woman following him, Huck saw them and I guess that made him believe it all. Papa Pope told Huck to find out who was watching Olivia and to trust no one so now he had a new mission.


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So he bugged Quinn and Charlie (the obvious main suspects) and found out that not only did Quinn hate Meg, she was also helping Jake hide Jennifer Fields. Huck tracked her down, found them at a hotel and pulled a gun on them. After agreeing to work together to find Sandra (Rowan‘s bae), Quinn put it in Huck‘s head that Meg is the new person in his life and might actually be the mole.


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Meg showed up at Huck‘s apartment and after making love, she asked to meet with Olivia to ask for help to find her best friend Jenny‘s “real killer” which wasn’t a good sign. Huck followed her the next day and watched her sit on a park bench next to the woman who was trailing Papa Pope at the subway station. So Huck invited her to his apartment to interrogate her and threatened her with a nasty-looking hypodermic needle when she arrived. Meg swore she had never met the woman before and bravely told him to go ahead and torture her but he let her leave.


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Huck went to Abby (finally some White House action but still no Fitz) for help to see an inmate and told her Jennifer was alive to get her to help him. Turned out the inmate was Becky, his ex that tried to kill President Fitz and he asked how she was able to manipulate him. Becky explained he was gullible and had a soft spot for sad stories. He insisted Meg wasn’t trying to manipulate him like she did and left.


Huck met Olivia, Quinn and Charlie in a parking garage to find Sandra all decayed in a trunk. Olivia scolded him for falling for Rowan’s business and Huck called her out for having a blind spot. Huck told them  he was not going to kill Rowan, because he knew that he had changed. So Olivia had him get rid of the body while Quinn killed Rowan. Huck dug the hole then uncovered Sandra’s body for one last look when he found a little notch behind her ear and pulled out a chip, which was connected to a camera that captured everything that happened with Rowan and Sandra then showed Olivia who realized Huck was right after all.

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They visited Meg, asked for her forgiveness so Huck could forgive himself and opened up to her about Jennifer. Huck later took her to see her best-friend where Meg opened fire on Jennifer, shot her in the chest and head. Meg caught up with Abby and Sarah (the lady that made Rowan kill the president) to tell them everything was handled and then we saw a flash back to her shooting Huck three times and him bleeding out. I really hope he doesn’t die, Olivia would never forgive herself.

Now we know Meg isn’t all innocent and Quinn was right after all about her. I still feel Meg was not the mole that was close enough to kill Olivia because she only met her that one time so the question is, who is? My money’s still on Charlie. Also, now we have to wonder if Abby planned all these on her own or has Fitz/Mellie backing her. Dear Shonda, we miss Fitz! Below is the trailer for the next episode A Stomach For Blood…


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