Hey guys! This week on GothamGordon tracked down the weapon the Court of Owls planned to use to destroy Gotham, Kathryn and the Shaman revealed their next move for Bruce and Ivy came to Selina‘s aid.

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The episode began with Kathryn’s assassin at Arkham Asylum breaking Captain Barnes out (more like kidnapping though). Kathryn needed Strange to get Alice Tetch’s blood from Captain Barnes so they could make it airborne and weaponize it.

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Lee kept trying to get further details on Frank Gordon’s death as she was convinced it was a homicide and not suicide, because the bullet in his brain was replaced which further points to a cover up. She questioned Harvey about it but he asked her to stay away from the case and insisted there was nothing going on. Lee was told by Lucius and Bullock that Jim wasn’t a murderer but he was trying to prevent what happened to Mario from happening to anyone else.

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Jim attended a Court meeting where Kathryn informed them that Gotham’s demolition was near so he tried to find out what he could about Kathryn by running a print off of her mask after the meeting was adjourned. Harvey ran the fingerprint and gave Gordon Kathryn‘s full name and an address. On his way, he ran into the Penguin, who demanded answers on what happened to Nygma but Gordon acted ignorant so Penguin gave him a phone with instructions to make a meeting possible with Ed or the Court by the end of the day.

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Jim finally got to Kathryn’s house and found a secret drawer that contained a Wayne Enterprises access badge which he put in his pocket before Kathryn walked in. With no way to escape, he went to her and acted as if he was there to find out details about this scheme to destroy Gotham. She told him the city was sick and to heal it, they had to force the people and make them see the darkest part of their souls. Jim got the message and knew it was related to the Alice Tetch virus which he quickly connected to Barnes’ escape. He and Harvey involved Lucius Fox who was able to figure out what the access card meant and where Barnes was probably held. When they there, there was no security on site and they soon discovered the reason was because they had all been killed by the test subject Dr Strange worked on. Strange stepped in to save Harvey and Jim from the patient’s attack and convinced them not to arrest him as he offered his research and a strain of the virus.

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Kathryn invited Jim to prove his loyalty to the Court. As he got there, she told him that the Alice Tetch virus was about to be unleashed on a room full of about 200 Gotham socialites and their children and he would prove his loyalty by letting it happen but if he didn’t, her assassin will execute him on the spot. The bomb was to go off in 15 minutes which gave Jim plenty of time to think and with a second phone in his pocket (the one Penguin gave him for contact about Ed Nygma) so Jim dialled his number, started talking to Kathryn’s assassin about their location and described what was happening.

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Penguin was smart enough to interpret what Jim said. He and Bridgit Pike arrived on time and saved Jim from the assassin by burning and throwing him out of a glass window to the room with the bomb. The girls were then asked to run were all saved. Penguin was not satisfied as he got no answer about the Riddler or the Court but Jim assured him that they would be in touch for killing their assassin. Penguin was later transported to a jail cell, demanding to speak to the person in charge but got delighted to see Ed Nygma in the cell by his.


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Selina Kyle arose from the dead thanks to Ivy Pepper and her plants. She got out of bed and said she had to go Wayne Manor to kill someone (everyone Ivy brings back to life come back with a revenge mission). Selina wanted to kill Bruce Wayne‘s clone who pushed her out of the window when she insisted she would not keep his secret.


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The Shaman told Bruce that Kathryn and the Owls were pawns in his game but she called him for a status check. He successfully convinced Bruce Wayne that the hurt and anger he felt after his parents’ death was preventing him from being something special but he could release him from the pain of the night and be unstoppable.



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In the end, Kathryn released Barnes and told him to kill Jim Gordon because he was someone she thought was loyal but had been deceiving her from the start. Barnes was delighted and agreed to be Jim’s executioner.


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