Hi guys! The 5th season of Prison Break went out in a bang as more dangerous threats kept Michael and Lincoln fighting to protect Sara and Michael Junior and Poseidon tried to outsmart Michael which led to the ultimate showdown and the death of a fans’ favourite I personally hoped would become a series regular (if there would more seasons).


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Last week’s episode; Progeny ended with the cliffhanger of someone getting shot in the house and Lincoln’s health status. Behind the Eyes started off six minutes before the gun shot. We knew A&W, Michael, and Michael Junior were in the house, but it turned out Sara was tied up downstairs across from Jacob who was trying to make sense of his actions and he even admitted that the reason he sent Michael to Yemen was for him to die. Van Gogh walked in and Sara tried to get him on her side by telling him it was Jacob who killed the former CIA director which made Jacob slap Sarah. Jacob left when Michael pulled up and initiated the plan to burn the house down with Michael and Sara inside it.


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Back upstairs, as Michael reunited with his son, A&W came out and pointed a gun at him but Van Gogh interrupted and tried to convince her that they needed to be sure they had the right guy but she told him they were not there to ask questions and there was no leaving 21 Void as she shot him. Michael and his son used the diversion to run to the garage where Michael tried to hold the door, sent his son to go find safety with Lincoln and A&W shot through the door ready to kill Michael but Sara knocked her out. Michael Junior did not make it to Uncle Lincoln though, instead, he was picked up by Jacob. Moments later, Sara and Michael found a bloody Lincoln and rushed him to the hospital where he apologized upon arrival for letting Michael down. Sara and Michael left the hospital to avoid the authorities and to hopefully get their son back when Lincoln was stabilized.


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Whip and T-Bag had a nice father/son bonding trip as they headed back to meet with Michael and give him his creepy jar of blood which was part of a plan that he told Sara had been long in motion. Michael explained he reached out to T-Bag because Poseidon wouldn’t be monitoring his communication with people he despised with which T-bag asked him to give it to him straight about how he really felt about him. Michael said normal lives were within reach for all of them but Poseidon stood in the way of that and someone had to make him let go.


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Jacob told his stepson that Sara was dead then revealed his secret spy career to the boy and even showed him the secret lair. He convinced Michael Junior that the man claiming to be his father was an impostor named Kaniel Outis and with perfect timing, Michael called and threatened Jacob who smartly put the call on speaker so Michael Junior could hear the conversation and defend his evil stepdad. T-bag agreed to kill Jacob even though Whip was not in full support and the gang split up to handle their own tasks. Sara was going to check on Lincoln, Whip and T-Bag were to collect a wildcard which led them to Blue Hawaii (the mysterious Elvis impersonator was hanging out in a hotel room making a very complex model of the Dallas plaza) and Michael headed to where this all started.


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Theroux tried to decode Michael’s tattoos and also tracked his phone which led Jacob and A&W to the zoo where we saw Michael secretly watching Sara and Michael Junior in flashbacks. Theroux also finally decoded the tattoos and called Jacob to tell him that the quote from the tattoos was “Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake” and we saw a quick flashback to Michael telling Jacob it was what was behind the eyes that counted. Back in the present, Michael walked up to the facial scan at Jacob’s secret office and put his hands in front of his face, which revealed the tattoos on the top of his hands made out Jacob’s face. When he got in, Michael called Jacob to tell him he had his incriminating hard drives and they agreed to meet p the next day for an exchange. The next day, Theroux was looking after Michael Junior when Sara snuck in but Theroux surprised her and pulled a gun and Lincoln saved the day by knocking him out from behind as they grabbed Michael Junior and left.


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Meanwhile, Sara go to the hospital to see Lincoln and discovered that he checked himself out against doctor’s orders. She also overheard that Van Gogh was upstairs on life support so she went to talk to him. She gave him a pen and paper to tell her where Michael Junior was, instead he wrote, “Let me die”. She begged him again and he wrote what might have been her son’s location. Lincoln, on the other hand, headed back to Luca’s warehouse to try to persuade the young Abruzzi to agree that they were even. Luca refused and real police showed up and take him away as Lincoln managed to sneak away.


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Jacob and Michael met in a warehouse where Michael pulled a gun on him which led to A&W and Whip coming out of the shadows with guns too. A&W shot Whip in the hand which prompted T-Bag to come out too. Whip lost control of his psycho temper even as Michael and T-Bag tried to talk him down so he rushed to A&W and as they struggled, she shot him. T-Bag went to his boy and Jacob made Michael take him to the hard drives. The FBI arrived after Jacob apparently called with an anonymous tip about Kaniel Outis which made A&W distracted so T-Bag grabbed her and snapped her neck then went back to his dying son (who I really hoped wasn’t dying and it was all planned). Well, Whip died and T-Bag got arrested, again.


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Jacob was also distracted by the FBI which gave Michael an opportunity to run away after he got a call from Sara that Michael Junior was safe. He changed jackets as he ran and Jacob caught up enough to shoot him in the back with the gun he collected from Michael during the standoff earlier which was loaded with blanks. It turned out it was a recreation of the CIA director’s murder and even Jacob admitted that Michael was better than he thought. The murder scene was created at the back of a truck that Blue Hawaii was about to drive away but Jacob threw himself and Michael back inside the warehouse before he could. The FBI came in while they fought and Michael was loaded into a police car. Jacob believed he had gotten away with his crimes until he was placed under arrest for the murder he had framed Michael for. Apparently, while in Jacob’s office, Michael planted the blood from the jar to finish off his plan.


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Michael was cleared of killing the former FBI director but his successor was curious as to if Michael was manipulating him. Theroux confessed to everything though which led to Michael being a free man again. Before leaving, he was offered a job which he declined but he asked for a favour. Later on, Sara, Michael Junior and Sheba hung out as Michael and Lincoln sat and watched.


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That would have been a great ending but the show ended right where it all began; Fox River. At Michael’s request, Jacob was an inmate there where he cockily smiled and told a guard that he was not planning on staying long. After settling down in his bed, his new cellmate jumped down to introduce himself and it was T-bag people! Now that’s how to end a season. With season 6 still uncertain, many fans hope it is renewed for another season and many more.


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