Hi guys! First, I want to correct the notion that this is a movie about a guy that is the “only living male in New York”, it isn’t. Yeah I was also disappointed when I realized it is rather about a young man who found out his father was having an affair but the trailer seems nice so I thought to share.



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The drama, which is based on a script by Allan Loeb and directed by Marc Webb, basically follows a recent college graduate wannabe writer with a lovely young girlfriend (well, female friend whom he wants more with) who starts an affair with an alluring woman that happens to be his father’s mistress. He sought the guidance of an eccentric author who lives in the same building as himself that soon became his adviser as he tried to navigate the chaos. The movie stars Kate Beckinsale, Pierce Brosnan, Kiersey Clemons, Cynthia Nixon, Jeff BridgesCallum Turner and Debi Mazar.



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The Only Living Boy in New York is being set for an August 11 release date and here is the intriguing trailer…



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