OMG guys! Even the episode title “Progeny” which means “Offspring” did not prepare me for the revelations on this episode as the gang finally got into the States, Michael and Lincoln engaged the help of Sheba and C-Note to catch Poseidon and Whip set out on a separate mission where T-Bag disclosed a secret as he might finally be in on the action.


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The episode began with a quiet Michael reflecting on the past somewhere on the Mediterranean after he, Lincoln, Whip, and Sucre were rescued by a fishing boat (Yeah, they all survived last week’s nosedive into the water) which led to flashbacks of six years earlier where Poseidon, a.k.a. Jacob told Michael he owned him and knew everything about him. Jacob also said they were changing the world then gave Michael lessons about how to be a spy and even showed him his secret lair. Michael went to see Jacob to have him sign off on a partner he needed for the next job which turned out to be Whip a.k.a. David Martin, who Michael believed could easily be manipulated because he had no family.


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The guys made it ashore in Marseille. Whip and Sucre went to grab some food as Michael texted Sara, who replied by calling their son Mike Jr. which got Michael even more eager to get back home because he and Sara had an agreement not to call their son Jr. so he knew something was wrong. Michael Junior (sorry, just Michael according to his father) was unaware of the drama around him as he drew pirate ship. Jacob criticized the size of the mast but was schooled on how the drawing was really a Lego treasure map. Michael said he had exhausted all of his contacts but Lincoln had an idea to call the guy he ran from on the season premiere (Ogygia) because he owed him $100,000. It was Luca Abruzzi, son of Fox River member and mobster John Abruzzi. Lincoln had been smuggling pills for the younger Abruzzi and when he discovered they caused fatalities, he dumped a batch, hence the debt. Lincoln called up the crime boss to get a ride back to the States and promised he had the money he owed so Luca agreed just in time as the news of the guys being wanted reached Marseille.


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Jacob called in Van Gogh and A&W, for a brainstorm session. Van Gogh asked why Outis would return to the country so Jacob came clean about his history with Michael. Theroux (the hacker who previously lied to Sara to cover for Jacob) also joined in on the session to reveal what he had decoded so far from Michael‘s message to Blue Hawaii (still nothing on who the Elvis impersonator was or what happened to him?). He said the tattoos showed message boards and visiting hours for zoos, and some porn sites that have images of the CIA director’s murder, which Jacob framed Michael for.



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As the boys headed to catch their rides, Michael set his plan in motion as C-Note got a call from France, Whip was sent to Chicago to find out why he was Michael’s whip hand, Sucre took Michael’s phone to falsely lure A&W and Van Gogh to JFK Airport and finally after being absent from other episodes, T-Bag returned and received some life-changing info from Michael but in exchange, he must take a life. Michael and Lincoln flew into a small airport in upstate New York instead of JFK, where they were greeted by Luca and his crew. Lincoln confessed to not having the money and to avoid being killed, the brothers bluffed Luca into thinking the DEA was en route thanks to C-Note and Sheba. The plan succeeded in chasing the criminals off but they returned to find their product still there and security footage showed the whole DEA drama was a ruse. Luca pledged to kill Lincoln and made a plan on how to find him. After the fake DEA drama, Michael and Sheba met for the first time and he was reunited with C-Note. Michael told C-Note he could not be involved any further as Poseidon knew who he was but Sheba insisted on still helping as she wasn’t known by Poseidon. C-Note might have made his final appearance of the season and probably the series (I hope not).



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They went to Sara’s dark-looking house and she handed Lincoln a gun as he went inside. On the way in, Michael noticed that the drain in front of the house’s mailbox contained lots of his signature origami swans. The brothers slowly made their way around the house and found no sign of anyone so Michael sent a text to Sara/Jacob asking her to meet the next day and the response confirmed she was still alive. The next day, Jacob was barking orders to Van Gogh and A&W from a car near the meeting point. Van Gogh was tricked into revealing himself and he led Lincoln away but A&W was not far behind. She also lost Lincoln and even service which made her go to Jacob in person causing Jacob to speed off. Michael sent Lincoln and Sheba to follow and when their car pulled up next to Jacob at a stoplight, he pulled a gun, but “innocent” Sheba was behind the wheel as Lincoln had reclined his seat. They eventually tracked Jacob’s car to an alley where he abandoned it. Michael met up with them and they discovered blood in the trunk and a childlike drawing that had a pirate ship, a family resembling the Scofields, and a three-headed hydra. Michael immediately assumed Michael Junior left it for him and got excited that Michael Junior had his my DNA. He then discovered that a nearby lake was designed just like the map and they planned their next move to save Sara and Michael Junior but Sheba wasn’t allowed on the next mission, Lincoln even kissed her when she tried to argue.



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Whip made it to Chicago and soon discovered that the coordinates he needed to go to were in the middle of Lake Michigan so he rented a boat to retrieve the package which was a jar with blood in it. T-Bag recorded what appears to be a last testament saying, “God, I’ve been thinking, because a hard bargain’s been presented to me and if that’s indeed what’s coming, it won’t be the work of a cold-blooded man, and it won’t be for sin, or for hate. If there’s blood on my hands, know this, world: It’ll be for love”. When did T-bag go all soft on us? When Whip got back on shore, he was approached by T-Bag and a confrontation which quickly escalated as they both had their hands on each other’s necks. T-Bag had a lot of info on Whip/David Martin, including why Michael recruited him. He said Whip reminded Michael of a certain someone and so he was curious to know if he had learnt it or was it ingrained in him. Turns out it was ingrained in him as he got it from T-bag. Get it? Whip is T-bag‘s son! Or would you prefer T-bag is Whip‘s father? Regardless, that was an unexpected twist.


Michael and Lincoln made it to the lake-house where Jacob was keeping Sara and Michael Junior. When Jacob headed out, Michael approached the house with Lincoln on the lookout. Michael was happy to see his son through the window until Michael Junior looked scared when he went to check on Sara. Michael figured something was wrong so he went in even as Lincoln warned that Jacob might be back but it was not Jacob,it was Luca who shot at Lincoln and despite ducking down, we saw traces of blood. Meanwhile, Michael’s reunion with Michael Junior did not go as we had hoped as it turned out Jacob drew that map to lure Michael not Michael Junior and it was A&W that was posing as Sara. She approached both Michaels with a gun and the last thing we saw was blood splattered on the front door window.


So Michael and Lincoln could both be dead and the last episode might be about Whip and T-bag catching up on lost father-son moments. Here’s the trailer of the season finale; Behind The Eyes which proves my theory wrong…



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