Hey guys! This week on Prison Break (although it should be called Country Break by now), Lincoln demanded answers to understand what really happened to Michael, C-Note got a new escape plan but feared it would not be executed soon enough as Cyclops was trailing closely behind and Sara confronted Jacob as she kept struggling with the idea that Michael might be alive.


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Sara called Jacob from a payphone in the city to ask something (I got mad at her towards the end of the episode and didn’t care to remember what the call was about. I really hope she proves me wrong next episode) and was approached by T-bag after hanging up. He showed her the photo of Jacob with A&W and Van Gogh, told her the story of Kellerman‘s death and that she had been sleeping with the enemy which made her run to go get Michael Jr.



Last episode, we left off with Abdul Ramal‘s murder been televised and ISIL preparing to avenge his death. The episode continued with a bounty of 10 million rial placed on the “westerners” who murdered him. Michael, Lincoln, and crew were trying to find their way through the chaos on the streets of Yemen as they discussed what they would do with 10 million rial. Whip said anyone would give up their mother for cash like that and Ja was interested in spending that much on Freddie Mercury’s ashes.


Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 5 (S05E05) - 3

They made their way into an abandoned building to hide and come up with a plan. Michael insisted that the best option was the train station while Lincoln informed him that it might have been true four years before but heading to the airport should be the move which again, Michael disagreed with. Lincoln grabbed his brother and took him to another room curious to know how he was alive.


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Michael went on to disclose how Michael Scofield had to die as part of the deal he made. Poseidon called Michael and told him that their pardons from Kellerman were no good so if he wanted his family to stay free, he would have to break others out of prison for Poseidon. Michael said he declined the offer at first but Sara was imprisoned for it so he gave in. He further revealed that everything he did was for family. The terrorists moved closer so the team had to leave and followed Michael’s wishes to the train station.


Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 5 (S05E05) - 13

C-Note and Sheba got to the airport and found all hell breaking loose as it didn’t seem like any flights would be taking off from there. Sheba insisted that they find another option but C-Note said he wouldn’t leave without Michael and Lincoln. ISIL showed up and everyone tried to run for safety including a pilot who took off his uniform and headed outside. C-Note followed him but they were both caught by ISIL soldiers. Sheba provided a distraction which allowed C-Note beat the soldiers. Sheba said he kicked a lot of ass for a good Muslim and he replied that you can take the man out of the streets, but you can’t take the streets out of the man.


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Sara made it Jacob’s parents’ house and grabbed Michael Jr. As they walked to the car, Jacob arrived and Sara did not even try to lie as she instantly showed him the pictures. Then he gave a lame story about how he had a buddy who used Sara’s phone to track down Van Gogh and A&W and then he called them to make a deal. Sara did not buy it and so she drove off.


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Michael and his crew arrived at the train station but the plan flopped just as soon as they got there. Despite Lincoln‘s protests, he said he had to stay focused and be the man with the plan so they should go to another train station. Whip hot-wired a car and said he would go with Michael wherever because he had brought him this far. Sid and Ja got in the car and they left Lincoln no choice but to go with them. If only they had listened and gone to the airport, they would have joined C-Note and Sheba in the cargo plane!


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Sara went to meet Heather; her so-called best friend who convinced Sara to look into Jacob‘s story so they had a talk with Jacob’s hacker who confirmed the story (of course he would! hell, i don’t even trust Heather). She got a call on her cell from Jacob who told Sara to come to the police station where there was a lineup for her to look at and identify those who broke into their home and shot Jacob. Van Gogh and A&W are both there and she quickly identified them.


Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 5 (S05E05) - 32

During the drive to the second train station, Whip took the chance to ask about Michael’s past but Michael did not reply and insisted nothing had changed between them as Whip was still his whip hand.The drive was interrupted by Cyclops who smashed his car into theirs. With ISIL fast approaching, they headed for cover in an abandoned hospital and split up to find a way out.


Recap of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 5 (S05E05) - 43

Jacob gave his silly story about how he tried to play the white knight by tracking A&W and Van Gogh and how he put a tracker in the money he planned to give them to leave his family alone. Sara fell for it (I still hope she didn’t, even Michael would be disappointed) and hugged Jacob.


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Back in Yemen, Lincoln and Whip were determined to get out alive while Michael and Sid (who shared the story about his first lover and pleaded with Whip to kill him with a knife) felt defeated and Ja was just chilling with rubbing alcohol and Queen’s “We Are the Champions”. Michael apologized for making it worse for everyone as he tried to make it better and for not coming clean with Lincoln when he was forced to take the job. Lincoln went on to motivate him as they tried to take down the ISIL soldiers who made their way into the building. Ja sang and lured the terrorists in which allowed him to set them on fire with the alcohol and a torch. On their way, Michael finally agreed to Lincoln‘s earlier suggestion that they should go to the airport.


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Lincoln called C-Note and while Michael spoke to him, Cyclops interrupted the reunion and shot at them, hitting Sid who jumped on Cyclops and handcuffed them together. Sid got stabbed during the fight and died and Michael punched Cyclops non-stop, well until Ja pulled him off. For some weird and unknown reason, they left Cyclops alive and headed for the airport. I really don’t like that Sid died though, he was the sweetest of them all.

The pilot got restless and even Sheba suggested they should leave before the ISIL soldiers spotted them but C-Note refused to abandon his friends and said they should wait for another five minutes. The pilot didn’t care though so he prepared the plane for take off. Just then, Lincoln called and told C-Note to leave without them that they would work something out.

Here is the trailer for the next episode;



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