Hi guys! This week’s episode was the halfway point for the second season of Billions and things have really started moving fast as Boyd fought for his survival, Bobby made moves to make sure the Sandicot deal went through and brought a familiar face back to Axe Capital.


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The episode opened with Lawrence Boyd walking out totally shaken after posting a $5 million bail, to Axe waiting for him in a car. Boyd made it clear he had learnt his lesson of trying to play nice with the US Attorney’s office and was ready to do what it would take to win the battle. Axe offered the help Boyd had turned down before and Hall (Axe‘s fixer who is always so creepy and shady) stepped in to do what had to be done. As Boyd headed outside to his sauna, just as Axe had ordered him to, Hall appeared from the shadows and told Boyd to be prepared to make multiple payments of $2.5 million every quarter to flip the witness (Tom Mckinnon) back.


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Chuck met with his lawyer and friend Ira where they discussed Chuck selling the house to make ends meet which he said he is holding onto for two reasons; one, he still longs to live in it with Wendy and two, if he sells it she would know the full extent of his dilemma. Ira then reminded him that everything had a lifespan and some things needed to be changed or left to die off.


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Axe also had his own problem to deal with. There was a single holdout on the purchased land in Sandicot that was meant to make way for a casino. A man named Hank Flagg owned 200 acres in the area and he had turned down the $1.5 million offer provided by the development company in which Axe had a stake. It turned out they couldn’t move on with Flagg‘s land because it is essential for completion of the project as it’s meant to be used to build a highway access road. Axe decided to pay the man a visit and personally convince him to make some sort of deal which they settled on a deal for $5 million for the land and a collector’s motorcycle called an Indian Four.


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Boyd hit a big obstacle. Remember Hall convinced Boyd to bribe the prosecution’s best witness to the tune of $10 million a year, so the defense felt really confident that their client didn’t even go to the meeting the next day in Chuck’s office. The glaring display of bravado revealed their hand, Chuck realized he had lost his witness and all they had was a recording but refused to let it go and told Bryan to go to trial anyway. Boyd and his lawyers came back to the table with an offer of admission of guilt, five years probation and $60 million fine after Bryan pulled a brilliant performance in court during jury selection (and even convinced me that Boyd was guilty even before trials begun). Chuck refused to make a deal, however, as he wanted to make an example of Boyd and the hedge fund industry while making a name for himself and keeping his job while he was at it. Chuck was ready to go to war so the AG called, congratulated him on the case and basically told him he had an “open field” which meant the investigation into his office, headed by Oliver Dake would no longer be a problem (but I doubt we’ve seen the last of him as he told Chuck on his way out not to get comfortable just yet). This was just in the nick of time too, as Lonnie had just started confess


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Wendy and Chuck had their longest scene of the season so far. She stopped by on Chuck’s night with the kids and decided to stay for dinner. Wendy noticed that Chuck had two calls from Ira that night so she visited the family friend and attorney. Even though Ira claimed at first that he could not say anything, he told her that Chuck was on the hook for a lot of damage to his bank account and reputation.


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She did not want to see Chuck crushed so she called asked Axe for a meeting and told him that she would come back to work with a few demands including more privacy, more money, a stake in the company (which they negotiated) and oh, he also had to drop the lawsuits against ChuckAxe yielded immediately which made her realize that it was always his plan and Axe admitted it was. So, she decided she would work for Axe Capital but not treat Axe.


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Someone who would not be happy about Wendy coming back to work at Axe Capital was Lara so Axe took her out on a dinner date where she expected an apology for how he lambasted her business last week but instead he told her about Wendy. She got furious because Axe brought back someone she did not trust and he tried to play her as he had already made up his mind yet he pretended to ask for her advice. Regular people slam a door to walk out on a fight or you know, hang up the phone but Lara Axelrod took their private chopper back to her mansion while her husband was on the phone with Hall.


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Later on, they finally had a conversation about what was wrong in their relationship and made up in the pool house (how many of us get to that do that??) where Lara said she thought Wendy was a liability and Axe offered a compromise to not work with Wendy (which we know was Wendy’s deal) and only his employees would, that way she won’t get any dirt on him.


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Chuck’s dad did something right for once. Chuck Sr. sabotaged the casino deal with a single call to an old friend Black Jack Foley (played by David Strathairn). Axe got the devastating news that the casino deal won’t happen just as he was introducing the Indian Four he acquired to his other fleet of bikes (you know, just like we all do).


At the same time, Chuck was toasting his victory with his dad and Ira when he learns about the suits being dropped. He was not happy as he knew Axe wouldn’t do that if he wasn’t getting something out of it. So he went to confront Wendy and learnt she was going back to work for Axe Capital. He told her that it’s a deal breaker for the two of them.



It’s halftime people! How do you feel about the season so far? Would Bobby finally cash in on the casino deal? And would Wendy finally decide what she wants to do with her career? Here’s the trailer for the next episode; Victory Lap


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