Hi guys! This week on EmpireLucious was sick, Jamal released a teaser for his new single causing Cookie to reflect on the sacrifices she made for Lucious and Anika asked Cookie to raise Bella if something happened to her.


Recap of Empire (2015) Season 3 Episode 13 (S03E13) - 14

Lucious‘ condition worsened, he’s got a virus that’s made him bedridden, overly paranoid and stressed out so Thirsty arranged for in-house treatment even though, it was sort of illegal. At the family meeting, just has Cookie did last episode, Hakeem asked if Lucious had ALS again and Andre told him it didn’t work like that. After adjourning the meeting, Lucious told Thirsty to watch over his family as they were all snakes.



Recap of Empire (2015) Season 3 Episode 13 (S03E13) - 2

Jamal and Cookie took the opportunity to work on the music video for Jamal’s Dangerous with Delphine (played by Estelle) which told the story of Cookie and Lucious’ early days. Cookie then convinced Jamal to put out a teaser for the video on his Empire Xstream channel, and it blew up as Jamal got more followers



Recap of Empire (2015) Season 3 Episode 13 (S03E13) - 24

Cookie accompanied Angelo to the primary polls and found out as they were leaving that fans were rooting for real-life Cookie and Lucious to get back together. There was even a hashtag for them, something Cookie later remarked sounded like a damn STD. Angelo got understandably jealous and said Lucious was a bad influence on Cookie while walking away.




Recap of Empire (2015) Season 3 Episode 13 (S03E13) - 3

Empire got hit with a lawsuit for $50 million by Kennedy (Tiana’s friend who got assaulted by the random goon Hakeem had hired for his birthday party) since it happened on Empire property, was done by an Empire employee (even though a temporary staff) and was streamed on Empire’s streaming service. In addition to the money, Kennedy’s lawyer also asked for a public apology from Hakeem and for him to cancel his upcoming club appearances.



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In Lucious‘ room, Hakeem asked to apologize, but Thirsty said an apology is essentially an admission of guilt and told him he not to. Thirsty’s plan was to dig up dirt on Kennedy which Jamal said was victim-blaming. As the others left the room, Cookie went closer to Lucious for what I thought was going to be a heartfelt conversation till Anika interrupted so Cookie left. Thirsty asked Anika when she was going to wear a wire for Tariq and why they should not just kill her. When he left, she removed Lucious’ oxygen then threatened and reminded him that if he died she would get everything as their sham of a marriage did not include a prenup. Her threats did not work though as Lucious pulled a pistol out from under the covers.



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Anika got the message and went to Cookie’s house to ask if she would personally be Bella’s guardian if she went to jail or got killed with which Cookie asked why she would give her child to her enemy. Cookie agrees, regardless of their relationship, and Anika started to say something about the man they both love but Cookie corrected her and said the only man she loves is not Lucious. Anika did not buy it and neither did I.



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Giuliana mentioned the arrangement Andre had offered her to Nessa and said she would like to hang with them when Nessa and Andre moved in together. She also asked how they dealt with their hookups, if they each brought them home and if they took turns. Nessa was visibly confused but the conversation ended when Andre returned back to the table with a drink for Giuliana.



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Thirsty and Hakeem were in the conference room with Kennedy and her lawyer for the deposition and Thirsty threw accusations at Kennedy as he asked how much she had to drink, showed a photo with her arm around her assailant just an hour before the incident and reminded her that she was thrown out of a club for fighting someone she had been sleeping with before. Kennedy got upset and pleaded with Hakeem tried to tell Thirsty to fall back a bit, but of course Thirsty did not listen.



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Hakeem went to Cookie and Jamal after the meeting to complain about Thirsty and Jamal explained that Hakeem‘s songs were mostly about victim-blaming which influences his fans. So Hakeem decided he wanted to apologize and Jamal let him use his Empire Xstream channel since his got shut down by Andre last episode.



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He went straight to the studio to sing an autotuned song; For my queens around the globe, about bringing women up instead of down. At the end, he apologized to Kennedy, said she did not deserve what she got and went on to dedicate the song to her, Tiana and Bella. Jamal and Tiana were praising Hakeem for the song when Andre came in to rant and then called for an emergency board meeting.



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At the unethical board meeting in Lucious‘ room, Andre laid out the plan he had with Giuliana and the scary guy for the Las Vegas residencies for Empire’s artists. It seemed extremely profitable and everyone except Lucious were impressed with the numbers Andre presented. Lucious told Andre he was fired for insubordination but Andre said he’s an officer of the company and so a second motion would be needed to fire him. Jamal said they should settle down but Lucious went on to ask for a second motion which no one gave. The board basically said they loved Andre and since the investors like stability they should keep Andre where he is. Lucious got so angry he told everybody to get out.



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Nessa confronted Andre about his so-called arrangement as they walked into the party for the mayoral primary at Leviticus. Andre tried to smooth it over by saying that’s just how he does business but she told him she was not going to put her name on a lease with him if this was how things were going to go down.



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Cookie and Angelo awaited the results of the Democratic Mayoral Primary and she tried hard to make him believe she wasn’t going back to Lucious. Lucious came to the party, Cookie dropped yet another spiteful remark, “What brings you from your coffin?” and Angelo classily thanked Lucious for the use of the space. The results came in and as expected, Angelo won the primary.



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So, Angelo got up to make his “thank you” speech but Lucious took over saying he was the one who helped Angelo win because he endorsed John Meeks (Angelo‘s opponent) which made Angelo a stronger candidate. Lucious interrupted Angelo even further and played a song he wrote for Cookie on the piano.



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While Lucious performed, Giuliana walked up to him and put her hand on his shoulder and asked him to play the song he wrote for her. It seems Lucious and Giuliana had a past together and I can’t help but wonder when. I always believed he was with Cookie since they were teens. Who else also thinks Lucious and his sons should stop sharing women? First it was Anika with Hakeem, now, Giuliana and Andre. Guess its a good thing Jamal‘s gay, right?

Below’s the trailer for the next episode which would be aired after a two-week break; Love Is A Smoke…



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