Hey guys! Remember the last time we were at Central City with the gang, Barry Allen said a very emotional farewell to us, his friends and his beloved Iris West in order to become the eternal guardian of the Speed Force (or was it to be held eternally in the Speed Force prison?). We all cried and wondered what will happen next. I was personally curious to know how the series would go on but a new trailer unveiled at Comic-Con has answered some questions…

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Well, the trailer showed how his absence allowed Iris and Wally West to step up with the STAR Labs team as Central City‘s new protectors and things were going fine until a new villain in town demanded to face The Flash so Cisco and Caitlin (YES! She’s back on #teamFlash people!) had to locate Barry. They adjusted the Speed Force cannon that was designed to force speedsters into the Speed Force so that it can pull speedsters out, in this case our dear Flash. It was not made clear it was Barry Allen from the current timeline or possibly a past incarnation or even the future.

Image result for The Flash Season 4 trailer

Barry Allen won’t be the only person missing from The Flash when the show returns for its this season. The CW series would kick off its 4th season with the return of Peek-a-Boo; a teleporting criminal (played by Britne Oldford) who was previously stopped by the STAR Labs team back in the 1st season. Another classic DC Comics hero introduced this season is the Elongated Man aka Ralph Dibny who might not be enough to stop the evil schemes of the season’s villain; Big Bad The Thinker aka Clifford DeVoe (played by The 100‘s Neil Sandilands). Also joining is Danny Trejo as bounty hunter Breacher and Kim Engelbrecht as The Thinker‘s genius partner-in-crime The Mechanic.

The Flash is scheduled to return 10th October and below is the trailer…


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