Hi guys! The second season of Billions ended with a bang (even though it did not match the energy from Golden Frog Time) as Axe learnt he was going to get arrested and made moves to safeguard his livelihood, Chuck made arrangements to secure victory and make a decision about his marriage with Wendy and Lara set out to protect what was hers.


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The hour-long finale began with Boyd released from prison then stopping by Axe’s house just to “return the favor” (Remember Axe knew he Boyd was going to be arrested on Currency but waited till he got what he needed before telling him) and let him know he would be in handcuffs by sundown.


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Dake and Chuck met in a church to discuss how the prosecution would play out, especially getting his father’s name out the Ice Juice case and Dake insisted he would not allow Chuck interfere in the investigation and Chuck said a time would come when he would find his way into the case in an unofficial capacity.


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Axe showed up at work, grabbed his “burn bin” to burn everything including his phone and then met with Wags to break the bad news and discuss the next steps. They realized a CIO (Chief Investment Officer) would be needed to replace him in case he got arrested so he ordered Taylor to find ways to liquidate some of their investments without telling them why. Taylor later found answers Axe needed and went to Wags for means to contact him.


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Chuck met with Ira and his father to confirm that Ice Juice didn’t get anyone sick but Axe just used it to go after him. Ira figured out the truth though that Chuck used him and his father to lure Axe out into the open so he could finally get at him. Ira and Chuck Sr. were really pissed but Chuck Sr. still signed an affidavit that said he went into his son’s trust without his knowledge which would keep Chuck’s run for governor safe. Chuck’s father basically disowned him after learning what his son did. He said he would still be Chuck‘s father, Chuck would still be his son and would even get up at his funeral to give a heartfelt speech but he was done with Chuck and it sounded final. Chuck pointed out that he was just being exactly the person his father had wanted him to be all along. Then his father gave him an envelope and asked that he opened it there. In it were pictures of Wendy and Craig Heidecker who she slept with on Victory Lap. Chuck Sr. must really be pissed!


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Lara told Axe she and the kids would not run away with him. She then went into the safe to take a ton of money, first stopping by to see Orrin Bach (Axe‘s lawyer) in his office. Although he wouldn’t give her any help, even when she set a bundle of money on his desk, he told her she would be entitled to half of whatever would be left if Axe went to jail. Then she used the cash from the vault to expand her own business and put it in her cousin’s name. For the first time in a while, Lara was really looking out for herself. Later on, Orrin met with Dake to negotiate the terms of Axe’s arrest. They had hoped for an arrest with no media and a chance for Axe to say goodbye to his wife but Dake refused and said he would take Axe when and where he wanted.



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Axe called Lara to tell her he would be home soon, so Dake and some FBI agents stormed his house. His car drove in and they moved to make an arrest but it turned out Axe misled them knowing they would track Lara‘s call and escaped arrest for a while longer. They searched the house while Lara smoked and also searched their other properties to no avail.


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Dake went crawling back to Chuck after Axe eluded his arrest. Chuck insisted on being unofficially involved in the case and also had a say on who prosecuted Axe in exchange for helping Dake find him. When Dake agreed, Chuck told him to track Wendy’s phone knowing Axe would reach out for some guidance in his time of need.


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Chuck took Bryan along to where Axe arrest was going to be made and revealed he would be the lead prosecutor on the case and asked him to leave so he would not be called as a witness during trials. He also told him Sacher would be the new Head of Criminal Dept. As Chuck watched his prediction that Axe would meet with his wife, it was hard to tell if he was relieved or angry. Regardless, it was a proud moment to watch Dake and the FBI make the arrest.


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Axe apologized to Wendy and asked her to help him become a better person as he has lost his way. Wendy accepted his apology and agreed to help Axe find himself then they hugged.



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As Axe was arrested, Taylor automatically got promoted to CIO and immediately took control, telling Dollar Bill who seemed genuinely happy for them to contact investors. They and other members of Axe Capital worked to keep the company going as Wags watched away. I got a feeling he wasn’t so happy about Axe‘s decision to make Taylor CIO.


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Another unhappy staffer was Lonnie Watley. He found out Chuck picked Sacher to be Head of Crim and was obviously not pleased as we saw him clear his desk. He and Chuck have made shady deals and I foresee it coming back to taunt Chuck, maybe during his governorship campaign.


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You know we just had to get one more confrontation between Chuck and Axe in a final face-to-face to close out the season. Much like last year’s meeting in a torn-up Axe Capital, the two traded words with conviction and hatred. Axe criticized Chuck for wasting his own money ($27million to be precise, which was all Chuck had) just to catch him while Chuck replied with two simple words: “Worth it”. Axe further threatened to find whatever it was that kept Chuck awake at night and unravel it until it pulled him apart.


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Axe made bail, of course, and came out to see no one waiting. Lara and the kids were at home, eating alone but somewhere else because Axe got out of the car to a dark and empty house. Chuck saw Wendy on the street outside their house,they hugged and held hands as they took the stairs and went in together.


Billions was renewed for a third season in March but for now I’ve got questions; How would Axe get out of the charges? Are Wendy and Chuck officially? How would Axe Capital fair? Would Lara support Axe? Hopefully all of these and more would be answered early 2018 as the show is expected to return then.


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