Hey guys! The third season of Gotham gave the best season finale as the heroes became the villains. Even though the second half of the season was a bit confusing to keep track of who wanted to kill whom and why, regardless, tonight’s two-part finale ended with an optimistic vision for the future of this city as some major characters were killed. Its two episodes people so, it is quite a read…


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The finale began with the city in chaos just as Kathryn had wanted. Lucius Fox suspected that Strange made an antidote to the Alice Tetch virus but after being let go by Alfred in exchange for information on the explosive device, Strange was on the run so Jim and Harvey had to track him down. Remember Fish Mooney returned from the dead (again), and asked Penguin to join her crew (which I still don’t since he killed her or at least tried to) as she wanted control of the city and figured the virus might be a way to get it. When she found out from Jim and Harvey that there’s an antidote, she was more interested in the virus and Strange. Barbara was also after a chance to truly seize the city and convinced Ed (yeah I’m too stubborn to call him the Riddler) to set his vengeance mission against Penguin on the side then help her consolidate power but Ed was more interested in Penguin than the city or Barbara‘s wishes. Fish managed to snatch Strange at the train station before he could board and had Freeze make an ice wall to stop Jim and Harvey from disturbing.


Freeze and Bridgit were happy to help Fish and Penguin deal with Strange because they both had grudges against the man who made them freaks. Penguin decided to deliver Strange a taste of his own torture medicine by placing a device on his head that’ll make him feel like he’s having hot lava poured down his decapitated body. In no time, Strange spilled the location of the antidote which turned to be enough cure for everybody. But Jim used his viral strength to break through the ice wall and then again to fight off Fish’s goons, “mistakenly” stabbed Fish and destroyed the cure vials in the process. Penguin got pretty upset about Fish‘s death but was arrested along with Strange who promised to help make another cure if Harvey could get him Jervis Tetch. However, Jervis Tetch was taken from his transport vehicle by Butch on orders from Barbara. She and Ed had somehow figured how vital Jervis Tetch was to Strange’s second cure so Barbara wanted to use him as leverage now.


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Bruce was still brainwashed and Alfred gave him a pep talk at the station as he tried to remind him of memories that might get Bruce out of his trance. When it seemed like it was working, a commotion in the station from an officer with the virus gave Bruce the distraction he needed to escape. He had been told to find the Yuyan (a “demon’s head”) which will help fulfill his destiny so he walked till he found a random alleyway door with Yuyan on the door and a secret passageway. Inside, he met Ra’s al Ghul (played by Game of Thrones and Star Trek star Alexander Siddig), an ageless demon who sent the Shaman to train Bruce because he wants Bruce to become his heir. Bruce promised to follow him and said he would not fail his task like he did with the virus bomb but his new task was much more personal as Alfred who had followed him to the lair was captured by Ra’s al Ghul’s men and Bruce was to kill him so as to become worthy of his supposed destiny. Bruce stabbed Alfred after he talked him into it by reminding him that he was the man who held Bruce since his first day out of the hospital and he would lay his life on the line for him then he realized he made a mistake and reality set in for Bruce who snapped out of whatever spell he was under but Ra’s al Ghul assured him he would summon Bruce when he was ready for him and told him to use some of water from the Lazarus pit to revive Alfred.


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Barbara sent a list of demands to the Mayor if he wanted to get Jervis Tetch to Strange for the new cure but Jim called Ed and promised to give him Penguin in exchange for Jervis. Unfortunately, Barbara figured out the plan and followed Ed to the meeting with Butch and Tabitha. Ed threw a grenade to distract her and somehow, Penguin managed to kidnap Ed from the scene. Jim ran away with Jervis and drained him of his blood to take back to Strange at the station. Butch and Tabitha finally figured out it was time to take down Barbara but she had seen them whispering so she confronted Butch before he could get that far. Butch told her Tabitha had nothing to do with his plot to kill her and she put a bullet in his head…RIP Butch. Tabitha did not care if Barbara knew she wanted her dead so when Barbara confronted her at the safe house, the two engaged in a “whip versus gunfire” fight and even shared a kiss. Tabitha won though as she threw a lamp into a puddle Barbara was standing in and electrocuted her to death. RIP Barbara. It later turned out that Butch survived (although he was still unconscious) and his real name was Cyrus Gold.


Penguin handcuffed Ed in the back of a squad car and he was excited to get revenge on the man he loved, who tried to kill him. While Penguin gloated about his good luck, Ed found a pin buried in the seat cushion that he could use to unlock the cuffs. He verbally assaulted to get Penguin to pull over and open the door where he overtook him and got his gun, getting control of the situation. He drove them to the docks where he first killed (or tried to kill) Penguin. Penguin said he had no final words or last requests and Ed tried to shoot him but it turned out that there were no bullets in the gun as Penguin had removed them and planted the pin while Ed was knocked out and had anticipated Ed’s execution location so he called his Army of Freaks to wait for him there. Penguin gloated and said he was not going to kill Ed, instead, he had Freeze to put him on ice so he could remain a monument to Penguin’s lapse in judgment as a reminder to never make the same mistake again and a centerpiece at Penguin’s new club called The Iceberg Lounge. RIP Ed Nygma aka The Riddler.


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At GCPD lab, a vial of the cure was made for Jim but just one which wasn’t good enough because he wanted to save Lee too. He took the vial and went to meet Lee but she quickly got rid of it before he could inject her with it. She wanted him so they could leave  Gotham together and live a life of boundless lust at long last. Jim gave in and finally let the virus overtake him then they went to the train station but before they boarded, Harvey showed up to offer one effort to stop his friend from going to the dark side. He showed him his badge and reminded him of who he truly was; a fine officer of the law. Jim threw Harvey against the train and beat him a little before getting on the train, taking the badge with him which he soon realized had two small vials of the cure. He injected Lee and then while holding her hand, cured himself too. Lee decided to leave of the city, possibly for good and without him, but she left a goodbye note that promised that wasn’t the end for them. Goodbye Lee.


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Bruce fought with Selina (as usual) when she came to check on Alfred at the hospital which sent her straight into Tabitha’s arms. Alfred woke up and was happy to see that Bruce was back and he forgave him easily for stabbing him in the chest. He told Bruce that he needed to find one thing he cared about enough to give his life to it and his destiny will present itself. Bruce figured while watching the news that he was going to protect the city and he even started off right where it all began as he stopped a thief who held a family up at gunpoint as they make their way down a Gotham alley that looked like the one the Waynes were killed in. After his rescue mission, he stood on the rooftop and admired the city, a spotlight flashed by to assure us that Gotham’s knight had risen once and for all. GOOSEBUMPS!!!



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The 4th season of Gotham still has no actual release date and so far, very little is known except that a Harley Quinn-like character is said to play a big role and young Bruce Wayne will move further towards becoming Batman. What are you hoping to see in Gotham Season 4?


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