Hi guys! This week on Billions,  Axe was offered inside information and he considered using it, Lara planned a birthday celebration for Axe and Chuck was pressured to drop an ongoing investigation and was willing to support Ira and Chuck Sr‘s investment.



It was Axe‘s birthday and the episode opened with Wags showing off his very expensive gift to Axe with a virtual-reality tour. Wags had reserved him a spot in a fancy apocalypse bunker called The Ark which was extravagant and feels like a clueless thing to put on a token that promises that the richest of the rich that they would get saved from the apocalypse.



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Dollar Bill, however, believed he had a more practical gift for Axe. He had some reliable yet sketchy inside information on a recall for a Belgian car company called Klaxon headed for a massive recall and lawsuits over a faulty braking systems and he wanted Axe to get in on it. Axe would rather be more careful though and was not about to dive in without doing some research, so he took time to think about it. Dollar Bill gave him hell for not taking chances anymore and getting too soft which forced Axe to question things about his existence.



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During an unofficial run for the governorship, Chuck visited the Sandicot town hall, where angry citizens chanted “Lock him up!” in reference to Axe’s dirty dealings with which he replied that if the law gave him the power, he would.

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Later on, he learnt about the value of trading favors as he was summoned to grab a quick breakfast with Jack Foley who talked about getting Chuck vetted and needed him to pass a “stress test” to see if he can survive attacks on his past. Apparently, as a good politician, you must be corrupt but not too corrupt.



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Chuck and Bryan called Axe the “bad guy in a Bruce Springsteen song” when they were talking about how they were going to intervene in Sandicot and hoped to chase down Axe’s leads on the casino deal.



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Steph Reed was questioned by Kate with the hope of finding some shady connections within the Sandicot deal. Steph said Axe was Unknowable and a Terminator and as he wrote cheques to help charities one moment and then cornered the market with a ruthless deal the next. She also described him as a man unsure of his ethics. Basically, Steph did not have a lot on Axe as she was not aware of his inside dirt. She told Kate that the timing of him firing her was suspicious because Dollar Bill came to Axe with a deal involving Victor (a former employee of Axe Capital) just before. She said Axe made an example of Victor when he was testing how his team would handle a compliance check so if Victor was involved, the deal must be shady. She also told Kate to keep an eye on Taylor as potential threat to Axe’s power and secrecy. Steph Reed is obviously not handling Axe letting her go so well.



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i was clearly tired – tired of Chuck, tired of feeling like the boss and tired of his life and business. He said he had forgotten his roots and who he once was. He wanted to cancel his lavish birthday party, run off with Lara and  take her somewhere meaningful to reconnect which she refused of course.



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Lara talked him out of it and convinced him to attend his party. She even out of her way to called Wendy but Chuck picked up so she left a message for Wendy with him, asking that she attend Axe‘s birthday party as she had already RSVP’d no. Chuck called Wendy and told her to go for the party instead of feeling like she shouldn’t because of him.



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Chuck thought he had a great lead in the investigation and tried to squeeze Donald Thayer (a casino developer) about Sandicot. Thanks to Kate, he found out that Axe transferred the title of a car to Donald but realized soon enough that Foley and his father were part of some shady deal with Donald so he had no choice but to back away from investigating Axe. If he continued with the investigation, he would expose his father and Foley and certainly lose his higher ground in upstate New York as the “man of the people.”



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Axe met with Victor and told him to set up a satellite shop so that he can start bringing him deals like the Klaxon one.



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Chuck was reading Kate’s interview notes with Steph when he discovered a small note about Axe going after some guy he hates by buying all the first edition Churchill books. This made Chuck become quite dramatic which led Kate to say hilariously that she can see books are a trigger for him. Chuck said the problem with Axe was how slippery he was and that he was like a shark and he knew what to do to catch him.



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Lara learnt during the party that Wendy was the one that set the “no meetings” condition with Axe when she was re-hired, hence, learning that Axe had lied to her.



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Chuck called his dad about Ira’s “ice juice” business proposal which his dad loved and even said they could make billions off of it but Chuck would need to break his public vow and allow his father to use some of his blind trust money.



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Axe eventually skipped his $500,000 birthday party and dragged Lara (who was feeling betrayed after she found out about his lie about his deal with Wendy) to the harness-racing track where he played the angles as a kid. Like I’ve said all season long, I feel some Lara/Chuck team up coming up soon and now I’m really hopeful it does.

Below is the trailer for the next episode; With or Without You


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