Hey guys! This week on Prison BreakMichael, Lincoln, Ja and Whip got closer to freedom while escaping from Yemen with Cyclops hot on their trail. A&W and Van Gogh also continued to track Michael from the US.


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The episode kicked off with the gang hiding out in another abandoned structure. Michael admitted he had run out of ideas so Lincoln suggested that they went to see Omar (Sheba‘s guy who previously screwed him over on the passports). They found Omar loading up his truck to leave and go to Phaecia (an old smuggling town in the desert). He refused to help the “wanted men” at first but changed his mind for the sake of Sheba. He told them they could go with him if they fetched his other car with a dead battery, so they all went because they might have to push it, leaving Whip behind to keep an eye on Omar.


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It turned out Omar had lied and the car started right up but some ISIL soldiers showed up so Lincoln drove them through a makeshift wall. They went back to Omar and found that he had knocked out and tied up Whip. Whip was untied and he beat up Omar, insisting he could not wait to kill him when he had the chance to as he could not right there since Omar was their map to Phaecia so they began their long journey into the desert.



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In the U.S., we officially met Agent Kishida (who we saw briefly talking to Van Gogh and A&W before they killed Kellerman). He was settling into his new position in the office which came with great responsibility, including looking into Poseidon’s rogue CIA group 21 Void. Kishida’s new boss demanded to see Kellerman’s research but he insisted it was useless and gave her a file which I believe didn’t have all of Kellerman‘s work in. He called A&W and Van Gogh for an update on the situation in the Middle East and she promised they would meet when she was back in town. Turns out A&W‘s real name is Emily who worked at the NSA for 10 years but grew tired of just watching from afar so she jumped at Poseidon’s job offer. She went back at the NSA for a favor from a former lover to help them track Kaniel (Michael).


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Back in Yemen, Omar apologized to Whip for hitting him from behind and tying him up but Whip was not interested, instead, he asked why the car was full of fireworks. Sheba called Lincoln to thank him and tell him they were in Jordan waiting for a flight to the US. He asked to buy her a drink when he got out but she said she doesn’t drink and offered to buy him a drink instead. The call led to the NSA tracking C-Note’s phone and sending a drone over the crew who made a gas stop. Van Gogh went into the corner of the control room to secretly call one of Ramal’s prominent followers to share the location of the terrorist leader’s killers. How did he get the number of this random Yemen ISIL member though?


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While Lincoln was filling up the gas tanks, Ja was delighted by the open desert and Michael went inside to use the internet to video chat with Blue Hawaii but the video didn’t load on Michael’s end so we could only hear the mystery person. The conversation didn’t last long as Ramal’s men caught up to them. Michael told Blue Hawaii to take a screenshot of him and his new palm tattoos. Whip found a gun in Omar‘s car with just one bullet and it turned out it was all he needed as he shot a gas truck and caused an explosion that knocks out all the ISIL soldiers. Although, Omar got shot, they put him in the car and headed for the desert. Not long after, Michael stopped his vehicle because they were lost as their map (Omar) was dead.


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They thought they had no one on their trail so the boys took time to give Omar a proper burial. As they attempted to figure out their next move, they were interrupted by Cyclops (why didn’t they kill this guy when they had the chance to?) who had been able to track them through their tire marks. Cyclops had more gas than they did so he stopped to refill his truck which made Michael come up with a plan. One person would cause a diversion and cause him to follow them while the other three find Phaecia safely. They drew rocks to see who the (un)lucky winner was and I was certain Michael set it up for him to be that unlucky fellow, which was how it turned out. He asked them to leave tracks so he could find them once he lost Cyclops.


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With Cyclops no longer trailing them, Lincoln, Whip, and Ja found out that they were lost as they had no map or compass. However, Ja sees gulls flying around which indicated that the birds were headed for the seaside; Phaecia. The bird GPS worked and they arrived at the beautiful and peaceful town. The people were sad to not see Omar but still took in the newcomers. Michael was drove about with Cyclops behind him till he ran out of gas. Cyclops found Michael’s car completely stopped so he got out of his car to approach the vehicle but it was empty. Michael had gotten into Cyclops‘ car but the start of the engine prompted Cyclops to shoot at him. As the two struggled and fought, Michael grabbed a screwdriver and eventually stabbed Cyclops in his good eye but he managed to stab him back. Michael escaped though leaving Cyclops behind, alive again. I really do hope that’s the last time we would see him.


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A&W and Van Gogh were thrown out of NSA for leaking Michael‘s whereabouts to the rebels who tried to kill him. They went on to investigate why Michael went into the gas station and found out he about his mysterious internet chat so they traced Blue Hawaii to a mansion in Portland, Maine and an Elvis impersonator welcomed them.


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Ja was enjoying Phaecia as he traded drugs and Queen for fresh air and fireworks. He might decide to stay there for good. Lincoln felt bad about leaving Michael behind and was determined to go find his little brother. Ja told him they would not find Michael as it was getting dark but thought of another plan that could help. Michael was bleeding and stumbling through the desert and soon fell and had flashbacks of the good old days. As his eyes closed for what seemed like the last time, he heard a loud sound and saw fireworks. Lincoln lit some and called on his brother but soon gave up when it did not seem to work but Michael found them, instantly collapsed and they were told the village doctor was out of town. Michael can’t die though yeah?


With only 3 episodes left, here’s the trailer for the next episode; Wine Dark Sea that shows the reunion we’ve all been waiting for…


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