Hi guys! This week on Suits, we finally learnt what Alex Williams had been hiding as Harvey learnt the scope of Alex‘s involvement with the prison, Mike tried to keep the prison case alive, Dr. Lipschitz forced Louis out of his comfort zone and Donna tried to balance work and life. We also took several trips down memory lane with the classic Suits sepia-toned flashbacks that explained how Alex became involved with this shady private prison company and of course, Jessica returned for this episode.


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After everything that happened on the last episode, Mike decided to try to open up a criminal case against ReformCorp; the corrupt private prison company. He promised Rachel he wouldn’t lie to Harvey but didn’t plan on telling him about this plan unless he asked directly. Later, Mike took all the evidence he had to Anita Gibbs and framed the case as being about how several Fortune 500 companies were involved in a conspiracy. She said she needed proof of a conspiracy before she could do anything so Mike went on searching for proof.


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The flashbacks in tonight’s episode started off shortly after the flashbacks in S04E13; Fork in the Road, which explained the origins of Harvey and Louis’ rift (Louis made Harvey convince Daniel Hardman that it would be better to make them both junior partners rather than hire a new senior partner but instead, Hardman played them both then Louis betrayed Harvey and ended up being the only one who made junior partner).


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Meanwhile (flash-forward), Harvey met with the head of Masterson Construction, another company involved in this prison scheme. He handed Pat a cheque as an apology for one of their partners breaking their word, but it was obviously that Harvey was trying to pay them off to free Alex but Pat preferred to keep their interests aligned in case Mike tried to open the case again and turned down the cheque.


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Mike went back to visit Frank Gallo who revealed that he and the other inmates at his old prison where all of this shady business was going down used to build prisons for ReformCorp and Masterson Construction which gave Mike a lead so Mike asked Benjamin to hack into ReformCorp for some information.


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The flashback continued with Harvey still pissed off, playing poker with Alex who suggested they offer the same deal to Bratton. Harvey turned him down but the next day at work, Jessica who had warned Louis not to let his new position go to his head forced Harvey to team up with Louis because Hardman wanted them working together which Harvey reluctantly did. Louis acted like his usual self when Harvey made a tiny suggestion so Harvey decided to cut Louis out of the case because he believed he could win it on his own but Jessica found out and kicked Harvey off the case right before the hearing began which I guess was sort of embarrassing. Harvey was already pissed at her for not having his back in the whole partnership thing and the court embarrassment pushed him over the edge so he told Alex he was willing to jump ship only if he was paid more than any other junior associate. Alex agreed to negotiate for Harvey but made him give his word that he would take the job if Bratton agreed to the deal and well, we know how that turned out.


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Jessica scolded Louis for his terrible behavior and ordered him to meet with Dr. Lipschitz to either he make an appointment or she would fire him. He made the obvious decision but his first meeting with the good doctor didn’t start off well as Louis called him a Nazi after hearing his accent but he eventually dropped his guard and admitted that he was there because no one respected him. Dr. Lipschitz quickly understood that Louis projected his inner feelings of disrespect onto other people and promised to be the one person Louis won’t push away but Louis got angry and stormed out.




Meanwhile, Harvey pissed off both Donna and Jessica with his big move as he assumed Donna would leave the firm with him without consulting her and he accused Jessica of never having his back, which was absolutely a lie. She then refused to promote him based on a threat and told him to go ahead and take the job so Harvey gave his final notice.




Back to the present day, Rachel came home to some progress on Mike‘s case. It turned out that Alex got a waiver from the state to allow ReformCorp and Masterson supplement their workforce with inmates but the inmates ended up being the entire workforce which was illegal and meant that ReformCorp was defrauding the state. Mike planned to redact Masterson Construction’s name from the documents and then hand them over to Anita Gibbs. At this point, Mike only cared about doing what was right and didn’t care if Harvey fired him for it.


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Unfortunately, this plan fell apart once Harvey found out Mike‘s plan from Rachel had already said she wouldn’t lie. So to stop Mike’s plan from working, Harvey signed ReformCorp as a client, which meant that anything Mike had was privileged and couldn’t be used. Mike confronted Harvey who said he owed Alex for screwing him over all those years ago and threatened to fire Mike if he made any further moves on the case while refusing to tell Mike exactly what ReformCorp and Masterson had on Alex because he didn’t trust him.


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Flashback continued as Louis learnt that Harvey was leaving and realized it was all his fault so he begged Jessica not to let him go because of his behavior which convinced Jessica that he was ready to handle the associates. Jessica then went to see Harvey and told him she just told Hardman she was going to leave the firm if Harvey wasn’t the next associate to be promoted. This meant Harvey had to break his word to Alex which put Alex in this terrible position. Meanwhile, Donna broke up with her longtime boyfriend (I feel like this is noteworthy) because Harvey came between them, Louis apologized to Dr. Lipschitz and they begin seeing each other regularly.




Donna wondered if helping Alex was worth losing Mike over (with Mike going to prison for Harvey and all) and went in to talk to Harvey but he assured her it was serious. As Harvey began to tell Donna just how serious it was, Alex also went to see Mike to tell him everything: So after Harvey turned down Bratton’s offer all those years ago, Alex kept receiving loser cases until one day Bratton came to him with a case that would help him get back in the firm’s good graces and all he had to do was acquire the waiver mentioned above for Masterson Construction which he did but a guard leaked that an inmate died on a job site. Two weeks later, an inmate murdered that guard, but when Alex told his bosses about the collusion he was framed for it and every bonus he received since he took that case made it seem like he covered it all up so he had no other option but to go along with it because he couldn’t let his daughter grow up without a father. Now, Alex was even more screwed because he agreed to take full responsibility for the collusion in order to stop Bratton from coming after Pearson Specter’s clients. Guess we’d have to wait till next week to find out what Mike‘s next move is going to be but for now enjoy the trailer for the next episode; 100



Stray thought; where has Gretchen been ever since?! #BringBackGretchen


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