Hi guys! This week on Better Call SaulJimmy visited a friend and took up an old pastime, Chuck and Howard argued over the future of the firm and Kim faced challenges.


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The episode began this week with Jimmy chasing a much bigger payday after selling his ad on Slip. Remember the Sandpiper Crossing class action suit? Well, Jimmy stopped by Irene Landry’s apartment and sweet-talked his way into a look at her legal correspondence, he finally got a look at the current settlement offer which had his cut of 20% at $1.16 million.



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Mike met with Lydia Rodarte-Quayle at Madrigal and wound up with a place on their payroll as a security consultant and a reality check from Lydia when he described Gus as a drug dealer. She told Mike that if that was all he thought Gus was then he didn’t know Gustavo Fring.


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At Hamlin-Hamlin-McGill, Howard and Chuck had the first of several confrontations in this episode. It turned out that not just Chuck’s insurance costs would go up but every practicing attorney at HHM would have their premiums doubled or they would have to assign a partner to essentially babysit Chuck through every case he takes. Chuck wanted to sue the insurer but Howard felt the need for Chuck to retire. A panicked Chuck tried to demonstrate how mentally stable he was by throttling a table lamp which of course did not help his case.


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Kim met with her new client Billy Gatwood of Gatwood Oil who had an interstate oil drilling issue as the New Mexico rights holders kept him over a barrel. She promised to find a solution to his problem and work harder than ever to help him out. As she was about to leave, her tire got caught in a minor rut so she had to push it over some planks and narrowly escaped a potentially disastrous low-speed collision with an oil rig.



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Later on, Howard wasn’t in a great mood when Jimmy approached him in the parking garage to discuss the Sandpiper case. He insisted that taking the settlement was the right thing to do which I guess is a fair point since the old ladies bringing the class action against Sandpiper were not getting any younger while HHM held on for a bigger payday. Howard saw right through Jimmy and knew he was just trying to push for the settlement because of his share. Howard went on to offer Jimmy some loose and called him pathetic.



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Hector Salamanca received news from Don Eladio that Gus was officially solely in charge of their drug-running operation which led to a lot of sputtering, swearing, and the popping of a tampered and now useless pill but not an untimely death which left Nacho in a terrible position. Nacho hurried to his father’s house to warn that Hector would be making a hostile visit soon. It was a heartbreaking moment for Nacho when his father more or less disowned him and told him to get out of his house, even more so when Nacho poured out his glass of milk before leaving.


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Jimmy knew his Sandpiper payday depended on Irene Landry taking the settlement so he poisoned her elderly mean-girl friends against her by painting her as a heartless holdout who was keeping them from getting their justly deserved cash. It all concluded during a rigged game of Bingo, where Irene won and then bursted into tears as her friends refused to clap for her. Jimmy went after Irene and had a conversation with her in which he suggested that perhaps her friends felt she hadn’t considered their feelings with which she replied that she had no idea and I guess she agreed to take the settlement because Jimmy’s subsequent appearance was at the offices of Wexler-McGill to celebrate the impending settlement with a bottle of tequila.


Image result for better call saul season 3 episode 9However, Kim didn’t have time to celebrate as she frantically gathered documents for her client’s meeting. She told him to think of all the things you want to say to her and say them to her later as she ran out the door with a box of files in her hands. Jimmy went on to celebrate with Francesca.


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What happened next was straight-up shocking, even I had to re-watch to be sure I saw it right as Kim drove out of town on the road to Gatwood’s desert drilling site. One moment, she had her eyes on the road and the next, she was thrown forward as her airbag deployed with a bang. Kim Wexler whimpered in pain as she stumbled out of her Mitsubishi, confused and terrified, breathing hard, with her face bruised and bleeding. The camera drew back and revealed the wrecked car, its nose in a ditch just ahead of the place where the empty road begins to curve as the wind swept a few more papers out of the gaping trunk.


Below is the trailer for the next episode; Lantern…


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