Hi guys! This week on Jane the VirginJane had to ask Fabian for a hard favor, Petra and Rafael turned to Jane for advice on their relationship and Jane offered to help Xo and Rogelio with the wedding plans.


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Xo and Rogelio entrusted their fairy-tale wedding details to the infamous wedding planners Jean-Luc. Jane was surprised that Xo wanted a white-poofy-dress fairy-tale wedding but as the maid of honor, she was happy to manage be involved. Later that day, Jean and Luc (who turned out to be twins) arrived at the house and Jane played hostess while her parents were on their way to the appointment. The egotistic French brothers were horrified that Xo wanted a fairy tale wedding because she is too old and would look “ah-ridiculous” in a princess gown and Jane reminded them that the bride can do whatever she wanted but they left, unwilling to attach their name to the wedding. Jane offered to step as Xo and Rogelio‘s wedding planner to organize and negotiate with the best for them.


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Jane had brunch with Rafael, Petra, Mateo and the girls. Petra had not still given Rafael an answer after his declaration of love so it was an awkward brunch. Rafael begged Jane to intervene but she vowed not to get in the middle. When Petra asked Jane for her opinion, the one time she really needed it, Jane refused to give it even though she thought Rafael and Petra‘s reunion was a horrible idea. Later on, Petra arrived in the middle of the planning frenzy and forced Jane to help her figure out the Rafael situation as a friend but Jane insisted she was not going to interfere. She remained silent as Petra spoke about how terrible she and Rafael used to be and now they had a good relationship to which Jane agreed.


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Rafael kept dreaming of hooking back up with Petra when he received a message from his assistant that his sister was calling at 2:30 so he ran off. Remember when Chuck saw a woman walking on the beach the night Scott was murdered? Turns out the woman is Eileen (Luisa’s girlfriend also known as Sin Rostro). Rafael tried to keep Luisa on the phone long enough for the cops to trace the call but Rose made Luisa hang up. Luisa struggled with the guilt of not being there for Rafael, but Rose assured Luisa that Rafael was working for the cops.


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Jane continued her duty as wedding planner and she fought with her father on set about lavender wedding cakes. Rogelio revealed he had invited Fabian to the wedding because he thought Jane was in a relationship with him but he was sure Fabian was yet to get the invite so Jane rushed to steal the invitation just as Fabian walked in. Just as she was about to break up with him, Jane saw a movie poster on the wall with Fabian on a white horse. It turned out he was best friends with a horse trainer who could help Jane get white horses for the wedding. Unfortunately, she forgot to tell Rogelio about her plan to use Fabian for the horses so when Fabian sulked at some heartbreaking news, Rogelio figured it was because of the breakup. Fabian was hurt and determined to sabotage the Rogelio from his perfect wedding. And for the white horses, well he sent Jane to an open field with geese instead.


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Petra told Rafael she didn’t want to start a relationship with him because a friend (which he knew had to be Jane because Petra had no friends) then Rafael gave Jane a piece of his mind at the school. Jane reminded Rafael that he asked her to intervene but all she did was sit there and listen as Petra gave reasons she shouldn’t get together with Rafael Jane simply agreed with her. She went on to tell Rafael that she didn’t think it was a good idea. Later, Petra overheard Rafael on the phone with someone who he told that his cancer was back and was devastated. She confronted Rafael for not telling her that his cancer was back then he explained that it was a trap for Luisa and she cried and hugged him then they took the twins to school for their end-of-the-year performance. After the show, Rafael apologized for attacking Jane and Jane saw that Petra and Rafael belonged together as they were perfectly matched and equally happy.


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Jane admitted to Fabian that she used him to get white horses and asked him not to blame her dad he called her a heartless slut so Rogelio vowed to defend his daughter’s honor with a fist fight in the parking lot with no hitting in the face, of course. Jane pushed her way through the middle of the fight and calmed them down but when Fabian tried to punch Rogelio in the face, she deflected his fist and hit him directly in the nose. Fabian and Rogelio said they would not work together anymore and both stormed off.


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So the network executives had Fabian and Rogelio work late and make up for the time they missed so Ro called Xo to let her know he couldn’t make the bachelor/bachelorette party and Xo cancelled the entire thing and got drunk with her Maid Of Honor (Jane…keep up guys!). As they spoke, Xo helped Jane realize that she was jealous of Petra and Rafael and a Prince Charming stripper knocked on the door soon after. Rogelio arrived shortly after Prince Charming stripper left with a grand gesture as he escorted Xo outside to a carriage and two miniature white horses. He also got confirmation that Ricky Martin could officiate their wedding after all.


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Drunk Jane called Rafael to admit she was afraid of Rafael and Petra working out because it would leave her and Mateo out but he assured her that it would never happen. Apparently, when he thinks of family, he sees Jane’s face and he loves her so much. Jane’s heart glowed and even I got excited. Petra called Jane as Rafael was on the line and asked that Jane talk her down from liking Rafael. Drunk Jane instructed Petra to go for it with Rafael and she instructed Rafael to go see Petra. She asked if he was there and at the same moment he said he was, someone knocked on the door. I was more excited as I have always been on #TeamJaneandRafael but it was her parents asking her to officiate their big day which she agreed to officiate while Rafael made out with Petra at her place.


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In the end, Eileen and Luisa were stopped by the cops and arrested as they entered the hotel. Detective Dennis noticed something off about Eileen and he pulled on her mask to reveal she was actually Sin Rostro. Its going to be an interesting chapter next episode. Here’s the trailer for Chapter Sixty-Four; the season finale which would also be Xo and Ro‘s big day!







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