Hi guys! Empire returned again (I’ve lost count on how many breaks they’ve been on this season) with more drama than the last episode as usual as Lucious got an unexpected news from Cookie, Anika and Tariq devised a new way forward and Giuliana persuaded Lucious to comply with her new plans.


Recap of Empire (2015) Season 3 Episode 14 (S03E14) - 1

The episode started off with a flashback with Lucious writing a song for Giuliana called “Crazy Crazy For You”Lucious looked like he was he love as he told her he thought he was put there just so he could write a song about her but Giuliana did not look like she felt the same way. Lucious was lost in thoughts, listening to the song he wrote for Giuliana while reminiscing about the past with her when Cookie interrupted asking if the song was before or after he divorced her. Then she went on to confide that Angelo had hinted that he would propose if he won the primary and since he won, something might be coming up. Lucious was surprisingly sweet to her and said she and Angelo might have a much smoother ride than they did. Lucious changed the subject and told Cookie that Andre’s Vegas deal needed to stopped because the woman Andre was dealing with was very dangerous.



Recap of Empire (2015) Season 3 Episode 14 (S03E14) - 6

Andre thought he had solved their problem of the need to present hit songs for Nessa to the Vegas commissioner in order to get the whole plan approved. He had asked Tory Ash to write Nessa some hits and when Tory came into the meeting two hours late, she said Lucious had her on a tight contract for Inferno but she could make an exception to write for Nessa. When Tory left, Andre asked Giuliana what the deal was with her and his father and she simply said they met a long time ago but he didn’t remember her.



Recap of Empire (2015) Season 3 Episode 14 (S03E14) - 7

Jamal was trying to pick a retro cover art for When Cookie Met Lucious when Angelo walked in to ask if he should propose to Cookie and for his blessing. Jamal was sweet and really excited about the plan. He even offered some advice and said Angelo should stop hesitating and that Cookie liked grand gestures so Angelo walks out the proposal should be done big.


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Cookie met with Giuliana at Empire’s lobby with Andre and Lucious which led to another flashback about how Giuliana and Lucious met. He went up to her at a casino and made her watch him play roulette. Back in the present, Cookie asked if they knew each other and Giuliana said they met once, years ago. Lucious told Giuliana he was surprised Rafael (he late husband that she killed earlier in the season) let her leave Vegas then Shine referred to Rafael in the past tense and Lucious knew something was wrong.



Recap of Empire (2015) Season 3 Episode 14 (S03E14) - 13

Cookie and her sons had dinner and she told them that Angelo might propose soon. Hakeem was a baby about it and said he was too old to have a stepfather, Jamal thought they should all be on board and Andre agreed that he would be supportive if they all agreed to support his Vegas deal.



Recap of Empire (2015) Season 3 Episode 14 (S03E14) - 18

Becky pulled Lucious from a meeting with Shine and Thirsty into the studio to hear what Tory had been working on. It was the song Andre had her to write for Nessa but Lucious wanted her to release the song on Empire Xstream and Tiana and Hakeem would introduce it to get revenge on Nessa.



Recap of Empire (2015) Season 3 Episode 14 (S03E14) - 37

The launch went really well and Tiana even did a sexy dance with Tory while she sang (I expected something was going to happen there but nothing did. Even Hakeem seemed excited about the possibility). Jamal was angry at Tory when he came in with Tinashe and told Tory she was not supposed to be performing because of her sobriety but Tory told Jamal he couldn’t handle any sort of competition, not even with his father.


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Anika wore a wire to catch Tariq doing something illegal so Lucious could use it against Tariq. While she worked her magic, Lucious and Cookie listened in at home with Bella.


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Angelo called Cookie so she had to go back to her apartment. When she worked in, it was covered in candles and it seemed like he’s going to propose but then he just asked her to be on a TV program with him the next day which she agreed to.



Recap of Empire (2015) Season 3 Episode 14 (S03E14) - 28

Shine let Giuliana into Lucious’ place where she walked in and pointed a gun at him and said it was the only way she could get his attention. Another flashback showed Lucious and Giuliana in Vegas, Lucious showing her around a club explaining that he was going to make all their dreams come true. He told her he never thought he could feel that way again (so i’m guessing she was his love after Cookie) and right after the confession, Rafael appeared. He pointed a gun at Lucious while a bunch of his men pointed guns at Lucious’ crew. Lucious was calm while they steal his $10 million and asked that Rafael just give him his girl to which Rafael said Giuliana was his wife.



Recap of Empire (2015) Season 3 Episode 14 (S03E14) - 32

Back to the present, Giuliana admitted that she lied and stole from Lucious but it was all because she was under Rafael’s thumb. Lucious said she owed him $10 million but she said she killed her husband for Lucious (uhmm did you really? did you?) and can’t pay Lucious back without the Vegas deal with Andre going through so he considered.



Recap of Empire (2015) Season 3 Episode 14 (S03E14) - 40

Anika woke up at Tariq’s and he tried to make out with her but she refused because she had a wire on and the whole plan could blow up. Thirsty and his insider, Agent Sweetwater arranged for Lucious to meet with Tariq (who thought he was meeting with agent Sweetwater) at a hotel. Lucious packed a bag of money for Tariq so he could head out on the run. Seemed nice but I felt it was stupid… Tariq would be back for sure.


Recap of Empire (2015) Season 3 Episode 14 (S03E14) - 42

Cookie and Angelo made their TV appearance and right there on live TV, Angelo popped the question. Cookie was caught off guard and didn’t say yes, just, “Oh my god”. Angelo slipped the ring on her finger and the anchor & crew of the show were delighted. Angelo’s mom who was also present sort of noticed Cookie’s lack of excitement.


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After the show, Cookie yelled at Angelo for putting her on the spot like that. He explained that Jamal said she like grand gestures and she told him she liked men that could think for themselves. She went on to say that it was happening so fast and she might only be dating him to try to please her late father and also confessed that she and Lucious kissed just one time.


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Angelo’s mic pack was turned on or was never off (not sure) so the whole crew heard him list all the illegal stuff he had done for Cookie and how his mum was right about Cookie and her family. His mum stormed in to tell him his microphone was on and Cookie asked to take Andre’s call. Mrs. DuBois asked her to take it outside and gave Angelo a pep talk, telling him she was in charge now.


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Lucious held a grand old party at Leviticus for the Vegas gaming commissioner who turned out to be a woman named Charlotte Frost (played by Eva Longoria). He told Andre that he and Nessa were out as it turned out Lucious had given Tory Ash his Crazy Crazy For You. Charlotte Frost was down for the deal since Tory had a reputation and was already a star. Lucious and Giuliana were suddenly back together and Cookie came in to see them kissing. She lost both men in her life the same night. When Shine and Nessa got into Leviticus and realized Tory had stolen Nessa’s gig, Andre told Shine to round up his troops as they were going to take Lucious out.


Its on people! Andre and his gang VS Lucious and Mrs. DuBois VS Cookie…let’s do this! Here is the trailer for the next episode; Civil Hands Unclean


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