Hey guys! The story behind the 5th season of Prison Break has been an interesting one so far and the reunion we had all been waiting for finally happened this week as Sara went down to Greece to save Michael‘s life then feared for her family’s safety after she discovered the real reason Michael faked his own death and Sucre helped Michael, Whip and Lincoln find a way home.



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The episode started with Michael Junior drawing a Greek hero as he spoke about how they could die unlike Superman. Ja found a smuggler who would take the crew to Greece but he decided to stay back in Phaeacia just as I had predicted last episode. Ja told Michael he owed him his life as he gave him back the world. Later, Jacob and Sara enjoyed a glass of wine when Lincoln called to tell her about Michael been poisoned. She said he needed a transfusion and legit doctor and headed to Greece to save the day even though Jacob was not in support. He almost forbade her from going but smartly backed off.


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Sara arrived and rushed to Michael‘s bedside telling him she had missed him as they cried and held hands. She promised to make him okay and wait until after she saved his life then went on to give him a transfusion directly from herself. Whip and Lincoln stepped away to give the couple some privacy where Whip apologized for questioning Lincoln‘s dedication to Michael and Lincoln replied that he was family. The two bonded over a drink and tried to figure out how they could make it back to the U.S.


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Van Gogh and A&W got back from their trip to Maine with nothing further on the Elvis impersonator from the last episode. They met with Kishida who was confused about why they were trying to kill Kaniel Outis after he eliminated Ramal and threatened to expose them which led to him shot from behind. The shooter walked towards them and grabbed his phone from the pool of blood. Poseidon‘s identity was finally revealed and it turned out to be Jacob (No shock there…we all knew already thanks to T-bag)


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Michael woke up, told Sara he never thought he would see her face again and asked to see a picture of his son. He scrolled through the pictures on her phone, stumbled on an image of Sara with Jacob and he told her it was him. Sara was not surprised and blamed herself for believing his lies when she almost caught him. Michael went on to explain how he was forced to work for Poseidon and 21 Void then revealed the moment he was betrayed by him. Turns out the video Kellerman showed Sara of Michael killing the CIA director was framed by Poseidon who had killed the man and made Michael clean it up. Sara remembered that their son was currently under Poseidon‘s care.


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Lincoln’s escape plan involved Sucre as they needed an off-the-books ride back to the United States and Sucre happened to work on a shady cargo ship. The payment was $50,000 which Lincoln said they could not afford, weirdly after all his lavish spending in Yemen then Sara offered her grandma’s valuable ring payment. She and Michael said their goodbyes and she pleaded that he came back them.


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Sucre met with the boys and invited them on the ship to first make payment to the captain and then take a sneak peek at his side business. The captain was notified about Kaniel Outis and he called it in which prompted the arrival of the SEAL team on a seek and destroy mission. They found Sucre tied up and took him above deck with Michael and the guys crawling out from a hiding spot. Sucre was interrogated by the captain so he gave a fake location for the boys and implicated the captain in doing so but he later managed to get free and knocked him out.


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Sara returned home and played dumb with Jacob. She lied about Michael not being the same man she once knew and rushed to check on Michael Junior who Jacob said was sleeping but he wasn’t in his room when she checked. Jacob then clarified that Michael Junior was sleeping over at a friend’s house. Later, Sara called her BFF Heather (who I used to suspect was placed by Poseidon but now I think she’s innocent) and told her go pick up her son. Heather called her back to let her know she was on her way back to her house with Michael Junior so Sara grabbed her secret gun and confronted Jacob (personally I think she should have just left instead). Jacob told her it was not over because Van Gogh was waiting for Heather and Michael Junior at Heather‘s place and he that her next decision would determine what would happen to her son.


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In the end, The SEAL team had to retreat because the ship was going off course so Poseidon called in a favour to bomb the ship. With a missile headed their way, the boys jumped overboard just as the ship explodes and back on the run. I predict one of them might not make it but we won’t know for sure.

With just two episodes left this season, here is the trailer for the next episode; Progeny



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