Hi guys! This week Billions focused more on relationships than business as Axe dealt with a family disturbance and went through one of the darkest chapters of his consistently happy marriage to Lara, Chuck and Wendy opened up to each other and he considered the pitfalls of his personal life while being vetted for political advancement.


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The morning after Axe’s big birthday bash (that he was absent for), a handful of employees cleaned up while he woke up to find Lara gone. She left the note left by the bed saying he lied to her and Axe went mental from there on. He immediately went to confront Wendy while she walked home from the gym and criticized her for spilling the beans about their arrangement.



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Chuck’s campaign was picking up steam and so Ms. Minchak (played by Mary-Louise Parker) was brought in to vet him. She cleans up campaigns so she had to learn all the intimate and potentially destructive things about Chuck and try to get rid of them before they ruined his chances. He answered “no” to most of the questions asked and mentioned a hazing situation which she said she would check out as she left.



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Bryan Connerty did his best to build a relationship with Taylor on an advice from Steph Reed. He tried to see if he could turn them by playing to Taylor’s philanthropic and moral side and interrupted them at a coffee shop. They started to panic a bit but quickly figured out that Bryan was mostly grasping at straws so they took Bryan’s card and left to Axe Capital. Could Taylor be the one to snitch on Axe after all? Every week, the writers give us a new suspect and I feel the real snitch would be one we never even thought of.



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Axe got a call from Boyd who revealed he had some crucial information that he could deliver at his work release. Axe reluctantly agreed to meet with him as he continued to find his family. He even went up to Lara‘s brother’s house and as usual, got a cold reception from him and his cop buddies.



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Wendy and Chuck got closer as she asked him to meet for coffee because she needed someone to talk to but he suggested a juice bar instead.



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Mafee took Taylor to this $26k a month apartment which he also stays just two floors below. I love that they’re best friends…well, okay friends. He said Taylor was going to get a huge bonus and then asked them to look over a short play Axe wanted for Claxon (the auto company from last week).



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A laptop was stolen from Chuck‘s dominatrix which he learnt of after meeting with her in public. She assured him that his information was secured and weirdly, he did not seem worried. She showed him a little of what he was missing and asked him to come see her after getting required permission from Wendy.



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Wendy made an attempt to mend broken bridges. She went to Axe and they reminisced about meeting Lara. Axe spoke about why he loves Lara and told a story about a more compassionate side of Lara who helped her friends clean out their late firefighter husbands’ bedrooms, going the extra step of returning to their house alone to see what might have been missed. Axe also realized he needed to take the extra step so he left a message on Lara’s voice-mail that he would erase Wendy Rhoades from their world forever.



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Minchak and Chuck got deeper into his closet in the search for skeletons that could hurt his campaign. It turned out that he was the victim in the hazing incident during his time at boarding school he mentioned to Minchak earlier and not the instigator. He also revealed that he was the one who orchestrated the robbery at the dominatrix’s as he handed over the laptop to Minchak, fully trusting her with the details that could derail his campaign.



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Wendy went  to see Lara and encouraged her to go home. Lara had an interesting insight into the problem with Wendy as she felt Wendy was taking a supportive role that she wished she could. Lara offered Wendy a fortune to go away but she did not take it. Wendy then told Lara that Axe was scared for the first time and Lara asked if the fight might make them stronger. Wendy told her to forgive if she could and left.



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Taylor went to see Bryan briefly and it seemed like they were going to “cast” Axe. Bryan offered Taylor cookies instead of any sort of negotiation or show of strength and asked them if they had seen anything at Axe Capital that disturbed their sense of what is right and wrong or fair. Taylor realized Chuck‘s team had nothing on Axe yet and had zero leverage on them so they left.



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Kate asked Bryan how the interrogation went and I thought to myself, “It should’ve been Kate who questioned Taylor not Bryan“. I hope they saved the scene between these two before the finale.


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Axe met with Larry Boyd regardless of his not-so-good day. The Spartan-Ives guys got a tip that Chuck Rhoades Sr. was putting down lots of money on Ice Juice and Boyd thought Axe would want to know. Boyd said he sought revenge and Axe laid out his plans for hitting Rhoades hard and covering his tracks. I don’t know why I feel like there’s more to this information. Why couldn’t Boyd just say it over the phone? Does he have a deal with Chuck to testify that he told Axe? Or maybe he called Axe over so he could record their conversation to help Chuck. Something is definitely up!



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Wendy and Chuck blew off therapy and Chuck took her to dinner instead and surprised her with a chef they both used to love who he tracked down. He told her all about his campaign and how it was moving forward. The night led to Wendy calling Chuck to “come home” after he dropped her off and then picking up their BDSM practice.



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Taylor got the expensive apartment they checked out earlier with Mafee to celebrate their newfound status at Axe Capital as Head of Research. Lara finally came home with the boys while Axe left a voicemail of how he was being punished unfairly for lying to her for the first time when he could have cheated on her severally over their 15 years of marriage with models, actresses and even her friends. He hung up, went out to welcome them and told her he left numerous messages for her but she said she had her phone off all day. She gave Axe the cold shoulder and went inside. He found her phone and deleted the 21 voice-mails he had left her the entire day.


With just 2 episodes left this season, I can’t wait to see what happens to the relationships on the show and also find out who finally tells on Axe. Here is the trailer for the next episode; Golden Frog Time


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