Hi guys! The finale of Empire‘s third season gave me twists and turns I’m not sure I was ready to handle and ended on an unexpected note as Lucious prepared to launch Empire Las Vegas (or is it Leviticus Vegas) and Cookie pulled together a team of allies to wreak havoc during the opening.


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The episode opened as Lucious and Giuliana landed at Leviticus Vegas in a helicopter of course and Lucious immediately got on the phone with his mother who was locked up in the house until she no longer had whatever “episode” she was in but she insisted that she did not have an episode but just put steel in the skull of your enemy. Cookie was still angry with Jamal for agreeing to hold off on When Cookie Met Lucious so Inferno could have the spotlight and for also joining Lucious in Vegas. She swore Giuliana got into Jamal’s head but he was more worried about Hakeem.


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Back in Vegas, Charlotte warned Lucious and Giuliana that she did not want to a repeat of the day Tupac was shot (which was apparently also the day her father lost his job as gaming commissioner). Back home, Andre and Shine ran over the final details of the plan to kill Lucious and Shine asked what Lucious did to Andre for him to hate him so much with which he replied,”Everything”. Shine went on to introduce him to Franco his explosions expert.


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Hakeem spoke to his parents about how Anika had suddenly become so calm about Bella. Lucious told him he knew she was safe and couldn’t disclose more (Really Lucious, nothing on how Leah murdered Tariq?) while Cookie said women have a certain strength when it comes to their children and have to stay strong even if we don’t want to. Leah called Anika to come get her mail and pack her things then questioned why Anika was packing diapers (Looked suspicious to me too!) and Anika said she figured Lucious would want her to take everything. Leah then handed her a big envelope from the divorce lawyer and advised that Anika use the letter opener which was the same letter opener she used to kill Tariq. Mama Leah might be crazy but she’s also smart!


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Andre went to the press conference for the casino and met Charlotte and her husband but was asked to continue their conversation in her office later. When later happened, he told her he had a video of their last encounter while they made out and she said she could not believe he was extorting her. Meanwhile at Empire, Lucious and Giuliana signed the official papers for the casino’s gaming license. Cookie was close by so Lucious went out to tell her he got her on the list to attend the premiere of the show in Vegas but she would sit in VIP and wouldn’t be allowed to go backstage. He also said he and Giuliana were also thinking about franchising Leviticus clubs by extending Empire’s global reach.


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Jamal and Becky were having fun at Leviticus New York’s open mic night and she joked about staying off artists and dating businessmen instead but Jamal said he needed a break from men all together. Almost immediately, a handsome lawyer (played by Terrell Carter) sang and openly flirted with Jamal from the stage. Anika went to the DuBois house and just as Mrs Dubois rang for them to bring out baby Bella (oh that waswhy she packed the diapers), Hakeem forced his way in after he followed her because his grandma said not to trust her. Mrs. DuBois realized he would be an asset of some sort when he said he would do anything to see Bella again so she rang the bell for Bella to be brought out and told Hakeem to let his family Bella was fine and wait for further instructions. He could just tell his family where Bella is and come back to get her right?


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Anika stayed in the penthouse of a hotel and called for some hot sauce. Shortly after, Leah called and said there was more mail for her and asked if she should forward it to the hotel. Anika agreed and minutes later, the cops were at her door, arresting her for the murder of Tariq Cousins. Finally, she would be punished for murder even though not for the ones she actually committed (Rhonda and her unborn child). Back at the Dubois residence, it was revealed that the sexy lawyer with the angelic voice from the open mic is Angelo’s cousin (a twin, I don’t know but it might be important to know later) and his plan to make Jamal fall in love with him is working already. They also had Hakeem who agreed to lie to his real family that Bella was safe at Anika’s parents’ house. Boy, you could have just come clean and had the Lyons get baby Bella back for you.


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Back at Leviticus Vegas, Cookie went backstage to wish Jamal luck even though she was told not to while Shine and his thugs got in place for the havoc they had planned. Lucious and Giuliana went to tell Cookie to get out but when Lucious started explaining that his club and his money are all for his children and for the woman he loves, it seemed like he was about to rub Cookie’s face in it again then he ended his speech with; “So Giuliana, it’s time for you to go kick rocks. Cookie is the love of my life. Always was, always will be”. GOOSEBUMPS! Giuliana was obviously furious and reminded him that half of the casino was hers but it turned out all the papers she signed earlier for the gaming license were her signing her share away and the whole act Lucious put up was for him to get his revenge because she broke his heart long ago and stole his $10 million.


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Cookie and Lucious were officially back together and happy as she found out that Inferno wasn’t the Vegas show after all, it was When Cookie Met Lucious! Jamal serenaded Cookie and later on, Lucious did too. In the midst of all these happy moments, she called Shine to call off his boys. With a couple of minutes left, I knew the finale wasn’t going to end so rosy…and I was right! Cookie and Lucious caught up with Cookie’s old boyfriend Barry and his wife Michelle (as in Barrack and Michelle? I see what they did there) who bought scalped tickets to the show. They’re both doctors and just retired so they plan to travel the world and enjoy each other’s company which gave Lucious and Cookie an idea so they called the boys over and explained that they decided to step down from Empire as life’s too short. Lucious then did something he should have a long time ago and handed Andre the keys to the kingdom.


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Andre rushed to Shine to cancel Franco’s explosion but Shine was tired of all the back and forth (first Cookie cancelled and now Andre) and said he didn’t even trust Andre (I’m surprised he forgave him so easily after how Andre hurt Nessa) to share the riches then he set it off so Andre ran to Cookie and Lucious to try to stop them from getting in the car. Lucious pushed Cookie away from the blast but was affected by the explosion and didn’t move afterwards.


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The episode did not end there, instead, a time-jump to 3 months after with Lucious in a coma and his family in his hospital room, Cookie even read him a card from Stevie WonderNurse Claudia (played by Demi Moore) came in and assured the family that Dwight can hear a lot more than they realize then started rubbing Lucious’ hands all over her face, touching his chest and even whispering into his mouth. Cookie got quite uncomfortable (so did I) cleared her throat and asked about his test results but Nurse Claudia reminded her that she could not discuss it with them. As the family were on their way out because Cookie was about to lose it on Nurse Claudia for telling her she was stressed, Lucious fluttered his eyes so they rushed back to his side excited to see his reaction but he woke up confused and even asked who they were. Now that’s quite the cliffhanger!


Predictions for next season; Giuliana and Shine might work together to bring down the Lyons, The Dubois would continue on their quest for revenge, Anika would go to jail, Lucious and Nurse Claudia might hit it off, the Lyon boys would each find love again and Cookie, well, she would bring us more drama as usual.


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