Hi guys! This episode of Suits had a lot of “take it or leave it” deals as Harvey was in strong disagreement with his partners, Mike pursued a pro bono case with the legal clinic, Donna‘s actions raised tough questions and Jessica Pearson was in the house…


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We started off on the morning after hooking up with Paula as Harvey decided to do just as Jessica did 13 years ago when she got rid of the old partners’ names by tearing down her metaphorical statue to solidify his reign to the outside world. He decided to drop Jessica’s oldest client, Jim Reynolds, in favor of bringing Pfizer over to the firm but in order to do that, he had to make his old friend Alex Williams (played by Dulé Hill) who was a senior partner at another firm, a named partner as PSL.


Harvey agreed to make Alex a named partner but still needed Louis and Jessica to say yes. Louis, who was still working through his issues with his therapist, immediately said no when Harvey met with him and Donna to talk about it and they ended up arguing back and forth while Donna sat there silently. Louis tried to get Pfizer’s business without having to bring Alex over which pissed Harvey off even more. When Harvey tried to pull rank, Louis reminded him that he needed both his and Jessica’s vote so Harvey hopped on a plane to Chicago to get Jessica‘s.


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Jessica understood what Harvey was trying to do but she thought this was the wrong way of going about it because he was not seeing the big picture but Harvey didn’t take this constructive criticism particularly well and told Jessica to stop messing with his firm, to which she says he should just take her name off of it. It didn’t take Harvey too long to realize he screwed up. A call to new bae; Paula helped and so does a chat with Katrina who warned him that making Donna a partner conveyed to other lawyers on the senior partner track that partnership might not mean what it used to.


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Harvey went on to inform Alex that he couldn’t make him named partner but he was still welcome to join the firm as a senior partner. Turned out Alex was fine with that because he knew his current firm was never going to put his name on the wall. Next, Harvey informed Donna that he couldn’t make her partner because being a partner at a law firm meant something so instead, they settled on Donna becoming COO, a compromise she expected because she knew Harvey wouldn’t make her partner. At the end of the day, Donna gets to keep her fancy new office and still has a seat at the table!


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Mike took on a pro-bono case in which an insurance company refused to pay out a client’s deceased wife’s life insurance policy because they found evidence she smoked but she didn’t declare it on her form even though it was a one-time thing. Mike tried to help his client but the opposing lawyer, Mr. Ackerman, used Mike’s shady past as a fraudulent lawyer to discredit him with the judge. Mike decided to have Rachel handle the case but when she asked Harvey for permission, he refused because the last thing he wanted was Mike backing down from someone using his past against him. So he told Mike that he needed to step up and handle it so it never happens again.


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Mike and Rachel found another way to win by getting the corporate espionage woman Rachel and Harvey dealt with last season to help them find evidence that the insurance company actively looked for reasons not to honor policies which was all they need to get the company to settle. At first, she was reluctant but Mike agreed to pay her for her services, something Rachel was strongly against (I feel an “I told you so” moment coming up). Mike forwent an admission of guilt in the settlement because he wanted something better; he wanted Ackerman to tell any future reporters that Mike wiped the floor with him. He’s doing this so no one can ever use his past against him.


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Meanwhile, Louis apologized to Harvey in a cute scene as Louis had spent the night researching sports so he could use the perfect basketball analogy and then agreed to accept Alex as a named partner but Harvey told him that Alex won’t be a named partner because they can’t water down the firm like that.


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As the episode ended, Mike gave a New York Times reporter a tour of the offices as he told him his story. Hopefully this is the last time we have to deal with his secret, but I’m sure it probably isn’t. At the same time, Harvey called Jessica to apologize and told her he’d like her “metaphorical statue” to stay but he was still planning on dropping Jim. A Jessica-fronted spin-off set in Chicago with special appearances by the gang in New York wouldn’t actually be so bad. For now, here is the trailer for the next episode; Mudmare




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