Hi guys! This week on GothamThe Court of Owls devised a new plan regarding the future of GothamJim uncovered information about his father’s murder, Penguin and Ivy formed an alliance and Bruce got closer to his ultimate destiny.


Catherine - Gotham Season 3 Episode 16

Last week, Nygma revealed himself as the Riddler and caused quite a commotion in Gotham. This week, the episode began with a meeting of the Court of Owls. Kathryn and the other members in masks (including James Gordon‘s uncle; Frank) discussed about the need to destroy Gotham and rebuild it with a weapon of mass destruction.


Recap of Gotham Season 3 Episode 16 (S03E16) - 2

After dear uncle Frank told Jim Gordon that the Court of Owls killed his dad, Jim started digging into the old case files and discovered a medical document which revealed that the drunk driver actually suffered from chronic persistent hepatitis (or the Irish Curse as Harvey Bullock called it). This meant that the toxicology report on file was fake and Uncle Frank might have been telling the truth after all.


Recap of Gotham Season 3 Episode 16 (S03E16) - 5

Ivy continued to nurse Penguin back to health but Oswald couldn’t handle it for long. He told her he needed to build an army to get his throne back from Barbara and get his revenge on Nygma and asked that she call Gabe over.


Recap of Gotham Season 3 Episode 16 (S03E16) - 7

Jim met with Frank at his dad’s grave to find out what else he needed to know about the Court of Owls but instead Frank told him of the Court’s plan to destroy the city with a weapon and he promised to find out what he could.


Recap of Gotham Season 3 Episode 16 (S03E16) - 10

While Jim left the cemetery, he saw Leslie Thompkins standing over her late husband’s grave. As she left, he got a call from Harvey with more news about the driver who killed his father. Harvey informed Jim that the lawyer was paid for by Carmine Falcone.


Recap of Gotham Season 3 Episode 16 (S03E16) - 13

When Gabe arrived, he was delighted to see his old pal who he thought was dead and greeted him with a bear hug then Penguin gave instructions for him to call their old friends which Gabe stepped aside to do. Penguin then told Ivy he was done with her but she got sad (or mad maybe) and said she thought they were friends which made Penguin laugh in her face. Ivy warned Penguin that his so-called loyal Gabe did not seem so trustworthy but Penguin insulted her instead so she left.


Recap of Gotham Season 3 Episode 16 (S03E16) - 17

Bruce got a visit from the temple Shaman sent by the Court of Owls (even though he said he was not working on the Court’s behalf and that they were just a tool and nothing more). He revealed that he had much bigger plans for Bruce and even if Alfred figured out that 514A was the clone, he hoped Bruce would be ready for what was to happen by then.


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Jim went to pay Falcone a visit and after Falcone shouted about the nerve Jim had asking to meet with him after he killed his son but Jim told him he knew about the Court of Owls and that Falcone paid for the lawyer who represented his father’s killer. Falcone went on to reveal that Jim‘s father’s death was ordered by Frank Gordon. Too many plots if you ask me…


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So Jim went over to uncle Frank’s house and greeted his uncle with a pistol to the head. Frank agreed he did as the Court asked and had his own brother killed. Jim tried to arrest him for the murder of his father (because he’s for justice and all) but after he failed to handcuff Frank, he was told that the Court’s weapon would arrive at Dock 9C at some point and was asked to find out what it was so they could stop it.


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Gabe‘s associates arrived and with their help, he tied down both Penguin and Ivy. He went on to reveal that there was a price on Penguin’s head and he was happy to sell his old boss to the highest bidder.


Recap of Gotham Season 3 Episode 16 (S03E16) - 24

Jim went back to the office to tell Harvey what his uncle said about the Court of Owls and their plan to use a weapon to destroy the city (this weapon is starting to remind me of Malcolm Merlyn‘s earthquake machine from CW’s Arrow). So since they couldn’t go to the dock to find out what the weapon was by themselves or have the GCPD officers run a search, Jim called Barbara Queen for a favour.


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Bruce’s cell opened and he tried to escape. (Did he really think someone “mistakenly” opened his doors?) He ran as fast as he could but the whole prison turned out to be a maze as he kept returning to the exact hallway with his cell. The Shaman offered to show Bruce some of his plans with a hypnotic needle which took Bruce back to the alley where his parents were killed when it was inserted on his head. He said his reason for revisiting that terrible moment in time was so Bruce could get over it before he could fully prepare to learn he had to teach him.


Recap of Gotham Season 3 Episode 16 (S03E16) - 33

Barbara and her team went to torture a guy at the dock for information on 9C. He revealed that the weapon shipment had already come in and had been picked up. A guard from the Court arrived with a sword and killed everyone except Barbara and Tabitha who both managed to escape with information that the weapon shipment came from Indian Hill.


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Ivy lured one of Gabe’s men to her and made him perceive her magic perfume which made him susceptible to her commands. She told him to shoot the rest of the captors except Gabe because Penguin had other plans for him.


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Kathryn told the other members of the Court about Jim’s conversation with Falcone and she asked Frank why Jim was all of a sudden digging into his father’s murder case. Frank insisted that Jim was completely unaware of the Court but she ordered him to kill Jim instead.


Recap of Gotham Season 3 Episode 16 (S03E16) - 43

Gabe got on his knees to pledge allegiance to the boss but Penguin had Ivy test his true loyalty with perfume. Under the influence of the perfume, Gabe admitted he was not loyal to Penguin and was never loyal. He said he followed him out of fear and they all did. Penguin got excited that he was feared and respected but Gabe corrected that no one ever respected him and just saw him as a tiny freak who used to hold an umbrella. This got Penguin so mad he stabbed Gabe to death. Ivy revealed that Selina Kyle told her about people at Indian Hill who could help create an Army of Freaks with him as the leader.


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Frank called Jim over to talk but held a pistol pointed directly at him. Then he told Jim that he had been ordered to kill him but he had a different plan in mind. He asked Jim to answer the call from Kathryn and tell her he killed his uncle to make her interested in making him join the Court so he could finish what his father started and protect Gotham from within the Court. Before Jim could stop him, Frank turns pointed the gun at his head and fired.


Recap of Gotham Season 3 Episode 16 (S03E16) - 48

Bruce tried to attack the Shaman but was forced to take a second trip to the alley instead. Bruce attacked him there and the Shaman punched him this time around then brought him back to reality as Bruce noticed his mouth bled from the punch he got from the mind trip. The Shaman insisted he had a lot to teach Bruce and that he was going to make him a protector and a symbol against fear. Jim went to visit his father’s grave again and left a picture of him, his father and his uncle. He got a call from Kathryn just as his uncle said he would and she summoned him for a meeting while waiting for him in a limo.


The scenes with Ivy and Penguin teaming up were really good and I’m curious to know when Ra’s al Ghul would join the show! Here’s the trailer for the next episode; Heroes Rise: The Primal Riddle


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