Hey guys! This week, Scandal failed to keep up with the fascination from last week and the episode did not end too well for me. I’m sorry Shonda but it just felt wrong. Anyway, the future of the country was uncertain, Olivia and Fitz were at odds with Rowan and Jake tried to manipulate Sarah.


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Last week, after so many goosebumps moments (some I still can’t get over), Olivia detained Sarah/Majorie/Samantha/Grace Ruland and took back the White House. This week, The Box began with the new vice-president elect; Luna Vargas giving a speech at the White House press briefing as Mellie cheered on. While this happened, Peus called Olivia to tell her she had something that belonged to him and if she didn’t turn his president over, he would start deploying bombs attached to drones over nine American cities. Olivia called his bluff and he fired one to prove he meant business. So President Fitz, with two weeks to go on his term, jumped into action as they learnt more about the bomb that went off in Dallas.


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Rowan asked Olivia to have a drink with him since things were falling apart but she said she was not going to give up. Rowan pleaded that they needed to run and go into hiding as they could never win against Peus and Ruland but Olivia was quite adamant about staying.


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The team brainstormed and decided the way to put an end to the mess was to find Peus, so Jake went in to talk to Sarah but she was not willing to help and said the only way she could get out of the mess was by a bullet because Peus would track her down. Jake read between the lines and pushed her head down to dig out her tracker.


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Jake took the tracker to Huck and Olivia for Huck to do his magic and get Peus‘ location while Abby took action to prevent the public’s terror. As Huck worked on getting the location, the drones started moving again and Peus called Olivia to demand for Mellie and Sarah then went on to detonate another bomb in Philadelphia when his demands were not met.


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With another bomb detonated, Fitz decided that they needed Rowan who was still just interested in taking off with his daughter prompting Rowan to give his regular speech about their defeat. Fitz grabbed Rowan by the collar and Rowan threatened to break his arm into two so Olivia, so close to tears at this point, pleaded with Fitz to let go of her father. The President insisted that they had to save the republic but Rowan screamed that there is no republic and Fitz walked away. Olivia asked what they did to Rowan but he simply told her to leave.


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Fitz went to Abby as she and Cyrus updated Luna Vargas on the threat and informed her to launch all of FEMA’s support to Dallas and Philadelphia but Cyrus made a valid point that if they did that and the other seven go off, it would be a bigger disaster. Impressed by this, Fitz told Cyrus to come with him and Abby didn’t seem so happy about it.


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David Rosen pulled Olivia aside to ask about some packages that Rowan had been receiving from Peus. Again, Cyrus made another valid suggestion that the best plan of action was to capitalize on the fact that Sarah knew nothing that was going on as she had no access to a TV so Jake went in, again, to tell her that they had Peus and they didn’t need her anymore. As he walked out, she admitted that if she got the deal they were offering Peus, she would reveal more than Peus knew. Dear Sarah, I thought you were tougher.


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Olivia had Huck go back to the footage from her father’s office to discover what was delivered to Rowan. He was visibly horrified as he opened each box and finally, he threw one of the boxes and revealed what was in it; a brick. After Huck investigated, he revealed that every box weighed the same 11 pounds.


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Sarah asked that David Rosen present the immunity deal to her in person then went on to reveal her name was actually Grace. She suggested that she and David could start over which made him admit that he knew about her and simply played along as part of his job. This made Grace (weirdly, I prefer Sarah) realize that it was all a trick so she tore the immunity deal and called him out for being twitchy when he lied. David dragged and punched her telling her how much he hated her then asked if he was twitchy as he walked away.


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Fitz went to speak with Rowan again, this time about the 11-pound brick in the box. He admitted that he knew what was like not to be in control as he never was for his presidency, his campaigns and his time with Olivia. Rowan pointed out that it wasn’t the same. and Rowan opened up about that brick representing the human head which ranges in size from 9 to 11 pounds and how he was told that the day he stopped cooperating, the brick would be replaced with Olivia’s head.


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Fitz returned to the situation room where he was told that the drones had been moved closer to buildings and if they tried to take them out, they would cause a lot of casualties, so Fitz told them to hold off till it was safe to attack.


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Back at the Oval Office, Olivia insisted that Fitz could not turn over Mellie and got interrupted by Rowan who asked for a private moment with the president. He apologized and offered to help.


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Rowan and Olivia went to see Sarah as he insisted he knew just how to get her to talk then he apologized to Olivia for what he was about to do. He grabbed a gun from the guard and asked him to uncuff Sarah then he shot the guard to get the pass-code to the tunnel and told Sarah she could come along with him if she could guarantee his safety. She said she didn’t have the authority but could get it.


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Abby spoke with Cyrus about him trying to take her job from him but he was not interested in her excuses and complaints about being left out and told her if she wanted it, she would find a way in. Mellie went to Olivia to let her know she was ready to turn herself in and Olivia, like her father, got into action to give a speech and remind her that she was the first female president.


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Back at Rowan‘s office, he delivered Sarah to Peus (and they both did not suspect foul play then? I mean, his office would have been the first place Olivia‘s team would search for him if he “truly” escaped but what do I know?) and insisted he earned his freedom which Peus agreed to. As they left, he made a call to let the team know Peus was on the move. So apparently, Rowan planned with Fitz and Jake on how to finally take this Peus and Sarah out. Jake followed Peus and shot him in the head in the room he controlled the drones from. Rowan jammed a dinosaur tooth into Sarah‘s side and killed her when she returned with his “escape plan” (which somehow included condoms).


I don’t know about you guys but their deaths felt too easy for me and I’m not happy Rowan had to save the day. Would have preferred the team did it without him and rubbed it in his face. Well, here is the trailer for the next episode; Head Games



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