Hi guys! Popular Nigerian award-winning actor, producer and director, Kunle Afolayan has released, yet again, another masterpiece which tells the story of how years after a couple loses their son called Roti to a brief illness, the wife sees a boy called Juwon who is an exact replica of her dead son.


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After years of trying to have a child (with a couple of miscarriages and a stillbirth), Diane (played by Kate Hensaw) and Kabir (played by Kunle Afolayan) finally had a son, Roti. Just after his 4th birthday, Roti fell sick and the doctor diagnosed that he had a hole in his heart which he needed surgery for. Days after, he was fine and back to his normal day routine of school and playing with his mum and dad. Shortly before his 5th birthday (after picking a cake…), Diane and Kabir lost their son. The pain was unbearable for them especially Diane and in a moment of trying to comfort her, Kabir‘s mother told her that Roti would return to her but Diane shared that it was impossible as she did not even have a womb anymore.


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About 4 years after, the couple found hope and comfort in the love they had for each other but all that soon went away when Diane drove past a replica of her dead son, Juwon. She got excited that just as her mother-in-law had promised, her son had returned to her and soon Diane became obsessed with understanding the concept of reincarnation. Even though she was discouraged by her husband, Diane developed an unlikely relationship with Juwon and his mother and cared for him like a mother would care for her son. Things went smoothly until Juwon‘s father returned and insisted that she left his son and family alone which made Diane depressed because she had lost her son twice.


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Roti has a fascinating storyline with an amazing cast that made the characters and events quite relatable. Also, I know it is supposed to be a touching movie but the humour given by the relationship between Juwon‘s parents (played by Toyin Oshinaike and Faithia Balogun) can not be overlooked. However, the way the movie ended did not do it for me as the conclusion was quite disappointing. The movie finished when I expected things to kick into high gear with intense activity but I guess the idea was to leave us in suspense, you know like some form of a cliffhanger which in my opinion left the film feeling unfinished.


My rating would be a suitable 5.5/10.


Here is the trailer for Roti…



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