Hey guys! Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows, Sara Tancredi, Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell, Fernando Sucre, and Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin are back with Fox reviving its hits. I know what you’re thinking: “Wait, didn’t Michael die at the end of season 4?” Well, let’s all just enjoy the reunion shall we. If you fell off the Prison Break train around season two or three like most people or maybe never even watched it before, don’t worry the show is still fairly accessible as there is a quick recap at the start that fills you in on all you need to know.


Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 (S05E01) - 3

The first episode of season 5 went right into the mystery of Michael’s possible resurfacing, considering the whole world believed him to be dead. It’s the present, and T-Bag was getting released, which was immediately suspicious since well he is T-Bag afterall. After some cheesy responses to the guard’s questions on how he got out early, he got a mail that left him in shock when he opened it.


Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 (S05E01) - 6

The reintroduction of Lincoln, the former death row inmate, had him running from some shady characters whom he owed $100,000. He managed to dodge them but arrived home to an even creepier character. Lincoln was not exactly thrilled to see T-Bag and this escalated when he revealed the image he received in mail. He declared to kill T-bag if he was playing with him as he glanced at a photo of Michael and then sent him away.


Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 (S05E01) - 14

Lincoln was suspicious of T-Bag’s news yet he flew down to see Sara. She was also skeptical of the photo, especially with T-Bag being the source. Convinced by Sara that Michael was really dead, Lincoln went to visit his brother’s grave. He then took a second look at the image and sees an hidden message that spelt “Ogygia“. A quick search online revealed that Ogygia was a prison in Yemen. This inspired him to go back at night and dig up the grave to see if Michael was really there and yup you guessed right, he was not! Instead, there was an empty suit. Lincoln held on to his brother’s jacket after not finding any clues.


Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 (S05E01) - 16

T-Bag was searching for the perfect lady on his first night as a free man but the search was interrupted by a reminder for an appointment with a prosthetic specialist. Confused and intrigued, T-Bag went to meet Dr. Whitcombe for his 9:30 p.m. appointment. It turned out an unknown benefactor had given the doctor money to conduct his research, with the only condition being that T-Bag had to be his first patient. Basically, someone was paying for him to get a new hand. T-bag‘s life seems to be getting quite good if I must say, first, he gets out of prison early, and now he gets a new hand.


Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 (S05E01) - 20

With proof that Michael might actually still be alive, the conspiracy began. At a stoplight, the car Lincoln had previously believed was following him stopped by him. When the light turned green, the suspicious man used his computer to take control of Lincoln’s car, making him speed uncontrollably through traffic. Eventually, the vehicle went off the road with Lincoln flying through his windshield into the water. He swam out unharmed with his new prized possession (Michael’s coat)…Lincoln Burrows survived an execution so a little car accident was nothing.


Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 (S05E01) - 23

Lincoln called Sara to tell her about what happened and warn her but she quickly had to hang up as the other person who had been following him pulled up to the front of her house. An armed woman entered the house and Sara yelled for a scared Jacob (her new husband) to grab a gun she had hidden behind a picture and called the cops while she went to protect Michael Jr. Jacob was shot in the leg by the woman as she searched for Sara through the house. Sara and Michael Jr hid in the bathroom and she removed the hand towel holder, ready for a fight but luckily the sirens from the police vehicles forced the intruder to quickly leave.


Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 (S05E01) - 28

Lincoln went to the hospital to check on Sara and Michael Jr (I guess Jacob too) and took time to give a pep talk to his nephew. Sara was still hesitant that Michael was alive and wondered why he would abandon his family and Lincoln suggested they go to Yemen to get answers. Sara insisted that she could not leave her family behind and that they couldn’t make it in Yemen but Lincoln was determined to go so he went to find someone who could help.


Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 (S05E01) - 32

Lincoln went to a mosque in Buffalo, where he met with an old friend C-NOTE!! The former soldier/Fox River inmate has now dedicated his life to Islam and the fight against radical beliefs. When he heard the news about Michael, he agreed to help and showed the picture to someone who confirmed the image behind Michael in the photo sent to T-bag was indeed a mosque. They called the prison to look for Michael but there was no record of his name. Then they looked him up on the internet to get a photo of him to send to the prison for confirmation only to discover all images of Michael Scofield were of someone else. Lincoln was now more determined to go to Yemen and C-Note tried to talk him out of it, considering the country is in the middle of a civil war.


Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 (S05E01) - 37

He returned to his hotel and got Michael’s jacket that he had cleaned back. As he was trying it on, an intruder sneaked in which made Lincoln throw out a punch but the intruder turned out to be Sucre! C-Note told him about what was going on and he wanted to go with Lincoln to Yemen. Lincoln did not think it was a good idea but Sucre insisted that he would be valuable since he had been traveling the world on cargo ships. C-Note showed up at the airport and proved why he would be a better option as Lincoln’s traveling partner. While they walked to board the plane, the bad guys from earlier took a picture and sent it out.


Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 (S05E01) - 39

Lincoln and C-Note touched down at Yemen and were supposed to meet C-Note’s contact Sheba, but a man approached them and said she sent him instead. Their fake driver turned in to a garage claiming he had to get cigarettes and C-Note knew they had been set-up. They got out of car were immediately surrounded by a group of men who tried to take them down but didn’t make it. A few minutes too late, Sheba showed up to take them to safety.


Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 (S05E01) - 45

T-Bag had the hand replacement surgery and when he woke up from the surgery, he realized it was no ordinary prosthetic as it looked more like something out of Terminator. Unhappy, he slammed the doctor against the window and demanded to know why he did this and who paid for it. The doctor said “Outis” (which means nobody) was the only name he was given for the benefactor.


Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 (S05E01) - 47

Back in Yemen, Lincoln noticed that the tag on Michael‘s jacket read “Kaniel Outis”. Sheba found a man who could get them into Ogygia but it came with a price which was not money but Lincoln’s passport. C-Note pleaded with Lincoln not to give his passport out as he could not leave the country without it but I guess it was a desperate time which called for a desperate measure.


Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 (S05E01) - 50

At Ogygia, the guard at front desk said there was no inmate by the name of Michael Scofield but C-Note showed the mysterious image of Michael. The guard recognized the man in the picture and even called him Kaniel Outis then went to get the prisoner. Sheba stormed out as C-Note explained to Lincoln that Kaniel Outis is a terrorist working with ISIL.


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Michael made his first appearance for this season as he made his way through the prison. Lincoln asked C-Note to make a video so they could prove that Michael was really alive. He was obviously quite excited to see his brother but the man before him denied being Michael or knowing Lincoln. There was visible pain on Michael’s face as he turned to walk away and a screaming Lincoln chased after him with questions.


Guess who we get to see more of from the next episode! Here’s the trailer for the next episode; Kaniel Outis to prove it…



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