Hey guys! The 5th season of Prison Break continued this week with non-stop action and tension as Michael, Whip and Ja made a deal with the devil for another chance to escape from Ogygia and T-Bag met with Kellerman to gather more information on Michael‘s resurrection.


Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 4 (S05E04) - 1

The episode began with Sheba waking up at the hospital with Lincoln sitting by her bedside, showing concern. C-Note pulled Lincoln aside and said they needed to start thinking about how to leave because the airport and roads leading to it could be closed off soon. Lincoln told him he wasn’t leaving his brother but C-Note should leave and take Sheba’s family with him. But Papa Sheba wasn’t quite ready to run away yet. He was thankful to Lincoln for saving his daughter so he struck a deal with a childhood friend (who was now a judge) and traded his car for the papers granting Michael a full pardon.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 4 (S05E04) - 2

After trying to escape Ogygia twice, Michael‘s third attempt even though not flawless was the lucky break-out. Explosions destroyed the city and Whip was in a complete panic mode. Michael said he had a plan as he remembered he left something in his old solitary cell and ordered Whip and Ja to look for an “S” carved on their wall. They both did not find it and Ramal laughed because the “S” was in his cell but he was not inclined to help his fellow inmates because they tried to leave him behind on their last escape attempt. He then told Michael that he would miss him when he was dead.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 4 (S05E04) - 21

Back in the U.S., T-Bag was on Kellerman‘s trail as he and Sara believed he was Poseidon. He broke into Kellerman’s house and questioned him at gunpoint but Kellerman insisted he was trying to help Sara and laughed at the theory that he was Poseidon. He went on to say Poseidon was one of those myths you hear about in the system as he is an untouchable operative that couldn’t be found even with a nuclear sub.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 4 (S05E04) - 13

As the city got destroyed, it seemed like ISIL were coming closer to the prison to free their leader. The guards panicked as they knew they would be dealt with and killed for locking Ramal so the guards took off their uniforms and ran away, leaving the prisoners locked in.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 4 (S05E04) - 14

As Lincoln and Papa Sheba arrived at the prison, it dawned on Papa Sheba that the pardon was only given because it was useless but Lincoln said he was going to get his brother regardless and ran into the prison. When he entered, he learnt that the keys had been taken away by Mustapha so he followed him through the dangerous streets until the guard was confronted by ISIL soldiers and shot dead. Lincoln used the Tic Tac kid (who just happened to be passing by with his friends) to distract the soldiers and grab the keys off Mustapha’s body.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 4 (S05E04) - 22

Inside Ogygia, a new leader emerged as most of the guards had run off. Cross convinced his fellow prisoners that their best chance at survival is to get to Ramal and hold him for ransom when the ISIL soldiers came into the prison. Ramal overheard this but still refused to give in and help Michael. Michael eventually convinced him and had Ramal get to work with the tools (a spoon and string) he hid behind the brick with the “S”.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 4 (S05E04) - 29

Ramal was not much of a team player. He ignored Michael’s orders and tried to free himself first but eventually gave up as Cross and his crew continued to try to smash/shoot their way in. Ramal got the hinges off Michael‘s cell door and Michael went on to get the key and let Ja and Whip out. He demanded that Ramal provide safe passage out of the country in exchange for being let out of his cell and the four inmates began their journey through the prison with Cross trying to catch up with them.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 4 (S05E04) - 37

Back in New York, Kellerman was still telling T-bag how scary Poseidon was. He also assumed that Poseidon wanted Ramal free to fight Iran and Russia and maybe T-bag‘s fate was to be a patriot. Kellerman got shot through the window, A&W and Van Gogh walked in as T-bag went to hide in the basement and call 911 for help.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 4 (S05E04) - 41

In OgygiaCross continued to track Michael and his team when they ran across Sid and decided to hide as they had been cornered. Michael was ready to sacrifice himself for the team so he asked Whip to find Michael Jr. and tell him his father loved him. Sid beat him to it, grabbed a nearby shiv and stabbed Cross. They then joined the rest of the prisoners and climbed out of the prison as Lincoln made it back in.



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Kellerman told Van Gogh who stood over him that he once killed for a lie as he bled out. He went on to say it was human nature to find stuff out so Van Gogh would or she will, and then, a lie would have to kill a truth so which one of them was going to die next. Van Gogh put a final bullet in Kellerman (R.I.P. Kellerman). With sirens approaching, A&W and Van Gogh were forced to flee not knowing T-Bag waited outside to follow them. They soon stop for a meeting with a mysterious person who turned out to be Jacob after T-bag was forced to get out of his car for a closer look. I told you Jacob was not to be trusted!



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 4 (S05E04) - 46

Finally outside the prison, Michael and the boys headed for the auto shop but Ja went missing. They found him casually eating some fruits so Michael threw him to the ground and declared that Ja was out of the group. He slid Ja a note with instructions so he made it to the auto shop first and found guns underneath a work bench. Unfortunately, Ramal’s men weren’t far behind.



Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 4 (S05E04) - 49

Ramal knew all along that Michael‘s plan was to betray him yet again so he had his soldiers trap and force Michael and his crew to their knees. Ramal held a knife to Michael’s throat and was going to teach them a lesson on what happens when you betray him. Luckily, Lincoln showed up, took control of the machine gun on one of the ISIL cars and told Ramal to step away from his brother. The soldiers put their guns down but Ramal did not drop the knife. Whip lost it, jumped in the middle, shared the story of the crime he was arrested for, grabbed the knife and stabbed Ramal which made Lincoln to shoot all of the soldiers.



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They ran away has more soldiers came through and hid in a building. Whip was curious as to who the new guy was and Michael told them, while crying, that Lincoln was his brother as they embraced. Michael insisted on explaining everything later (at this point, I felt one of them would not make it and so this conversation they’re putting off for later might not hold but hey, what do I know?). Footage of them killing Ramal was shown on the news and Sid who translated the news said the entire army of ISIL just declared war on them. The story has officially moved from a prison break to a country break!


Here is the trailer for the next episode; Contingency, that shows just how steamy the story is going to get…




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