Hi guys! You know how kids can make your life hell sometimes? Well the new Netflix movie Little Evil implies that marrying someone who gave birth to the antichrist might ruin your romantic journey together.


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Gary (played by Adam Scott) just married the love of his life; Samantha (played by Evangeline Lilly) and now he is the stepfather to her five-year-old son, Lucas (Owen Atlas) but a series of worrying events including Lucas barking orders at him in a low, raspy growl while conversing with his goat sock puppet and watching the kid burn people alive got him wondering if maybe Samantha’s kid might just be the son of Satan and her story about conceiving Lucas while she was part of a demonic cult doesn’t help matters.


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This upcoming American horror comedy is directed by Eli Craig (Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil) and also stars Donald Faison, Tyler LabineChris D’Elia, Clancy Brown, and Bridget Everett. Little Evil is scheduled for a release date on Netflix by 1st September.



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