Hey guys! Prison Break continued this week (even though it was quite slow and not so engaging) with Michael doing what he knows how to best; attempt an escape from prison. Lincoln and C-Note were also busy with the search for the Sheik of Light, and Sara‘s investigation into Michael‘s reappearance led to an uneasy reunion with Paul Kellerman.


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We met one of Michael’s new cellmates and for the first time this season, we had a look at their cell. Michael and Whip (played by Augustus Prew) went up into the vent while the others play lookout and Whip made a reference to “past ones” which suggested they had tried to escape before. They got to the roof and waited for the lights to go out which apparently should have happened seven days ago.


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In the outside world, C-Note gave Lincoln the rundown on Kaniel Outis with which Lincoln requested he be called Michael. So it turned out Michael was charged with committing crimes against the government and was recently just released from solitary confinement for a failed escape attempt upon his arrival at Ogygia. A kid interrupted them and Lincoln followed in hot pursuit through the crowded streets and eventually lost him. The kid however left something behind, one of Michael’s signature origami swans which had “Find the Sheikh of Light and I will be free” written on it.


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C-Note insisted they needed Sheba‘s help and despite her strong anti-Outis feelings, she agreed to help when Lincoln pulled out plenty cash. Sheba pulled back a piece of tape and spotting a code that is actually a telephone number which no one answered, but the voicemail was for the Director of Electrical Works. The man had been missing since he went looking for his daughter in the suburbs, which served as the front line of the war.


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Sara took Michael Jr. to school and just as they said their goodbyes, she got a message from Lincoln with the video of Michael from Ogygia. With her presumed-dead husband imprisoned in Yemen and her new husband in the hospital with a gunshot wound, she did not hide what an emotional wreck she was while watching the footage.


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Sara then went to the Department of State for answers and met with Paul Kellerman (played by Paul Adelstein) instead. She headed for the exit because you know, he wasn’t to be trusted, but he convinced her to stay. Kellerman who was once a cold-blooded killer but now an environmentalist was so bothered by Sara’s water bottle that he made her drink from a glass. He gave her the rundown on Outis and even suggested that Michael could be the one who orchestrated the whole ordeal. Later on, he sent her video from four years ago of Michael shooting a high-ranking CIA officer. She still refused to believe and likened it to when Lincoln was set up for killing the vice president’s brother back before the series began.



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Then we met Michael’s other cellmates; Ja and Sid. Ja‘s a typical renowned identity thief and drug addict who smuggled a phone into prison so he could watch Queen perform “We Are the Champions”. And Sid‘s an unfortunate victim of anti-LGBT laws in his home country who was worried that being gay would get him killed by a group of soon-to-be-released-from-solitary prisoners.


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Sara spoke with Jacob and sought his advice about Michael who he belittled as expected. I have a bad feeling about this guy and I hope some conspiracy is revealed soon to make me dislike him further.


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Michael used a slice of gum, battery, sock, shirt, and a water can to burn himself so he could be taken to the infirmary. Unfortunately for him, there was no Dr. Sara Tancredi like in Fox River State Penitentiary, instead, he was whipped by a guard. As he laid on the floor, another guard had mercy on him and gave him some pills which Michael didn’t swallow but used them to trade with Ja for a credit card number and phone to order a pizza! I know, made no sense to me then too.


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Sheba, Lincoln and C-Note made it into the suburbs after Lincoln flashed some more cash. Quick question; wasn’t he chased last epsiode for owing $100,000? Where is all this cash coming from?! I need me a human ATM like Lincoln! Anyway, the ISIL territory was still scary and the trio even got pulled over. Sheba was harassed by someone from her past, who’s now an ISIL soldier but she did not back down and he was called away on terrorist business.


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They eventually found the “Sheikh of Light” but he refused to leave without his daughter who was stuck in a nearby building with her students. Soldiers began to search the area and Lincoln decided to be the distraction and also get the girls. When he freed the girls, he stole a truck then Sheba, C-Note and the “Sheikh of Light” joined them in her car sped toward the government checkpoint with the bad guys in high-speed pursuit.


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“Sheikh of Light” turned out to be Sid’s father who was responsible for arranging a blackout in Ogygia. It was supposed to go down a week ago and a signal had been sent 24 hours beforehand.


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Sara was having some girl talk with a fellow school mom about Michael (I wonder if she told her the whole story) when Michael Jr. did not show up for pick up. Sara panicked and ran around looking for him. He was safe and just hanging out on the playground with a pizza guy who he said gave him an origami with the message, “Hide everyone. A storm is coming”.


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Michael’s crew were on edge, because Ramal and his followers were about to be released from solitary, when the lights flashed which meant the escape was on for the next day. Just at that moment, Ramal was released and the whole prison was at a standstill waiting to see what would happen next. The terrorist leader walked straight to Michael and they embraced. Ramal then asked in a whisper if Michael had found a way out for them and he replied, “Yes, tomorrow night”.



T-bag was MIA this week and I was curious to see more of his robotic hand. Below’s the trailer for next episode; The Liar


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