Hi guys! Its just the 3rd episode of Game of Thrones and the long-awaited meeting between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen has finally happened. There was also a Stark reunion (not Arya‘s), a shocking revelation and a touching death as Cersei returned a gift, Jaime learnt from his mistakes and Daenerys holds court.



Jon Snow and Davos Seaworth reached the shores of Dragonstone where he met Tyrion waiting to escort him to meet the Queen just after the Dothraki guards collected their weapons. After exchanging pleasantries, they walked up to the throne room where a dragon flew right over Jon and he threw himself to the ground in shock then Tyrion assured, “they say you get used to them, but you never really do”. They both spoke about Sansa and Tyrion reassured Jon that he never consummated his marriage with her and Jon acted nonchalant. On a cliff nearby, Melisandre and Varys chatted as she hid from Davos who swore to kill her if he saw her again. Varys threatened her not to return to Westeros but Melisandre replied that she would one last time as she had to die in that strange country just like him (so they both might not survive this season or she might have just been messing with him).

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Jon and Davos reached the throne room, and the moment we have waited seven seasons for occurred with an awkwardly funny introduction for the king of the North. Jon insisted he was not at Dragonstone to “bend the knee” and he went on to challenge the very notion that a Stark should be under a TargaryenDaenerys surprisingly admitted her father was an evil man and apologized for his crimes against the Starks then Jon tried to explain the situation with the white walkers but of course, Daenerys paid no attention to his story as she was more concerned about getting the Iron Throne (She’s kinda becoming annoying!!). Eventually, she ordered Jon and Davos to go to their rooms after Varys ran in to inform Daenerys that two of her allies had been ambushed. Jon asked if he was a prisoner but she said he wasn’t yet.

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Later on, Jon asked Tyrion if he believed him and he unexpectedly agreed that he did but he couldn’t help him. Jon requested for Dragonglass so Tyrion went to Daenerys to ask that Jon mine the Dragonglass as it didn’t really cost them anything but instead helps them gain a potentially valuable ally. Jon and Daenerys met again where she agreed to let him mine Dragonglass.

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Meanwhile in King’s LandingEuron Greyjoy showed off his triumph in the streets since he made good on his promise to bring Cersei a gift as his prisoners (Yara, Ellaria, and her daughter Tyene) were forced to march behind him. Euron dragged them into the throne room and threw Ellaria and Tyene at Cersei’s feet just before taking a shot at Jaime by announcing that he was the man who got her justice for the death of Myrcella. Cersei said she would give him the reward he wanted after they won the war. Later, Ellaria and Tyene were chained in the Black Cells, both gagged as Cersei entered and gave a speech about how she planned to deal with Ellaria who killed her daughter Myrcella with a literal kiss of death in Season 6 as revenge for The Mountain killing OberynCersei went on to kiss Tyene with a replication of the same slow-acting toxin that will eventually take her life and Ellaria would be forced to watch her daughter die. Cersei had thought of everything and she even ordered to make sure the cell’s torches were regularly changed so Ellaria did not miss anything. After, Cersei went to Jamie for some post-torture incest sex. The next morning while we saw them in bed, there was a knock at the door and it was a handmaiden who was ordered to change the sheets as Cersei did not care who knew who she slept with.

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Back at WinterfellSansa went on taking care of business as Littlefinger whispered in her ear (I guess he took the role of “the hand of the king”). Sansa was told that was someone at the gate but unfortunately it was not Arya who was absent for this episode (where you at girl?!) but instead it was Bran and Sansa was thrilled to have her younger brother back home. Bran just stared at her while she hugged him. Alone under a tree, Sansa offered to let Bran take over ruling Winterfell as the only living son of their father but he was not interested as he was pleased with being the three-eyed raven. He asked of Jon Snow and said he had urgent news (I guess he’s finally going to know he’s half Targaryen as soon as he returns from Dragonstone).

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At the CitadelSer Jorah was cured and the arch-maester was impressed by Samwell Tally’s efforts although he still punished him a little for going against him. Ser Jorah was told he could go home as he was healed and the room was needed for another infected patient. He thanked Samwell for his help and informed him he would be going back to meet up Daenerys as they both hoped to cross paths again.

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DaenerysUnsullied army entered the Lannister homeland of Casterly Rock as told by Tyrion’s smug narration about how things were supposed to go down but Grey Worm and his men soon discovered that the Lannister army had already moved out and gone to Highgarden. He then noticed ships as Euron’s fleet sailed towards them and lay siege to trap the Unsullied in a dead city without provisions.

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Jaime Lannister and his forces (including Lord Tally) seized Highgarden along with their wealth (which Cersei needed to pay off the Lannister debt to the Iron Bank). He walked up to find Lady Olenna Tyrell where he boasted about how there were always lessons in failures, and she shot back that he must be very wise by now. Jaime then went on to put poison in a glass of wine for Olenna which he assured was painless. She gulped it almost immediately then she revealed that she was the one who killed Joffrey (I know right! Totally unexpected). So it turned out she secretly drew first blood and she went on to ask that he told Cersei because she wanted Cersei to know it was her. RIP Olenna.

Here is the trailer for the next trailer; The Spoils of War


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