Hey guys! The 7th season of Game of Thrones is in full swing as its 4th episode; The Spoils of War, gave us a huge battle which shifted the odds. Although the episode (which was the shortest episode ever) got leaked, it didn’t feel rushed at all and the story remained incredibly strong even with what we knew ahead of time. The long awaited reunion between Arya and Sansa finally happened (and then there were 3 Starks at Winterfell…), an interesting sword fight scene between Brienne and Arya, some fascinating closeness between Jon Snow and Daenerys and in the end, an incredible dragon battle.



This episode started off with Littlefinger trying to get on Bran‘s good side (maybe) as he even offered him the dagger made of Valyrian steel that was made to kill him but got shut down with one of his very own motivational speech declarations to Varys which got Littlefinger worried. They were interrupted by Meera who came to say goodbye to Bran because she had served her purpose but got upset by Bran’s nonchalant goodbye and he explained that he remembered what it was like to be Brandon Stark but also remembers so much else now. (uhmmm okay Bran)



Arya finally arrived at Winterfell where she had an amusing exchange with the guards at the gate because they believed she was an impostor. She later ran off to the crypt while the guards were busy arguing on who would go and inform Lady Stark (who soon figured almost immediately that it really was Arya) about the impostor. They reunited in the crypt genuinely happy to see each other even though they were never close. Sansa mentioned that Bran was also home and took Arya to meet him sitting in his new wheelchair by the weirwood tree. Bran noted he saw Arya at the crossroads and that Cersei is on her death-list of names which surprised Sansa because Arya had told her about the death list but she thought she was joking and now she realized Arya wasn’t messing around. Bran gave Arya the dagger from Littlefinger but Sansa was more worried about what Littlefinger must be up to by giving Bran a valuable gift. Later on in the courtyard, Arya challenged Brienne to a sword fight which amazed Brienne who was soon impressed by her skills. Sansa and Littlefinger watched for a bit before she walked away (out of jealousy maybe?).



Back at Dragonstone, Jon Snow took Danenerys through the cave where he mined dragonglass to show her what he had found as he also saw some drawings that told the story of the Children and the First Men uniting to fight the White WalkersDaenerys agreed to help him fight the Army of the Dead if only he would bend the knee but he still insisted he won’t do it because his people wouldn’t be happy about it. They soon ran into her advisers outside the cave with more bad news on the warfront about Daenerys losing. She blamed Tyrion for his failed strategies and even questioned his loyalty then asked Jon Snow for advice to which he replied that if she used dragons to melt castles and burn cities, she was not different and just more of the same. Not long after, Theon returned to Dragonstone and asked for the Queen’s help in getting his sister back but was told she had left.

Remember Jamie is on his way to King’s Landing? Well he seemed depressed (maybe because of Lady Olenna’s confession) so when Lord Tarly wanted to hurry things up, Jaime disagreed. Dickon Tarly was still rattled by his first experience of war and Bronn asked for more than just gold for his payment then they heard a horde of Dothraki screamers on the charge which resulted in an ambush. Jaime ordered his men to cluster together in preparation for battle but they were surprised by Daenerys who rode Drogon to battle. The soldiers got burnt and in the midst of the chaos, Bronn ditched his gold and ran to the giant crossbow (the dragon-killing weapon) in hopes of taking Drogon out. He made a serious but not fatal hit which made the dragon come to the ground and Daenerys tried to pull out the giant spear. Jaime saw her, charged to take her out while Tyrion, who kept calling Jamie a fool, watched from a hill and it looked like Jaime was going to make it but Drogon spotted the threat and was about to light up Jamie when Bronn rescued Jaime off his horse into a lake.

The episode ended with Jaime been weighed down by his armor and golden hand, sinking to the bottom with his fate unknown. Here is the trailer of the next episode; Eastwatch with more pressing issues…


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