Hi guys! This week on Prison Break, T-Bag warned Sara about Poseidon‘s henchmen, Lincoln attempted to retrieve his confiscated passport and Michael planned his next move after a failed attempt to break out.


Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 3 (S05E03) - 1

At the opening of the episode, Lincoln and Michael were connected via paper airplane and there was hope for both of them. Michael, a.k.a Bubblegum Man sent a message to some kids outside of the prison in an exchange for a stick of gum. Remember the kid who outran Lincoln last episode? He returned with a message from the Bubblegum Man but this time, was unable to get away. Lincoln, a.k.a. Tic Tac Man gave the kid a whole box of mints to keep the communications coming. Sheba and C-Note eventually decoded the message and guessed it indicated a location where they should meet Michael after his escape.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 3 (S05E03) - 2

Sheba wanted out again and of course just like the other times she wanted out, Lincoln pulled her back in with his never-ending wads of cash (that I still suspect). He also promised to pay for everyone’s plane tickets out of the country, including the school girls they saved.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 3 (S05E03) - 4

So, the location turned out to be an auto shop that Michael (well the previous owner said an American but yeah we know who) bought to be his HQ. It had been four years but all of his plans were still there and they even indicated that he was going to bring Ramal out with him. Confused C-Note asked who the hell they were breaking out as he wasn’t sure if it was still Michael Scofield or Kaniel Outis.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 3 (S05E03) - 8

The clock was ticking for Michael at Ogygia and he struggled to keep his team together. Whip’s panic is the least of Michael’s concerns, considering Ramal has been free for about five minutes and was already trying to hang the infidels with Sid up first. Michael charged in outraged and defied Ramal’s order. He was about to let Sid down when a guard stepped in to declare that no killing would be allowed.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 3 (S05E03) - 30

Remember the woman (A&W played by Marina Benedict) and man (Van Gogh played by Steve Mouzakis)who tried to kill Lincoln and Sara on the first episode? They continued their recon on Sara and A&W wondered why they were pulling punches on the former Mrs. Scofield to which Van Gogh replied that she would get used to Poseidon’s game. Apparently, the plan was to get Michael to reach out to Sara, who happened to walk by at that very moment. Sara checked in on her new husband, Jacob, and decided that they should go stay with Jacob’s parents which he creepily responded by evading the question.




Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 3 (S05E03) - 13

T-Bag was back and he of course decided the best place to catch up with Sara was in the women’s bathroom. He insisted that he came in peace and wanted answers like she did but she’s not persuaded and got as far away from him as possible which was probably a smart move.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 3 (S05E03) - 21

Whip got another education from Cross (a former Army man who was in solitary next to Michael) who questioned Michael’s character and motives and tried to convince Whip that he was being used. It seemed to work as Whip began to show doubt in his friend, wondered if Michael had been changed by four long years in solitary and a fight broke out between them. As the guards came to break them up, Michael gracefully slid the watch off one guard’s wrist. With Whip and Michael separated, Ramal came over to check on the man he knew as Kaniel Outis.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 3 (S05E03) - 16

Lincoln made a deal to secure passports for him and his brother. The documents were to be ready that night, so he and Sheba would retrieve them and C-Note will take the Sheikh of Light to take care of his important job. As Sheba and Lincoln arrived to pick up the passports, the duo were ambushed by a group led by the creepy guy who previously harassed Sheba on the last episode.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 3 (S05E03) - 18

Sara noticed a weird glitch on her phone and got worried it might have been hacked so she went to JEP’s Electronics to get a replacement and have the old one looked at. Not long after she left, Van Gogh and A&W came into the store, turned the open sign to closed and they roughed up the employee. The trick was on them, however, as Sara had been spying on them from across the street. After an unsuccessful chase, they assumed Sara jumped off the roof into a dumpster that was driving off but she was rather just hiding. Her plan worked out well and she overheard them discussing Poseidon as they walked away.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 3 (S05E03) - 24

After the fight between him and Whip, Michael returned to his cell face some serious questioning. This caused him to finally give them a little more info on his mission. He was originally sent in by people in the government to free Ramal but Michael and Whip were betrayed. As he spoke, the guards came in looking for the stolen watch. They tossed the their cell and found no trace of it. A lock-down was ordered until the watch was found which was exactly what Michael had planned. He wanted everyone including Ramal locked in their cells but theirs had an exit.



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Lincoln woke up locked alone in a room from being knocked out earlier. Outside, Sheba was being interrogated by the creepy guy from her past. He tried to rape her and even attempted to kill her when Lincoln bursted down the door and saved her. Carrying Sheba to safety, he called C-Note to meet at the rendezvous point.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 3 (S05E03) - 34

As they arrived at Jacob’s parents’ house, Sara got a call from the JEP guy who revealed that her thumbprint was used to hack her phone. She flashed back to her visit to Kellerman’s office when he was so persistent about her drinking from a glass (I thought he was just being nice and eco-friendly). This led her to partner up with T-Bag as she called and ordered him to go talk to Kellerman.



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Back at Ogygia, the 15-minute countdown until the big escape was on. Whip told Michael he was like a brother to him and Michael replied that he was not much of a brother. We also learnt that Michael recruited Whip from a prison and they worked for the CIA. Whip was worried solitary turned Michael into Kaniel Outis. Meanwhile, Ramal invited his whole crew along on the break-out. His plans were foiled when guards came in to toss his cell and found the watch on him.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 3 (S05E03) - 41

C-Note and the Sheikh of Light were working on turning the power off. C-Note was unsure of what to pull so he smashed the entire board which did the trick. Lights went out and Michael and his crew went for it. The outage also enabled Ramal and Cross’ separate groups to overtake the guards and head for Michael’s cell.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 3 (S05E03) - 50

There were still guards on the roof, so the team waited in the vent. The delay allowed Cross and his brother to arrive and pull Sid down into the cell. Ramal then showed up and shot Cross’ brother. With things getting quite hot, Michael, Whip, and Ja headed for the roof. They would have made it over the wall but the chaos in the cell alerted the guards to the escape attempt which led to them being busted. C-Note made it to Ogygia just in time to see Michael being led back inside.



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Ramal and Michael were reunited again in solitary and the terrorist threatened a devastated Michael for betraying him. Michael turned on Ja’s phone to record an emotional goodbye to Sara and cried.

“I love you. You’ll see I loved you. I never stopped loving you. This whole lie was for you”

His one plea was that his tombstone should not read Kaniel Outis because that was never who he was.


After escaping Fox River, Sona, and countless other prisons, our expert prison breaker still can’t crack Ogygia. I was surprised that he and his crew were caught but then again, its a show called Prison Break, the actual break out from the prison was not going to happen on the 3rd episode. Below is the trailer for the next episode; The Prisoner’s Dilemma…


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