Hey guys! This week’s episode of Game of Thrones focused on snow and grunts as Daenerys argued with TyrionJon Snow was nearly killed (again), the Stark sisters were at each other’s throats and sadly, one of the three dragons that threatened Cersei‘s reign perished.


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The Stark sisters stood on that courtyard balcony in Winterfell as Arya shared a warm memory of their father; Ned Stark watching her practice archery. Immediately after, Arya accused Sansa of betraying her family with the letter Littlefinger leaked last episode. Arya also revealed that she was in the crowd when their father was executed and even raised the visual of Lynanna Mormont’s reaction but Sansa snapped out of her shock to shoot back that Arya should be on her knees thanking her because they were standing in Winterfell again because of her. Despite this, Arya refused to change her mind and remained angry.


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Sansa met with Littlefinger who claimed not to know where Arya found the letter as Sansa worried about the reaction of the men who swore allegiance to the StarksLittlefinger noted that Brienne would be bound by honor to intercede if one of the sisters were planning to harm the other in any way and went on to plant the toxic seed in Sansa’s mind that Arya might hurt her. Later, Sansa received a letter asking her to attend a summit with the Lannisters (probably the meeting Daenerys and Jon Snow set up to prove the existence of the Army of the Dead) which she refused, of course, as she will never put herself in a position of trusting the Lannisters again. Instead, she wanted to send Brienne to represent the interests of House Stark but Brienne was more concerned about leaving her alone with Littlefinger and Sansa insisted that she could handle him.

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Eventually, Sansa searched Arya’s room for the letter and instead found some of Arya’s “Faceless Men” masks. Sansa freaked out just as Arya caught her and explained the masks while trying to play the Game of many Faces then even went as far as threatening to cut off her sister’s face before giving Sansa her dagger and walking out. Even I was scared for Sansa… 

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The journey beyond the wall had some good old fashioned walking and talking as Jon Snow and company trekked north while having brief chats. Jon and Beric bonded over being resurrected and the anxiety that goes along with that, Gendry was teased by the older men for complaining about Melisandre’s bondage rituals but The Hound said he was “whinging” and even went on to explain that his lips were moving and he was complaining about something which defines whinging then he mentioned that Beric had been killed six times and he doesn’t bitch about it. Jon also had a chat with Ser Jorah and offered him his father’s sword; Longclaw but Ser Jorah refused. Tormund tried to brag to The Hound about Brienne and said he wanted to make “great big monster” babies with her but The Hound didn’t buy Tormund’s attempt to pass off Brienne as his girlfriend. Tormund also harassed Jon about not bending the knee to Daenerys.

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Soon, they entered a blizzard and saw a zombie polar bear threat ahead so they fought the bear then set it ablaze. The Hound froze in the face of danger and Thoros had to jump in to save his life but got wounded. Later, they spotted some wights and a White Walker and attacked. The White Walker was killed by Jon’s Valyrian steel sword and the wights the White Walker “turned” also died. They captured a wight who screamed like more trouble was closing in on them so Jon ordered Gendry to return to Eastwatch and send a raven to Daenerys to let her know they were in trouble. He ran and ran util he eventually collapsed at the Eastwatch gate.

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Back in Dragonstone, Daenerys was worried about Jon Snow and tried to pretend like she wasn’t but Tyrion suggested she was interested in Jon and she said he was too little for her. Their conversation went downhill from there once they start talking about Tyrion’s family as Tyrion pointed out that fear is all Cersei had and that Daenerys had to bring more to the table. He pushed his luck even further by asking who would rule if she were to die but Daenerys wasn’t interested in the talk until after she wore the crown. 

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Later, Daenerys and Tyrion received the urgent message from Gendry and she got herself ready to mount up and ride into battle but Tyrion insisted that the most important person in the world couldn’t fly off of to the most dangerous place in the world and of course she ignored him saying things didn’t go so well the last time she listened to him.

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Back beyond the wall, Jon Snow and co ran from the wights as the group fled to a rock formation in the middle of the frozen lake. The wights moved closer to the gang but fell through the ice so they stopped and surrounded them instead as the Night King arrived and saw Jon. Cute reunion! The gang discussed their options as Thoros died (RIP Thoros) and got cremated by his own booze. Beric suggested they made an attempt to kill the Night King and the Hound tried to kick the captured wight to make it scream and lure the other wights across the thin ice but it didn’t work. He then threw rocks at them which also didn’t work and had the zombies realizing that the ice wasn’t that thin after all and they started moving towards the gang again. The battle began and an anonymous member of the gang got killed and even Tormund got dragged towards a hole in the ice. Things were not looking so good for Jon Snow but fortunately, Daenerys came to the rescue with her dragons burning the wights. She landed and told the gang to get on her dragon but Jon Snow stupidly continued fighting instead.

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The Night King (why does he look like an older version of Bran the Three-Eyed Raven though?) got his spear, aimed and threw it like the Olympic javelin medalist I believe he is. The spear made a direct hit on Viserion and the dragon bled fire until it fell into the frozen lake (RIP Viserion). Proud of his achievement as he should be, the Night King got a second spear and Jon Snow told Daenerys to leave just before he fell through the broken ice. Daenerys and the other surviving members of the squad left, barely missing the Night King‘s second spear. Jon climbed out of the water (which was obvious…I mean, no one expected the King of the North to die again) and (I honestly thought Dragon No. 2; Rhaegal was going to come back and pick him up as he had Targaryen blood and all) Benjen Stark rescued him. He put Jon on his horse and was soon overpowered by wights.

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Later, the Night King had Viserion dragged out of the lake by giant chains and the Night King touched the dragon as his eyes turned blue. Like we suspected from this season’s poster, the Night King scored himself his very own dragon!

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Jon made it back to Eastwatch and was then put on Daenerys‘ boat. When he was stripped of his shirt, she noticed his stab wounds and the very obvious one that showed he really did take a dagger in the heart. Later on, Jon gradually woke up and opened his eyes to find Daenerys closely staring down at him so he apologized for her loss and said he wished he had never gone. The mother of dragons vowed to help Jon destroy the Night King, he thanked her then called her “Dany” but she said she was not a fan of that name as it reminded her of her brother. Jon went on to call her his queen saying he would bend the knee and his bannermen would live with it. She was deeply touched and said she hoped she deserved it just before she told him to get some rest and walked away.

The season finale is next week and I’m so not ready for the long wait for the next season. In the meantime, here is the trailer to get you super excited for the finale…


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