Hi guys! The 100th episode of Scandal had Shonda Rhimes take us on a “what if” journey with all of our favorite characters as Olivia wondered how different life would be if they had never rigged Fitz‘s election.


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The episode started off with Fitz, Jake and Olivia at the oval office talking about how Abby ruined everything, David was sleeping with the worst person alive and Jake wanted to shoot everyone. Fitz walked out when they couldn’t reach a decision and Jake told Olivia he guaranteed Fitz’s life would have been a million times worse if they hadn’t rigged that election and hers too. That had Olivia daydream about the possibility of a somewhat better life.


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We were taken back to 2010, where Olivia flipped to a soft yes to rig the election but in the spirit of “what if”, she stood in the sun to keep fighting the good fight to vote not to rig the election which made Fitz lose by a slim margin and everything changed from there on. Mellie blamed her, of course, and reminded her all she had to say was a simple “yes”.



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Olivia packed up to leave and apologized to Fitz for letting him down but he doesn’t see it that way. Olivia’s plan was to go back to D.C. to help Marcus pass some bills in Congress and Fitz told Olivia he still loved her hoping to change her mind, but she left anyway.



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Months later, Olivia Pope and Associates ended up in a trashy office, Huck was unshaven and Olivia had a date with Leo Bergen. Fitz showed up at Olivia’s apartment to announce he left Mellie and he asked her to marry him. She stayed silent and let the elevator door close, leaving behind a devastated Fitz but she didn’t press the button so the door opened back up and they made out till they got back into her apartment.



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Four months after, Fitz and Olivia tied the knot (calm down…its still in the alternate universe). Cyrus was outside with James (remember him?) who he asked to go in without him because they were still not “out”. He saw Mellie outside the church, took her home and gave her a pretty sweet pep talk about how she is perfect, prompting her to lean in and kiss Cyrus. Inside the church, Olivia was getting ready with Huck who walked her down the aisle toward Fitz while Rowan peeped from the back. Olivia Carolyn Pope took Fitzgerald Thomas Grant to be her husband, and it kind of felt so real!



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Fitz met up with best friend Jake to discuss how Olivia wasn’t ready to move into a shared place while Huck, Abby and David went over to watch The Prince (an alternate version of The Bachelor) and do some work. Huck was obsessed with Lindsay D (who was actually Quinn).



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Problems continued for Mellie and Cyrus, because after he suggested that she run for president, Mellie found a journalist to help kick off the run who turned out to be none other than James. The interview heated up as James dug into seemingly simple questions about decor and agreements in Cyrus’ relationship with Mellie. Mellie stepped out of the room to get their wedding album and Cyrus used the opportunity to explain to James that he needed a partner. He also explained how he cared about James but couldn’t be with him, all of which Mellie overheard.



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Olivia went to the White House with Marcus to advocate for the bill they were working on but after waiting for over 4 hours, they were asked to leave as the meeting was as a result of someone’s mistake. She returned home to Fitz and they had an argument where Olivia accused him of losing his fire. She revealed that she could have fixed the election but didn’t and Fitz accused her of sleeping with Marcus. Fitz ended the by telling her she should have done it.



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Cyrus and Rowan showed Mellie photos of Sally Langston’s husband having a man-on-man time that would help ruin her competitor’s campaign but Mellie insisted that she was not outing another man’s husband for being gay because, well you know, she was in the same situation.



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On The Grant Report, Fitz landed an interview with America’s sweetheart Lindsay D who made out with him in his dressing room after the interview but Fitz turned her down when she made her way down to his briefs. She called him a sad drunk and walked out on him. He went out to sit on a bench and blew off his fans when they approached him.



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Olivia also planned to serve Fitz divorce papers because she was more focused on her success with Marcus and getting bills into Congress. Abby tried to talk her out of it but Olivia insisted not everyone could be Abby and David.



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Mellie was devastated when Daniel Langston‘s photos leaked and she called Cyrus out for his own sexuality but Cyrus insisted she should have always known and that even if she didn’t, she would never get out of the marriage because it would hurt her politically which made Mellie obviously crushed.



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Mellie went to see Olivia to tell her that she was right about Defiance and apologized about everything. She wanted Olivia to know that she saved him but Olivia didn’t seem too convinced as that was the world she craved for.



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At the end of another episode of The Grant Report, Fitz announced the news about Sally’s husband and how a world of pretending wasn’t okay, which prompted him to leave the set and go home to Olivia to apologize. He told her he loved her and still wanted her if she would have him. She handed him what I thought were the divorce papers Abby gave her earlier but what was inside turned out to be information on a townhouse in Georgetown.



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Back to the real world (finally! The whole “what if” sequence was getting boring already), Olivia jumped up from the couch in the oval office and ran outside to Fitz, who was standing on the balcony. He asked if she had made a decision and she said she’s in. Now in for what I wonder. Maybe to announce that Cyrus is innocent for murdering Frankie? Or their relationship?

Here’s the trailer for the next episode; Trojan Horse…




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