Hi guys! This week on ScandalOPA becomes QPA as Olivia replaced herself with Quinn as the head of the gladiators making the team question what was next for the office, President Fitz considered his legacy and Jake discovered the motivation behind Peus and Ruland.


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The episode began with Marcus answering the press’ concerns about those terrorist drones while Olivia and Fitz got back to business in the official White House bed sheets. Later on, Olivia asked Fitz to forgive Abby but he refused and went on to tell Abby to work from home. Then, Olivia tasked the team to find a presidential pardon case worthy of public respect. The team worked on a pardon case, as Olivia left her team to solve the issue because she had to vet Mellie’s cabinet, for a man named Shawn who might have killed a white supremacist church bomber named Bobby, who was later lynched and hung from a tree.


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Abby went home as the president ordered and David went to her house with a box. This was after he stopped by Rowan‘s office to ask if Rowan had any useful information about who Ruland really was as he needed to get closure. Abby demanded to know what was in the box, and forcefully opened what turned out to be Ruland’s head which Rowan had given David as a gift. Jake came over to check out Samantha’s head and take samples to run a DNA test on then he told Abby to store the head in the freezer because he might need to get more samples.


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As she told her team, Olivia went to work with Mellie to put together a cabinet and Mellie suggested her former lover and the current press secretary, Marcus. Meanwhile, Huck and Quinn went to the town where Shawn and Bobby lived and quickly uncovered that it was his bartender friend who blew up the church, set up Bobby for the murders and then set up Shawn after that. There was a standoff in the end with Huck, Quinn and Charlie up against the entire bar.


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Rowan and Olivia had dinner and he told her about how he had to disappear so he would not get in her way because she was finally getting the Oval but she told him he didn’t have to leave as she was not an extension of him. Still, Rowan insisted that he had to leave and they said their goodbyes for the last time as he departed.


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Quinn waited in Olivia’s office to let her know that Shawn was innocent but she had no tangible evidence so Olivia wasn’t interested as she was busy planning Mellie‘s cabinet (Yup! That’s all Olivia Pope cares about now) and Quinn called her out for it because she wasn’t who she used to be. So Quinn marched to the Oval Office to see president Fitz and state her case for Shawn‘s pardon but Fitz respectfully dismissed it and she pushed back saying she would not leave until he signed it because Olivia was not her boss anymore as she was only concerned about America loving her and Mellie.


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Mellie approached Marcus to be her communications director but he told her that Fitz already offered him a job to run his foundation then he wished her the best. Jake called Abby and David over to reveal the result of the DNA test and what he found after a search of her apartment and electronics. Turned out Ruland’s real name was Gertrude (how many names so far? I give up guys!), she and Peus got texts from another source and the whole “drama” wasn’t their operation at all. I guess I overreacted at the way Peus and Ruland were killed off, turns out there’s a bigger fish to catch. Nice one Shonda! Didn’t see that coming.


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Quinn waited on Olivia (this time outside her office) and told her about the pardon after the president made his announcement, confident she made the right decision. So Olivia turned over OPA to Quinn, showing her their bank accounts and the high-level files she would use against the White House, as it was all a test to see if Quinn was prepared for when she would go against the White House (which was basically going against Olivia).


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In the end, Jake turned over the details about who Peus and Ruland were taking orders from to the president which was just in time because Rowan was about to leave for good but Olivia stopped him from going. She took him back to the bunker at the White House where president Fitz, Jake and her demanded he stayed back to help because it turned out Peus and Ruland reported to Olivia’s mom. Mama Pope was behind it all after all! Maya Lewis (played by Khandi Alexander) is back and it is now a family affair.



With the two-hour finale about a week from now and one final season fast approaching, I can’t wait to see how things end up. In the meantime, here’s the trailer for the next episode(s); Tick, Tock and Transfer of Power…



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