Hey guys! Sorry for the delay, it was my birthday weekend and I took some time off. Anyway, this week on Scandal we were still left in the dark on Huck‘s state of health but got to see the events that led up to election night from Abby‘s perspective. Her thirst for power and a major secret that she had been hiding were also revealed. I miss the simple times when Scandal was about the president and his side chick.


Recap of Scandal (2012) Season 6 Episode 8 (S06E08) - 10

So it turned out Papa Pope wasn’t the only one being blackmailed by the man (Mr. Paeus) and woman (Marjorie Ruland a.k.a. Sarah as we knew her last episode) responsible for Vargas’ death, Abby too was under their spell. They fed her with exactly what she wanted to hear, told her she was the best, she was too good for chief of staff, she could be the president and even offered her $300million which she initially declined but after a fall out with President Fitz (thank you Shonda!), she went back to. Abby fed off this praise but eventually it was all a ploy to get her to be a pawn in their twisted game, just like Rowan.


Recap of Scandal (2012) Season 6 Episode 8 (S06E08) - 31

Abby was continuously blackmailed throughout the episode as it turned out the $300 million apparently led back to North Korea and she could be framed for terrorism. She was asked to go to the hospital and close off Frankie’s wing, or else be framed for his murder. Meg, who seems to be a big player in this game, also asked Abby to switch evidence of the bullets Frankie was shot with for the ones she handed to her, in exchange for her boyfriend’s (Leo Bergen) life after he was held hostage and beaten. She caught a glimpse of Cyrus Beane covered in blood in the next hospital room and vomited over what she had just done then went home and played dumb with poor Leo, who thought he was merely mugged.


Recap of Scandal (2012) Season 6 Episode 8 (S06E08) - 47

In the end, Cyrus was framed for Frankie’s death and Abby tried to get help from her ex-boyfriend, Attorney General David Rosen but then Marjorie ambushed and told her she was always five steps ahead of Abby with every possible move already dealt with. When David walked out, Abby thought she had the upper hand instead, he kissed Marjorie (who was Samantha to David) and went on to say she was the best. So, Abby came to find help only to find out that the woman blackmailing her was romantically involved with David. Basically, there was no winning for her.


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Abby found out from Huck that Jennifer Fields was alive and in hiding so she tried to make a deal with her blackmailers for Cyrus to be released from prison in exchange for helping them find Jennifer. All Abby cared about was getting Cyrus out of prison so that explains why she didn’t flinch when she heard Huck might be dead. During her visit to Cyrus, she told him she would go to war for him and promised to get him out no matter what.


The motivation behind Abby’s behavior felt so thin especially when considered against what she was actually asked to do but with the season finale coming up in just a couple of weeks, hopefully we start getting more answers than questions. Below is the trailer for the next episode; Dead In The Water


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