Hey guys! Remember last episode ended with Louis having a mental breakdown? Well this week, the good people of Suits chose to ignore that and just move on to an attack on the firm as Harvey, Louis and Donna got on the same page when Bratton Gould came after PSL while Mike and Rachel could not make time for wedding plans.


The episode began with an enjoyable scene with father and daughter; Rachel and Robert Zane, visiting and scoping out Harvey’s apartment (the venue for Rachel and Mike’s wedding) but Robert said no to having it at Harvey’s bachelor pad. Next, we saw Louis stomping around the associates’ bullpen looking for Stephanie who was helping him manage his client Delta Securities. Donna informed him that she fired Stephanie and she thinks he’s projecting his Tara issues onto his job (again) which prompted Louis to yell that it was about how that was a bad idea and how everyone’s pissed at Harvey because he was running the firm into the ground.


Donna went to warn Harvey that he needed to get his house in order and as he has been doing all season long, Harvey jumped on a plane to see Jessica for advice. He updated her on the fact that Mike, Donna, and Louis were mad at him so Jessica suggested he turned to Robert Zane for a big client he can use to get back into Louis’ good graces. Harvey met with Robert on the golf course to ask for the favor but Robert refused. Instead, he told Harvey that Bratton Gould (Alex’s old firm) was coming after PSL for stealing their lawyer and top client.


Indeed Bratton Gould launched its first attack on PSL as they tried to poach Louis’ client; Delta Securities, and sued one of Harvey’s clients for copyright infringement. Harvey told Louis they needed to work together but Louis wanted none of it because he was still pissed at Harvey. Harvey went on to argue for a dismissal in court and Louis met with Delta Securities. Unfortunately, they were not capable of handling their issues so some last-minute help arrived right when they needed it the most. Mike showed up in court with evidence that convinced the judge to dismiss the case and Alex swooped in and used what he knew about his old firm to convince Delta Securities not to leave PSL. Louis thanked Alex for saving him with dinner and Alex opened up about how Bratton Gould made him feel underappreciated and overlooked. Louis made Alex promise that he would come to him if he ever felt that way at PSL and it seemed like all was going to be well with the team.


Mike was busying dealing with Oliver, who insisted on asking for help with the pro-bono case (the wrongful death suit with the prison). Mike tried not to get involved because he promised Harvey he wouldn’t (and also because there was a conflict of interest) but the prison company offered Oliver and Mr. Reyes a huge settlement which made Mike believe that they were trying to hide something. Mike went on to convince Mr. Reyes not take the settlement because he wanted to make sure the prison didn’t deny another person their release date. Oliver’s research turned up many victims of the prison’s shady behavior but he didn’t have the resources to handle them all. He begged Mike for some help but Mike said no at first but ended up breaking his word to Harvey and agreeing to work on the case.


Harvey and Louis’ victory in the war against Bratton Gould didn’t last long as Bratton threatened to keep coming after them until he got his clients back. Bratton knew PSL couldn’t handle a long drawn-out war so Harvey told Donna she needed to double down on her efforts of finding who was leaking information to Bratton Gould. Donna was worried that Stephanie (who now works for Bratton Gould) was the one behind the leak and sent Rachel off to confront her but it turned out Stephanie wasn’t responsible for feeding Bratton Gould information.


Harvey turned to Robert yet again to ask if he would consider merging or at least pretending to merge to boost PSL’s numbers and scare off Bratton Gould but again, he said no because it will make his firm look bad. Alex offered to leave the firm to stop the attack but Louis, Donna, and Harvey declined his offer so Alex had to find another way to save the day. Apparently, he and Bratton did a bad thing in the past so Alex offered to sign a deal taking full responsibility for the shady deed if Bratton signed something saying he won’t come after PSL’s clients and Bratton accepted the deal.


With this crisis averted, Harvey had time to confront the leak whose identity he figured out on his own. It turned out to be Jessica Pearson and I was definitely surprised. Harvey called Jessica to ask her why and she said she saw an opportunity when Bratton called her looking for information on PSL because nothing unites a divided house like an attack from the outside so she let it slip that the best attack plan was to turn Louis and Harvey against each other. That was a tough gamble Jessica!



They may have conquered, but they’re still divided and here’s the trailer for the next episode; Brooklyn Housing to prove just that…



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