Hi guys! This week on Suits, Mike dealt with the repercussion of his prison case, Harvey tried to tell Donna about his relationship with Paula and Louis‘ past behavior came back to haunt him.



The episode opened with Rachel waking to find Mike pondering in the kitchen after what Rachel said the night before and decided to keep his promise to Oscar Reyes and not to Harvey because the case was important. Rachel pointed out that it meant he was going back to living a lie but he argued that this was different compared to when he was working as a fraud.




The prison filed a lawsuit to dismiss the case so Mike and Oliver needed more evidence and went back to see Frank who refused to give up his source until he got the full amount he was promised. They decided to go after the D.A. Frank tried to inform all those years ago and weared her down until she willingly handed over her files containing the notes she took on Frank’s accusations.


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Remember Stephanie; the associate Donna fired? Well, she was suing Louis for sexual harassment and he recognized that he screwed up but was not willing to do anything about it because he had been sued for sexual harassment before (I think back in season 2) and was worried it would make it look like a pattern. Thankfully, Katrina came to his rescue and convinced Stephanie to offer Louis a fair settlement but Louis refused to sign it because it would require admitting to his guilt. Instead, Louis made things worse by saying more mean things to Stephanie after Katrina explicitly told him not to go see her which then pushed her to subpoena Rachel, Donna, Bryan (the associate who asked for time off from work so he could witness his child’s birth in the season premiere), and several others who witnessed his attack.




Harvey tried to tell Donna that he’s been dating Paula after Paula had stylishly put it out there that he had to but he could not seem to find the right time because he got to know of what Mike had been doing on the prison case. Harvey went to ask Rachel who lied for Mike then he went down to see Oscar Reyes who praised Mike for all his efforts on the case. Harvey then confronted Mike with options to either drop the case now or he would tell the judge at the dismissal hearing that Mike broke their agreement which would make the judge dismiss the case. So either way, Mike was going to get off the case regardless.




Mike got back home to a very angry Rachel because his actions forced her to lie to Harvey‘s face as she values her word and hated being put in that position. She stormed off and left Mike to think about what he did. This worked as he came to his senses and told Oliver to man up and handle the case on his own. Poor Oliver.


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Harvey was a bad mood because of Mike‘s drama, so later on when Paula brought up the fact that he had not told Donna all day about them, he got very rude and disrespectful to her. Paula pointed out the obvious that Harvey still had feelings for DonnaDonna in return had feelings for him and what Harvey was doing was very unfair to Donna. Harvey took in those words (Harvey and Mike shockingly listened to their women this episode…) and did what he needed to do by telling Donna who claimed she already knew. After Harvey left her office, it became clear that she didn’t know and was heartbroken. Later, Harvey showed up at Paula’s door with Chinese food and apologized for being unfair to her as well.




The next day, Mike went to court to watch Oliver argue against the dismissal which would have gone well since they had the D.A.’s files on Frank. Oliver didn’t succumb to his stage fright and he successfully argued against the judge dismissing the case until things got ruined by Alex. He stormed into the courtroom and forced Mike to admit that he kept working on the case, which in turn forces the judge to dismiss it. Back at PSL, Mike and Alex argued in Harvey’s office as Mike said Alex had no reason to embarrass him and the firm in court to destroy the case but Alex stood by his action and Harvey took his side then scolded both of them and said he did not want to hear of it again. At the end of the episode, Harvey realized Alex wasn’t telling him something and asked if Alex put a stop to the case because he had some personal involvement.


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Bryan suggested that Louis simply apologized to Stephanie as if he ever sued Louis for the mean things Louis had ever said to him, an apology would make him drop the suit. Louis took his advice and it worked after Louis opened up about what happened with Tara to Stephanie. She admitted that the real reason she was suing him was because it actually hurt her feelings as she’s 35 and unsure if she will ever have a family. (I kind of expect a Louis-Stephanie relationship coming up)


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Rachel knew something was up with Donna so she checked in with her and Donna admitted that she was hurt when she found out about Harvey’s love life. Later, Louis stopped by to tell Donna that her advice pushed him to acknowledge how he was feeling about the breakup and now he feels ready to move forward. Donna took it as a sign to also move on from Harvey and returned his keys; a symbol of part of her holding onto him. She also admitted that she lied earlier and they both acknowledged that they would be fine.


Here is the trailer for the next episode; Full Disclosure



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