Hey guys! The 7th season of Game of Thrones continued this week with major events, reunions, a bewildering battle, astounding deaths, and unexpected twists that almost seemed like a season finale but it was only episode 2 guys! So, Daenerys received an unexpected visitor, Jon faced a revolt and Tyrion planned the conquest of Westeros.


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Daenerys grilled Varys about his loyalty just before Melisandre who was last seen banished by Jon Snow and told to head south for killing Shireen came to see the queen. She filled her in on the prophecy of Azor Ahai, a messianic figure in her Lord of Light religion that lived thousands of years ago and forged a flaming sword which he used to defeat evil and he was prophesied to be reborn as the “Prince (Princess) That Was Promised“. Melisandre went on to explain she thought Stannis was The One but now she thinks it might be Jon Snow or Daenerys. Melisandre successfully got Daenerys‘ curiosity about Jon Snow as Tyrion noted that he’s a decent man so she had Tyrion send a letter to the King in the North requesting to see him and ordering him to “bend the knee”. I’m excited!

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At Winterfell, Jon Snow got Tyrion’s letter and he spoke with Sansa about whether he should go and see Daenerys but Sansa insisted that he shouldn’t. At first, Jon Snow was talked out of going but he got another message from Samwell, informing him that tons of precious dragonglass can be found at DragonstoneJon Snow told the lords in the Great Hall about his plan to meet Daenerys and everybody hated the idea, especially Sansa. Lyanna Mormont also disagreed but Jon refused to be swayed so he left Sansa in charge. Before he left, he paid a visit to the family crypt where Littlefinger interrupted his alone time to tell him he loves Sansa as he loved her mother which annoyed Jon and triggered the protective big brother in him to slam Littlefinger up against the wall and warn him to never touch his sister. When is Bran going to send Jon a letter since everybody else is sending him letters?

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Meanwhile at the Citadel, Ser Jorah wasn’t doing so well as his greyscale had spread and the maesters weren’t very helpful. Samwell tried to convince the Arch-Maester to let him try some progressive treatment but he refused to approve it. Later on, Sam tried to cure Ser Jorah anyway in a really gross scene as he peeled off the greyscale with a knife in a procedure which looked really painful. Now, we have to wait to see if it was successful. 

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Arya stopped by a tavern and ran into Hot Pie (remember him?) who while everybody else was scheming, plotting, fighting and even dying, he was just about making his meat-filled pastries. He filled Arya in on the latest about his decent job, Cersei’s mass-murder plot and Jon Snow returning to Winterfell. Arya decided to return home to her family rather than go on to kill the Cersei and was later accosted by wolves including Nymeria; her long-lost direwolf but Nymeria just looked at her blankly as she and her pack turned away. Arya continued her journey home and I do hope she makes it to Winterfell.

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Cersei summoned her lords to try to win them over with Randyll and Dickon Tarly (Samwell’s  father and brother) present. Cersei branded Daenerys as the return of Targaryen crazy just like the Mad King Aerys II. Later, the mad scientist Qyburn took Cersei down into the dragon skull room where Qyburn revealed they had a dragon-killing secret weapon; a large spear-firing crossbow-like device that if aimed just right, can pierce through a dragon’s eye into its brain which is a way to even the playing field for Cersei.

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Daenerys had a strategy meeting with her advisors, the Greyjoys, Olenna, and Ellaria Sand. Ellaria wanted to wipe out Cersei in King’s Landing but Tyrion warned against that strategy because he thought sending the dragons wasn’t the wisest course of action and Daenerys agreed. Instead, they planned to strike the Lannister stronghold of Casterly Rock with the Unsullied and Dothraki army and also send the Greyjoys and Ellaria to lay siege to King’s Landing to starve out Cersei into surrendering. Olenna and Daenerys had a conversation where she warned the queen against putting too much faith in clever men like Tyrion.

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Meanwhile, Missandei and Grey Worm might never see each other again. This leads to an extremely touching scene where Grey Worm finally opened up emotionally to Missandei about his feelings for her. Missandei appreciated the nice words but she also wanted to get physical. Grey Worm was hesitant at first but he overcame his shyness to get in bed with her.

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Ellaria and Yara flirted in a cabin aboard a Greyjoy ship. Theon tried to leave but Ellaria wanted to make him stand and watch. Soon after, Euron found them as his ship The Silence pierced the side of the Greyjoys’ vessel with a jaw-like walkway that clamped down on the ship, both preventing the ship from escaping and providing a way to board. Ellaria and her daughter Tyene were captured below decks while her other daughters Obara and Nymeria fought Euron brutally till death. Euron also captured Yara and when Theon spotted them, Euron tried to bait him into attacking but Theon was afraid so he fled and jumped over the side leaving Yara to her fate. Hopefully, she is still alive…



Here is the trailer for the next episode; The Queen’s Justice…


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