Hi guys! This week, Billions had all sorts of flashbacks, plots and subplots that made me happy for a bit but all that changed in the end as Chuck found out he had much at stake in Ice Juice and Axe took out a huge shot.


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The episode began with a flashback to two weeks ago at the bar Lara‘s friends hung out with them pressing a guy about money he owed. He told them he was willing to do anything to settle his debt


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Next flashback was to a week ago when Wags was upset that he had to report bad news to Axe that the Ice Juice IPO seemed completely ready to hit the market. Even though Axe had something planned, Wags didn’t see it going their way. Taylor reported that Chuck Sr. was totally cash poor with most of his money tied up in real estate which made them wonder where his stake came from as it could only be from a personal loan from someone very close and that made Axe suspicious of Chuck.


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Present day, the night before the Ice Juice IPO went public, Ira, Chuck Sr., and Chuck Jr. celebrated. Ira was so overjoyed that he told them he was already in the process of selling his shares of the firm to his partners so he can retire a very rich man.


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Chuck and Wendy were reconnecting on a sexual level as he spent the night with her again. She told him to leave before the kids got up as she didn’t want to give them any false hope and Chuck admitted that the statement stung. Just before he left, he revealed to Wendy that he was invested in the Ice Juice IPO.


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Axe woke up to an empty bed again with Lara missing. He ran out of the room and down the stairs to his sons who were having breakfast. He asked after Lara and went down to meet her doing yoga. She asked if he needed her for something but he said no and left. Axe is obviously still scared of Lara leaving him.


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At Axe Capital, as Axe took his time before making one final play to totally destroy Ice Juice. Taylor struggled with their new responsibility to fire a research analyst. Wags was excited that they were finally going to “shank someone” but Taylor wasn’t so confident about it. They wanted to fire someone based on the numbers but Axe wanted a more personal approach and said that he needed people who can make the numbers and explain them.


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The market opened and Ice Juice was off to a great start at over $20 a share and rising. Chuck was delighted about the good news on Ice Juice, he even had a new software installed on his computer so he could track its progress all day. While that happened, Bryan and Kate looked into the Klaxon deal from Axe Capital hoping to find something dirty and came across Taylor’s signature in the process.


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Taylor interviewed some of the analysts to assess potential as much as performance and then went in for a session with Wendy about their need to fire someone. Wendy got Taylor to talk about that their dad who was fired when they were in seventh grade which really affected the family. Taylor left Wendy‘s office and called the next analyst to follow her. Felt good seeing them act like a boss.


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Hall waited on a call for him to drop some sort of bomb that will kill the IPO from Axe. Boyd also called Axe to ask when he was going to take the hit and even Wags was curious to know when the plan would go down but Axe told them it would be soon. Finally, he texted “Golden Frog time” to Hall which set a plan that had been in the making for weeks in motion.


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The plan involved paying off a lot of people. Axe bought a bacteria, had it delivered to various people he knew owed him a favor and they in turn went to people who owed them a favor and got them to put the bacteria in their Ice Juice. The bacteria caused them to violently vomit and the news spread which caused Ice Juice a PR and stock nightmare. Trading was halted and the stock ended up dropping to $3.89 a share.


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Wendy saw the guys at work betting on when the stock was going to dip for Ice Juice and she went to warn Chuck. He insisted that he was not pulling his money so Wendy who broke her agreement with Axe to tell Chuck, got angry and called Mafee to put her money on the bet.


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Taylor ended up saving the lowest-ranked analyst which inspired the team as they chanted his nickname Rudy.


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Axe and Wags found out that Wendy also placed a bet against Ice Juice from Mafee which had them wonder what she knew. Axe told Mafee to tell him about her placing a bet next them.


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Taylor left the office and saw Dollar Bill at the parking lot. He gave them $250,000 cash in a duffel bag as a “thank you” for the Klaxon deal and said that if they help him, he would help them in return.


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At Chuck Sr.’s place, Chuck Jr. came in to a meet his father who admitted he cried and Ira who could barely comprehend their loss. Chuck Sr. revealed that he put $8million first for the IPO and then when things seemed so good and rosy, he used up all of his son’s trust to double his position. Ira went to the bathroom to vomit as it was all over for all of them. Its seemed like Axe had won again and I was super excited! #TeamAxe


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Bryan confronted Taylor outside their apartment and appealed to Taylor’s morality again. He told them he could have taken a job with Axe too but he wanted a clean conscious and then gave her some speech about them saving their soul. Taylor told him off and walked into their apartment building.


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Axe was basking in his win so he went home after “formally” apologizing to Lara with $2,000 worth of roses earlier in the day (anyone wanna formally apologize to me? Forget the roses, I’m good with the cash). She told him she sent most of the roses to the hospital (kind-hearted Lara) and she also formally accepted his apology. They decided to start over and had some pizza with caviar. Things seemed to be looking up for Axe, he dealt with Chuck and his wife forgave him until they moved their “start over” to the bedroom and Lara wasn’t into their makeup sex. Something was not yet right in the Axelrod marriage.


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After losing his entire trust fund, Chuck Jr. went into his room to sit and cry (or so it seemed at first). A quick flashback to three weeks ago when Chuck took the deal to his dad, then to two weeks ago showed the big twist. Chuck went to see Boyd and asked if he was willing to help him get Axe in exchange for his own freedom. I just knew Boyd wasn’t to be trusted! told him. Then he got the AG to transfer Dake down to his office and had been working with him as they had been running surveillance on Axe through the entire process, monitoring his trades and interactions, including footage of the people Axe had poison their Ice Juice. Back to the present, we realize Chuck wasn’t weeping. He was laughing!


With just one episode left, how can Axe get out of this one? Will he turn the tables on Chuck as usual or is he finally going down? Here is the trailer for the finale; Ball In Hand



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